Amazon FBA: The 3 Things you MUST DO in 2018 for SUCCESS

Amazon FBA: The 3 Things you MUST DO in 2018 for SUCCESS

I have 100% full confidence that this is
going to be the most important video you watched in 2018 for your Amazon FBA
business now this is going to be a long video okay it’s gonna be 20 to 30
minutes but relatively to the whole entire year that you must be watching
this and because it’s gonna be the most important video you watch spare me 20 to
30 minutes however my name is beau crabill and in this video I’m explained
to you the three things you must be doing in 2018 to have a successful
Amazon FBA business now I’ve been selling online for more than 10 years I know
it’s very hard to believe but throughout these 10 years have been mentored by
really great people been taught by a father at the very early ages who was a
very successful eBay business very successful in the retail space
he’s taught me the things how this works and I understand what works and what
doesn’t work selling on Amazon ok but now throughout this video I’m also gonna
be taking you through a timeline of Amazon FBA since it started in 2006 okay
we’re actually gonna take you through time like what was the popular things
what’s the new things people go into shiny objects and at the same time I’m
actually gonna show you or majority the sales happen every single year and
you’re gonna see a pattern you’re gonna see a pattern where what the 1% of
Amazon sellers are doing and how they’re controlling majority of the sales and
it’s something that you can do ok because I’ve actually created a new
relatively new Amazon account in the past year and the reason I was actually
able to go create this new Amazon account is because I actually launched
an Amazon course and because of that I got a new business license and because I
got a new business license ok I can go open up a new Amazon account and the
reason why I’m gonna be showing you this because it’s counted thirty thousand
dollars per month in sales and it’s doing thirty thousand dollars per month
in sales is that you can do this as a new Amazon seller okay the big excuse I
get from people is that oh I can’t get to where these people are doing I can’t
do this because Amazon just so restrict and so hard on new sellers they don’t do
all the things and that’s just that’s just an excuse it’s just bullcrap okay
you can get to the point now before we go in depth of the three things I’m
gonna explain to you what the three things are and then we’re gonna go over
the timeline and then go in depth of the three things but the three things are
this one you need to be selling big brand-name products not small brand-name
products not buying directly from small manufacturers by buying and selling big
brand-name products okay now the reason for that
is when you go on Amazon what are you looking for Amazon is an online shopping
mall Amazon majority the sales come from huge brands ok go I’m saying now we’re
gonna go in those oh and definitely the second thing is you gotta be working
with authorized suppliers ok no more going Walmart doing retard which are
doing online arbitrage you’re gonna get suspended with that ok you gotta be
working with authorized suppliers ok some of those big brand-name procs and
actually all these kind of going together and then the third last thing
is you need to get unguided okay you need to be able to get approved to sell
these brands and naturally in this relatively new account I’ll show you all
the brands I got ungated in to show you the possible is how you can do it
however alright you need to get approved to sell in restricted categories
restricted subcategories and restricted bans okay now we’re gonna do we’re gonna
go to the timeline and we’ll come back and go over three must things in details
okay okay so here’s the timeline it starts in 2006 and all the way down to
today in 2017 now with this timeline Amazon
start in 2006 so this where it’s starting at and it’s when Amazon
launched their new FBA program okay so the fulfillment by Amazon program and it was
mostly directed towards small businesses small mom-and-pop shops to simply offer
their products on Amazon and basically allow them to grow their businesses amis
I took a small fee I think I remember this point it was like 40 cents per
pound or something like that to get them shipped there Amazon would provide the
customer service and everything like that all this around this time there
wasn’t really a lot of third-party sellers that didn’t own a small
brick-and-mortar store mostly because the fees just didn’t make sense
okay eBay was pretty big at this time and it just didn’t make sense for people
sellers just do this okay now basically 2006 to 2011 not a lot
change but it was mainly still just small businesses and some online retail
which we’ll go over what online Retail a little later but as mostly just small
businesses and a lot of these small businesses were actually able to
transform into larger online retail stores and that’s where a lot of people
actually took advantage of the early days with this with some small amount
pop shops just growing their businesses and that’s exactly what FBA started for
but in 2006 this is when FBA becomes popular word gets out that all of these
small mom-and-pop shops have been doing well and eBay was doing really well you
guys slowing down a little bit and Amazon’s really going up and all these
eBay sellers start to swarm and hold these eBay sellers and this was
including myself at the time started to do things on eBay
or what they did on eBay and try to transform on Amazon and that didn’t work
and I can tell you that from experience there’s just a lot of learning curve
going on Amazon it’s totally different beast and that’s when it was just a lot
of new sellers start to get on there and a lot of the early people really learn
by their mistakes and went through it just like myself
that’s what really started to grow however in 2012 that time majority the
sales came from online retail now the funny thing is in eBay the people who
are selling brand name products were working with authorized suppliers and
actually selling new products had the majority of the sales that it was
actually a pretty big thing is that there was a few years where eBay would
go highlight a bunch of like people or the top sellers and for a couple years
in a row there was just people just selling brand name products it wasn’t
people selling new stuff they’re just people selling brand name products that
were new a lot of people were selling you stuff and as soon as the word people
got like the majority like the more Jordan sales came from people selling
new big brand name stuff worked with authorized bars that’s when it really
came out and no big difference on Amazon majority of sales came from people
selling big brand-name products okay having a retail business basically and
then in 2013 arbitrage really starts to hit so eBay
sellers found out a way to basically do arbitrage jumping like that if they
really started to swarm their you had huge about to reach arbitrage people
just buying whatever from Walmart clearance aisles Big Lots Dollar Store
goodwill people just going crazy on arbitrage okay however still majority
the sales were from online retail okay with all the Word coming out with all
these people making videos so arbitrage was amazing programs coming out about
arbitrage all these you and me courts come out of an arbitrage people writing
books about arbitrage on Amazon majority the sales in 2013 we’re still
online retail people working with authorize suppliers selling big brand-name
products okay now in 2014 this is where white labeling which there’s difference
between white labeling and private labeling started to really grow
hit and actually I would say locked up so
private label definitely locked up and I’ll explain to what that what I really
mean by that but this is where people started to look at
I actually remember sitting down with one of my father’s business partners at
the time and kind of talking us about white labeling and stuff and that’s when
we got into with eBay I’m we got a lot of success with white labeling on eBay
this is where DHgate got really popular Alibaba it got popular and this is where
people that are kind of started to lock up the private label route and because
people basically got in there first they got in the keywords built the nice
reviews of the products and had really good success and this is also when eBay
valet started k4 not sure what eBay ballet is eBay valet is simply a
program that’s similar to FBA it’s simply you send the products eBay and
they’ll list it for you and sell it for you but the fees are ridiculous it’s
like 40 percent or something like that it’s more for people who dislike pay
just less my old stuff basically and if you’re not sure what the white web and
white labeling really is it’s where you buy non branded stuff that’s in kind of
demand and try to sell them on Amazon that’s actually what I did with kendamas
and had huge eBay business selling just kendamas at cheap prices that I bought
from DHgate however in 2014 the majority of the
sales came from online retail okay now in 2015 online arbitrage hit like crazy
okay people had we’re having failures with retail arbitrage people are having
problems like okay how do we fix this okay well retail arbitrage isnt scalable so now
let’s go to online arbitrage and basically difference between that
instead of going to Walmart and actually walk into Walmart buy some products you
buy some product at however majority of the sales 2015 still came
from online retail okay and then 2016 comes around okay in 2016 on an
arbitrage becomes not scalable okay problems happen people getting suspended
blah blah and what comes up is tactical arbitrage now tactical arbitrage is not
really a form of selling it’s just a now the tool out there that people use it’s
a combination of arbitrage retail arbitrage and all this stuff okay but
then also at this time to the wholesale method kind
comes about and some people kind of get confused with wholesale and online
retail my god well people have used the word wholesale is you buy directly from
small brands and I’m telling you that right now
that’s not where majority the sales are out on Amazon and that’s not where most
the money is at and if you’re a small manufacturer it’s really hit or miss for
a long term game and that’s where people really start like oh let me go
contact manufacturer directly which that’s not how the retail space works
okay because Amazon’s always just been online
retail space okay and again tactical arbitrage start because all online arbitrage
not scalable okay and wholesale started due to the
fact that people were being suspended Amazon however a lot of people in the
wholesale approach they tell you not go for restricted brands just make any
sense and this is where Walmart started their marketplace a lot of people don’t
know that Walmart has a marketplace it’s actually pretty decent a lot of people
complain about it because they can’t get in but that’s because they’re not doing
the right thing because Amazon says no no no to retail retail arbitrage they’re very
good in their make basically make the application process impossible for
anybody who dropships anybody who does arbitrage anything on those lines but
they accept online retailers and again in 2016 majority the sales came from
online retail okay now in 2017 which you probably saw this coming
private label private label private label just went crazy of all these
people who thousand people start doing private label now I thought everything
like that and just all these success stories but people’s don’t realize that
the success success rate of private labels like 1% people just go crazy with
my below and we think you can go buy any product and then put it on Amazon and
it’s gonna sell I mean the people have created brands and everything like that
they definitely have done well probably still do well but there’s a lot of
people who were selling fidgets spinners and now are not selling fidgets spinners
because fidget spinners is a fad when I was selling kendamas I knew as a
short-term game it was fine but it’s not a long-term game at all however with all
the hype of private label majority of the sales in 2017 still came from online
retail and in 2018 I believe I’m gonna take a wild guess but majority the sales
will be from online retail okay so the first thing I hope you really like that
timeline and everything but the first thing what do you know it’s must be
doing is selling big brands now you may have a good idea the reason why
this is important but majority of the sales on Amazon come from big brands now
also the importance of this too is that every single day there’s new new
products being tested there’s new new products coming out on the market for
these brands ok if you go look at the top 1000 ranked products every single
year majority of them are the big brand-name products but those big brand-name
products are always changing so there’s always new opportunities ok
I mean majority the products that I sell are in Walmart’s showroom are in target
showing they’re in gamestop shower in Best Buy when I go to Best Buy I go to
Target go to Walmart I see the same exact products I’m selling if you go to
Walmart three months from now you go to game if you go to gamestop three months
from now they’re not gonna be selling the same exact products okay now they
might always be selling Xbox controllers but even look at the stuff it’s always
in rotation but it’s a consistent source because they know that there’s always a
market for it because these brands are spending so much money in advertising
okay there’s always gonna be new demand so there’s new opportunities okay
there’s always new new opportunities coming up and just again Amazon’s an
online shopping mall people are looking for big brand-name products so you’d go
with the platform right if you’re someone on Etsy it would be weird to
sell a bunch of big brand-name products on Etsy it wouldn’t be weird to sell
your own brand on Etsy okay now the second thing is you need to be playing
from authorized suppliers this is the most important part this is the
lifeblood of your business now the reason why is because it’s actually
gonna go directly into point three of getting ungated but it is the only way
how you can actually sell on Amazon and actually few want to go sell on walmarts marketplace which is I’ll be making videos about Walmart’s
marketplace throughout 2018 but it’s a pretty good marketplace if you figure
out how to work it but you need to be working with authorized suppliers okay
and the reason for that is because Amazon has the full right to suspend
anybody who does not get the full rights to go sell any products they do and the
reason for that is because when you sign up on Amazon and you go sell proxies new
you have to literally say that you’re clicking on the terms and conditions and
you’re agreeing that you have full rights to sell any other products that
you do so and if you go buy from Walmart go buy from Macy’s go buy to Target go
buy from the goodwill go buy from the dollar store or t.j.maxx those brands
have the full right to go say hey show us an invoice or hey
copyright infringement we don’t have any recognition that you’re selling these
products okay and if you want a long term business probably smart to be
working with authorized suppliers now the third thing of what he’d be doing is
getting on gated and now what I’m actually gonna show you right now is
show you an actual mix point to right now but then I’ll show you all the brands im approved in this account and all the main categories and subcategories
but the reason why you want to get ungated in brands and subcategories and
main categories is because let’s think about this okay if you have a product
that comes to the market a huge brand name product that nerf just launches a
new product and you’re able to go sell it right you have let’s say nerf it’s a
baby toy okay now let’s say for example it’s in a main
category this might not be realistic would say it’s in a main category that’s
restricted it’s in a subcategory that’s restricted and it’s in a brand that’s
restricted nerf okay first off how many people are doing online retail not a lot
then second off how many people are can have access to that actual product that
one particular product even even less so a smaller proportion of people and then
how many people are gonna get engaged in that main category even less how many
we’re gonna get on get in that subcategory you’ve been less and how
we’re gonna get approved of that nerf product because that people were
authorized part even less and that’s why time after time people can build these
huge online retail businesses because the competition okay so now I’m gonna
show you basically account of what brands I am approved in and the actual
probably better ready to show you what brands have not approved
okay but let’s go into that and I’ll show you what basically i’m approved
okay okay so here I’m inside my Amazon account I’m based going to be showing
you all the brands and subcategories and main categories that I am approved in
okay so we’re gonna go through this and actually the probably would be a faster video
inside this might be a long video if I would have shown you the brands and I’m
not ungated in because there’s really I think there’s less than like 30 brands
that I’m not ungated in I’m actually inside my program I have a list of
restricted brands on Amazon all the restricted brands and I I probably
should go check this but I think it’s less than 30 but let’s go through this
okay so Cosmo Toys Michael Kors Louis Vuitton
Craig for a mater Apple Apple is kind of a big brand Birkenstocks hamliton Beach
rosetta stone shopkins true religion Lodge Road musical instruments Nature
Made lifeproof Vizio speedo Kingston Adele Pandora Greco or reg oh baby asics is good shoe brand that’s my first pair of running shoes a native unioned
of grainier spigen transformers kind logitech vizio columbia magformers
OtterBox The North Face they have good coats Belkin OTC
medication it’s a subcategory Brooks Reebok Playtex bran Under Armour GoPro
that’s a GoPro so is pretty well Panasonic black & decker black conductor
is pretty good brother Marc Jacobs car seats subcategory or to go baby again
beats beats is that’s a pretty good headphone brand DJI that’s the drone
things the other drones I don’t really care what I sell I just look at the
numbers New Balance Timberline Marvel ice breakers LG Ralph Lauren Pioneer
Philips Nike Nike Acer Asus a moped energizer bunny sanitizer Bose so I
think there’s a person comment on one of my videos saying hey you’re not approved
to sell both blah blah blah blah blah there’s no way show proof well here you
go bro sony toy building block that’s a subcategory Lori Parris row beyond
munchkins monstered that’s and so I guess for some reason dr. Dre Beats has
two forms of brand restrictions on there so I think it get in both of them Hoover
that’s a vacuum company Samsonite American girl Levi’s Philips Norelco is
that’s just the Philips like shaving brand I think they do shame her razors
Casio it’s the watch brand Tom’s that’s the shoe brand I’m some a since right
here Gerber converse Keurig okay funko funkopop to get off our tool product
fossil munchkin again I guess much kinetic
different restriction as well skull candy school candy sells pretty decent
Crocs Crocs are pretty cool pretty hip Quinn’s art Microsoft Dickies vertex
Calvin Klein Tommy hilfinger Western Digital
handled Beach I think there is Hamilton Beach up
there too yes sometimes some brands always just have like two restrictions
like sometimes there would be Hamilton Beach in the Hamilton Beach like home
products Aiden baby topical subcategory burpees Coral a bra
adidas Samsung outdoor sports and doors are outdoor sports and toys that
subcategory medical supplies and equipment that’s a subcategory Hot
Wheels that’s a brand infant toys that’s a subcategory dietary supplements that
is a subcategory baby food that’s a subcategory kids and baby furniture
that’s a subcategory baby feeding that’s a subcategory copper fit that is a brand
um automotive in sports that’s a category
topicals subcategory band ID that’s a brand grocery and gourmet foods watches
and tires alright and now I’m actually gonna go in to basically the main page
and show you the main categories I am able to sell in because they usually
don’t show you like approval because some of these you only have to go
through approval process to get on get in the main categories we’re gonna show
you the ones that I’m not I’m gated okay so how you want to figure out like what
categories you can and cannot sell one is you want to go to like basically this
page and it’s can be in the very middle of your seller central and basically
pick on every single one of these dots and then just hit done and it’s gonna
show you it’s gonna show you the ones that need approval so like right here
just shows video DVD collectible coins sports and collectibles entertainment
codes which I don’t really care about them but beside that on game in every
other category hope you like this video and because you watch this and tough
very end right this is a very long video I’ll actually be hosting a free live
webinar and show you exactly how you can sell big branding procs in the retail
space how you can join the top 1% of Amazon sellers selling big brand-name
products have worked with authorized suppliers so okay I’ll have be the first
link in description you can feel free to register for the webinar and feel free
to join and go watch the webinar okay now also if you like this video or you
have any thoughts about or any questions or concerns or you disagree with me or
you agree with me make sure to comment down below I should give this video a
like share it with your business partner who’s gonna be bowing it out in 2018 for
you Amazon business and make sure to give it a subscribe and just have a
great day okay

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  39. i totally bought into the scheme of retail arbitrage on amazon, thinking it's ok because Amazon Seller app says I am "allowed" to sell what I'm scanning. I just bought several hundred in some brand name diapers from a resale store and put them on FBA. Should I just cancel my inventory and sell somewhere else? Or can I sell them anywhere?

  40. Do you have a video on FINDING authorized suppliers? Also how are you going about getting the ACTUAL consent to sell these products? I greatly appreciate any advice on these two questions.

  41. Hi Beau, Please clarify if the approved list of Categories and sub-categories you showed in the video are by default for everyone or do you have to obtain approval for each of the categories & subcategories individually

  42. I know my dream is not so interesting for many, but I need to get to my dream. Please help me so that I can make money through YouTube and get rid of my hell as soon as possible💔🖤

  43. Amazon is your biggest competitor,demanding to know the source of your merchandise and then putting bigger orders to buy cheaper and put everyone out of biz ..

  44. Just found your channel and this seems very interesting! I just have a personal question. Money is no object to you now, and probably never will be. So, I’m curious what purpose do you have for gaining more? What will you do with the power? I’m asking because it doesn’t seem like you care about material things which is refreshing, but why spread this knowledge when you could easily live the rest of your life doing anything you want in peace?

  45. Ive been checking Beau for few weeks including his webinar and got positive about his approach but im very careful of scammers of course cause in the end of the day he is asking for a $1000 for his course and more power to him if he is real. I was serious of getting his course but something weird happened yesterday when i got kicked out of his facebook page. So this guy asked a question and he got a response by a lady’s last name Goldblum or something similar and im sure you “met” her over there by her offering the course to you. Now thats ok if you work for Beau and you push the link she offers and that way she make some percentage-good for her. So back to that guy who asked a question on the facebook page….she immediately offered him the course he already purchased so i commented on her shoving the course to everybody even thou ppl ask genuine simple questions and she got very defensive stating she “loves” the course thats why she is doing it. Now i happened to see her comments everywhere and when the guy told her he already got the course her reply was i tried 100 suppliers till i got one. OK but why she or Beau’s ppl kicked me out of his page i wonder…make me feel like i was in their way of selling the course even thou i had no intensions of doing it. BULLIES. Hey Beau maybe you or your ppl will get back to me on private.

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