Amazing Rubber Band Shotgun

Amazing Rubber Band Shotgun

And that is how you do it. Mhm. Sorry. Wreak intentional havoc
with Bandit Guns– rubber band guns that have
a satisfying pump action to load the next round. Bandit Guns are made from
laser cut birch plywood that you assemble yourself. Simply stack the
plys as instructed, fasten them together with
the included plastic screws, add rubber bands for tension,
and shoot your new weapon up to 25 feet. The ratcheting release mechanism
enables three modes of firing. For the always classic
pump-and-squeeze, alternate between
sliding the forearm handle and pulling the trigger. For a trigger happy
rapid fire mode, hold the trigger down as
you pump the forearm handle. And for a truly
effective shotgun blast, slide the pump nine times,
then pull the trigger to release a scattered
blast of all 10 bands. Each Bandit Gun includes
plenty of starter ammo, so you can get right to
taking down bad guys. Bandit Guns are fun and
safe with reasonable use, but have some common sense. It’s still there. Let me try the shotgun blast. Have a blast with Bandit Guns. Buy them now at (SINGING) No. What you’re thinking
of is a pterodactyl. OK, you stay safe.

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  1. I am not going to Staunton River can I just stuck it up and put rubber bands on and then give me and when you’re

  2. in the philippines it is easy peasy basic to make that, to make that is you need find a wood that not short not long just right and just rubber band and then half clip and then rubber it and (bOom!)
    Parang Neneng B ang kanyang katawan!
    Is anyone else November 2019?
    -from me filipino kid

    Edit:(December 2019?)☝
    Thanks for likes 👍

  3. Ok vat19 I get your joke at the beginning of the video we’re Eric says sorry and they are actually playing sorry so it makes it funny I see what you did there

  4. How to make a VAT19 video:
    1. Make a product
    2. Say it has something satysfiying
    3. Try and make the best puns
    4. Only use your products
    5. Upload the video

  5. Almost 40$ if u buy 100 rubber bands and for what and also u have to do your self like what but is really worth it?


  6. I just realised in the beginning, the game was called “sorry” and when he shot everything, he was like “mm, sorry”

  7. We have 2 of these already, called hands, here's how you do it: put your hand into a fingergun. put the end of one band under the tip of your pinky, and wrap it around the thumb, put the other end on the tip of the index finger and remove your pinky from the palm of your hand to fire!

  8. Seriously…, America is really weird. They can be asked to buy literally anything. I made on of these when I was in Standard 5, and it worked better than this.

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