Alloy Cleaner – Xpert-60 Wheel Cleaner – How to use in two simple steps

Alloy Cleaner – Xpert-60 Wheel Cleaner – How to use in two simple steps

Pssst come here. Go gold wheel cleaner, safer
option to conventional wheel cleaners in the market place. Not many people know about this
product, yeah. Safe on work shop floors. Safer on paint work and trims. But ultimately, a
professional cleaning job with a professional product. Step 1 application. Firstly, we apply
the product all the way on the outer edges, round the tyres, working our way into the
middle of the wheel. Ensuring nice even surface coverage, yeah. Then we move onto to the next
wheel until we have covered all four wheels on the vehicle. That should give us sufficient
dwell time before we apply a high pressure rinse to clean the dirt residues from the
wheel. For step 2, it’s the high pressure rinse. Xpert 60 Go Gold Wheel Cleaner. Remember,
mums the word. No seriously folks, go out and buy it. It does an exceptional job. Buy
yours at

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  1. I never knew you could learn so much in such a short space of time! , this is the ONLY way I'll clean my wheels in future, I'm converted to Xpert-60

  2. Love this guy! Good video. Now I can tell all my friends and family how easy Xpert 60 Wheel Cleaner is to use with such good results. Makes my xmas shopping a bit easier now!

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