All About Command Education – Christopher Rim

All About Command Education – Christopher Rim

Hi my name is Christopher Rim and I’m the founder and CEO of Command Education At Yale I worked as a research assistant for four years with Dr. Mark Bracket and throughout my research I found out that the top three emotions that students felt in schools were tired, stressed, and bored. If that’s how students feel in schools, how are they supposed to feel comfortable and motivated to join extracurricular activities, get involved with community projects, and really add value to their world? Colleges today want students with more than just 4.0 GPAs and perfect SAT scores. They want students who have added value to their communities, who are interesting, who are passionate and really have done something out of the box. If we were talking about college admissions 30 years ago, grades and test scores would probably be the most important thing, and really the only important thing, but that’s clearly not the case here. Admissions officers can fill an entire class 5, 6, 7 times over with students with perfect scores, perfect GPAs but they don’t do that. They want interesting students who can add value to the campus community. That really inspired me to start Command Education to help students take what they’re passionate about and interested in to the next level. So we motivate students, we inspire students, and really work as mentors to help these students and guide them through this process of starting their own project or fostering their interests. 96% of our students got into at least one of their top 3 school choices. Command education helps students take what students are interested in or passionate about and take that to the next level. Because if students do what they’re passionate about, they’ll be successful no matter what school they go to.

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  1. I read your overly biased article on Forbes. “The Real Reason Trump Wants To Ban Chinese College Students” – That was as fake as it comes. Make believe slander at its finest. A little bit of elitism and entitlement sprinkled here and there. I hope you don’t write anymore. Thanks.

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