Air Hawk Pro Review: 1st Look and Tire Inflation Test

Air Hawk Pro Review: 1st Look and Tire Inflation Test

Air Hawk Pro is the portable handheld air compressor that works on battery power. But can it really inflate a tire in minutes? That what I’m going to find out in this review of Air Hawk Pro. Air Hawk Pro has been advertising for a while but it just showed up in stores here in Las Vegas just this past week, in February 2017. I bought it at a local Target for about $60. For my first test I’m just going to do some tire inflation and a basketball to see how it works overall. First thing the instructions say is to charge the battery for three hours before use, so I’m going to do that right now. And now we wait. You’ve probably seen the advertising for Air Hawk Pro. It shows it as a air compressor that works efficiently in filling up tires quickly. All you do is turn it on, select the air pressure that you desire, press the button, and it inflates until it reaches that air pressure and then it shuts off. That’s what it’s supposed to do in theory, but does it really work? Here’s my test. So as you can see this tire is very flat. I’m gonna try and inflate it up to about 32 psi, and we’ll see how well the Air Hawk does with that. It shows 8 psi which is about what my other tire gauge shows. I put it at 32 pounds. I pushed the button. The gauge was accurate. I pushed the button, and it seems to be going on its own. It’s supposed to stop at 32 psi. Well that was only about six minutes or so. That’s not too bad. It didn’t shut off automatically at 32. I don’t know why it didn’t. I hit the button and it hut off, but I’m gonna double-check the measurement with the other tire gauge and see if it actually is at 32. It’s quite a ways over 32. It’s at 38. So maybe the gauge isn’t that accurate but it filled it up quickly. Didn’t stop on its own. I can forgive the gauge being a little bit off because it performed pretty well. I’m happy with how easy it was to use, except for the fact that it didn’t shut off at 32 pounds. The Air Hawk Instructions state that you should probably use a separate gauge to make sure you have accurate results. I agree with that because the gauge in my tests on the Air Hawk Pro was off. Alright next up I got this old basketball. It’s pretty flat right now. Showing zero. Not really showing any air pressure but it feels like it’s almost full already. Well the gauge was not accurate but it filled it up very quickly so I’m actually… Again I can forgive the gauge if it works that efficiently. The instructions state that the battery should last about 15 minutes on one charge. Because the first one inflated so quickly I’m going to try doing a second tire and see if i can get two tires inflated on one charge. I got this one down about 15 pounds. Let’s first see if the Air Hawk’s gauge is accurate and then see how long it can take to fill it up and if it can do it on the same charge as the first battery. The Air Hawk is showing 12. My gauge showed 15, so I’m probably going to have to check it throughout the process but I just want to see if it can fill a second tire on the same charge. And we’re off. I’m gonna stop it 24 pounds and see what the actual reading is at. Interesting when I took it off and put it back on, now it shows 19.5 when it showed 24 before. I don’t think it lost that much just switching the gauges over so I think the gauge is a little bit off but we’ll keep going. As with the first tire, it hit the target psi but just kept going, but it didn’t show an increase in pressure so I had to manually put the trigger. Now let me see if the pressure actually did increase even though the gauge wasn’t showing an increase in pressure. I’m showing it just slightly above 30 pounds so it did continue to fill the tire. The reason I set it at 28 instead of 32 is because it overshot last time and I wanted to make sure I didn’t overshoot too much this time. So once again: Gauge is not accurate but it does a pretty good job of filling the air. It’s filled the second tire on the same charge. That’s actually a pretty good performance if you ask me. So the results of my first two tire tests were that it inflated a tire from 8 pounds 38 pounds in six and a half minutes. And then from 15 pounds to 30 pounds in about four minutes. Inflated the basketball in a few seconds. One interesting note is that the manual shows that you can get parts and extra batteries at, but at this time here’s what I’m seeing at that website. I’m sure it’ll be open at some point but it’s kind of funny they shipped it before the website was ready to go. Another feature of the Air Hawk Pro is that in addition to the battery, which takes about three hours to charge, there is a 12 volt adapter for your car. It also snaps on the same as the regular battery does. This one plugs into your 12 volt adapter and it can give you additional power. The 12 volt adapter is not used to charge the battery. It’s a separate unit so they really connect to each other. It’s just provided to give you more continuous power if you need it using the 12 volt adapter in your car. This is going to be my first test. If you have any suggestions about how I can test it in future reviews please leave me a comment and tell me what you think I should do. If you liked this review, I’d appreciate a subscribe so I can continue to bring you As Seen on TV product reviews in the future. Until next time, this is James White with Freakin’ Reviews. Thank you.

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  1. Don't even have to watch your review to know these things are junk and at best only good for a few uses in a dire emergency and even then a real fire hazard. And too expensive to justify it. If you get a flat or a low tire be prepared use a spare. These things are just dumb. A 30foot hose with valve connectors on each end can allow you to use air from the spare or other tires to fill a low tire enough to get to a gas station and it wont cost more than 5$ . Or convert an old propane tank to store air in and keep it in the trunk. We call that an air pig. They work great and are also cheep to make or buy under 20$ and dependable as long as you keep it filled up with air. Plus they will last forever!

  2. I watch a lot of reviews on you tube. I just wanted to tell you that you are the best. You’re fair and informative. Not just on this review, but on all. I’ve watched all of yours. And you are funny as well! Thank you and keep it up!

  3. If the battery is proprietary type, it will likely die out very soon. Why?
    How often you will have pump your tires and/or perhaps your basketball/soccer/valleyball?
    Those batteries will slowly lose its charging power if they don't get used often.

  4. So get a $10 compressor that plugs into my car or pay $60 for this. Just as efficient and the gauge actually works properly and is a fraction of the price just not wireless. Why would I buy this shit.

  5. I got off roading and airing down The tyres are a must sometimes. So I think I'll buy 4 to air them up all the same time 😂😅

  6. 6 minutes lol.
    – too slow
    – poorly calibrated/non working gauge
    – didn't shut off
    Your review fail by missing at least two important tests:
    – Inflation of a large volume item like a air mattress.
    – Inflating a higher pressure item like a 80 PSI bike or truck tire.
    I watched another review if this thisg and they skipped these two things as well.

    I laughed when I saw the ad. I know this thing is hardly useful and would break in short order.

  7. Thanks for undertaking a review of this product… I do not think that 6+ minutes is very fast… my 2 cylinder foot pump is far quicker!

  8. 6 min isn't bad. it's a bit loud. haven't read thru all the comments but i would question the psi gauges on both items. if you're going to compare gauges then one should be properly calibrated so you have a proper base.

  9. Hello, I Recently Subscribed to your You Tube Channel which is Great and So Very Helpful. Thank you for Taking the Time to Test as well as Review Products. That is Greatly Appreciated. I was wondering which Air Gage you would Recommend for Purchasing. Could You Please Let Me Know? I Need to Buy One. I would Prefer to take Your Advice if possible. Thanks.

  10. what a skam , digital guage so off rite out the box . maybe try to get another one . how hard is it for gauge to be right . this isn't new technology .. //

  11. Try reading the manual. There should not be any threads showing. Screw it all the way in then screw in red cap. If you do not know what you are doing do not do a review. Most of the time it is not the object it is the reviewer. Look at your own youtube picture do you see the gold threads showing, that is a no no. Of course it is not going to work. You push in while turning clockwise till you do not see threads and you can turn no more then screw the red cap on all the way, here ends lesson.

  12. Bought mine, been using for 6 months, not one problem. It'll put .5psi over the set pressure but you'll lose that while screwing it off the tire valve. This guy didnt let it shut off on it's own

  13. Could you test it using Road bikes witch need something about 100 psi at their tires? I'm interested in this product to use in my car and also in my bikes and other stuff. Cheers from Brazil.

  14. Thanks for doing this review
    Not everyone is going to have multiple AP gauges in their car; one to double-check the other. The accuracy of the air-pressure gauge is paramount and this flaw is unforgivable.
    There are better and more reliable portable compressors out there. Many for less money.

  15. Send that "plastic crap" back to and buy a real compressor it will.last longer and air up faster than that pos

  16. Love this air compressor!>>> I had the same one years ago that I ended up giving to my dad because I didn’t think I needed anymore, but realized I needed another one. It’s quiet and very efficient and a great price!

  17. I tried this on my bike where the PSI is around 90 for a tire for a road bike.. I think you should test the device on a high pressure tire. It took over 6 min for a car tire at 32 psi (though it went to 38 psi). I never did reach the goal psi on my bike.

  18. It has a big flaw in that the gauge and shut off dont work as advertised, but seemed to inflate two tires just fine if you used your own gauge. My question to readers is this: What other tire inflator have you found that is very good, and WHAT DOES IT COST? This one might give the best bang for the buck, although flawed……. ?

  19. I have an Air Hawk Pro and it did inflate my tires well and quickly and shut off at the correct pressure reading as verified by a separate tire gauge. I'm not sure why yours did not shut off properly. I am quite satisfied with mine. It saves my a trip to a gas station to fill my tires.

  20. Total piece of shit… Filled tires of pressure washer and one inflatable pool float and stopped working… That's it and now it's buried in the town landfill
    where it belongs…. Customer service???? There is none…. Sixty dollar donation to the Chinese government….

  21. The airhawk pro gage is accurate as long as you keep the air hose straight and not bending. I bought one two years ago when I was working as a pizza delivery driver. I had other drivers wanting to borrow it all the time.

  22. Fabulous review. Too bad the gauge does not give accurate readings. At least it supplies air when needed. For the price I think they need to get a better gauge unit or lower the price. It still does the job for someone that needs to fill something quickly with air. Thanks again.

  23. Bought one and just charged the battery. My concern is that the instructions say not to leave the battery in a car.
    I already have a plug in inflator that I can use at home.
    Not every flat happens in your driveway. Don’t see the point in not having it in an emergency, if you really can’t leave the power source in your car. Would only want enough inflation to safely get to a tire shop, anyway.
    Think the lithium battery must be the reason for this caution.

    Bought a Halo car charger and it must be a lithium battery. Made to leave in your car – unless extreme temperatures.
    Any thoughts?

  24. I wouldn't call 6 minutes fast lol you could do all 4 tires in that time with a proper compressor. So not fast but still somewhat convenient

  25. Haha, I got lucky using the Air Hawk Pro so far. Inflated eight tires on two different vehicles at different PSI settings. Everything worked as advertised. Too cold out to double check with my tire gauge but hopefully it's accurate.

  26. That thing is totally worthless. Not worth $60; I've seen compressors in Auto Zone perform the same if not better for $20.

  27. My local wal-mart has the Stanley airpro 120 for 15 dollars, but I haven't been able to find any good reviews of it. Does anyone here know if it's any good?

  28. Mine didn't take six minutes to go from 8 to 33.
    It also did my other three tyres from 25 to 31/33 in under five minutes and shut off when it reached the pressure on all the tyres.
    The PSI also matched my gauge.
    Maybe you have a duff one?

  29. Thank you for the demonstration. I was especially curious how many car tires could be filled on three hour charge.

  30. I bought the Air hawk Pro- works well and the pack included a car adapter so keeping a full charge is not an issue. Good vid, BTW

  31. I got mine on Amazon and it works perfect every time. It stops when it's supposed to and the gauge is accurate. My only complaint is that I lost the wall charger and can't find a replacement but I just use the cigarette lighter cord and it's plenty long enough

  32. i bought my airhawk pro last blackfriday on amazon for 38 dollars. I use it once a month if needed to reset my tire pressure. Maryland has crazy temperature swings. I found the gauge is within 1 psi of my slime tire gauge. The thing that I don't like about it is the screw on valve connector, you will lose around 1/2 psi twisting the damn thing on and off if you are slow taking the airhawk off the tire stem.

  33. Everyone complaining about the time it takes to inflate a tire. Well, I would consider it for emergencies only and if you're in the middle of nowhere with no access to a pump then you'll be happy to have it. I keep a plug kit and air hawk in the truck in case I run over a nail or something. Yes you can buy other pumps but they're going to be bigger and not as easy to store. I paid $35 at Walmart for this.

  34. 2 tires with 1 charge 😀 Damn.. they are asking 120 euros for this shit here in Finland. Not worth it better get a manual pump.

  35. Sounds like a bad unit, my Air Hawk's gauge is pretty accurate and shuts off on it's own once psi is reached

  36. I have one of those unit's and so far it has not been good, but I misplaced my manual for it and put the hose on wrong, and today found out that I was using it the wrong way. That could explain why I could not air up my tire on my vehicle.

  37. who cares if the gauge is off. If you come out of someplace at 3am and have a flat you'll be glad you have this thing .

  38. I would like to see it do a large exercise/yoga ball! They don’t take much pressure, but they do take forever to blow up manually!

  39. How fast does it inflate pool floaties or whatever they’re called. Im tired of blowing those things normally.

  40. that battery looks like or resembles the black & decker batteries they use on their electric drill. I would be interested to know if that works on the Air Hawk Pro

  41. Thank you,James, liked your review very well made you are not boring at all like others i have seen on other youtube videos keep the videos coming you should be on television mate!

  42. Yeah fantastic that the guage is off, let's all bounce down the road and cause an accident. Probably be easier using a foot pump the time it took too.

  43. It works good but don't rely on the digital read out,it inflated my car tyers to a dangerous 45 psi when it was set on 35!

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