Adam Savage’s One Day Builds: 1000 Shot NERF Blaster!

Adam Savage’s One Day Builds: 1000 Shot NERF Blaster!

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  1. and they said money couldnt buy happiness… with money you can get 3 dinosaur costumes and 1000 nerf darts, but not 3 friends ;(

  2. it's common knowledge the more ammo one carries the heavier the load and the more unwieldy then gun the more difficult it is to shoot. A longer bi-pod would have made more sense for a sniper rifle but other than that this was fun to watch

  3. This is the first i see of Adam since Mythbusters and that JOY that EXCITEMENT that PASSION!!! Frick yeah count me in the subscribers list, I am here for that!!! I wanna do something with my life that makes me just a tenth of this happiness and im good (and if it involves nerf guns I am set for life!)

  4. Every time I watch one of these videos I go crazy looking around my house to find where the humming sound is coming from because I forget that it's in the audio here lol

  5. I Remember in MOs training for signal in the army a bunch of the guys got these and ripped out the internal wiring and and made the gun run on a 24v lithium battery from a remote controlled car. That shit hurt 🤣

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