A Track Ready Ford Fiesta?! | From The Gallery EP.36

A Track Ready Ford Fiesta?! | From The Gallery EP.36

All right we have got some Lindos coming. – Lindos?
– Oh, boy. – Tacos, baby, tacos. – I can’t wait. – What is going on, everybody. Welcome back to another
episode of From The Gallery. (upbeat electronic music) – I am Dakota, with Fitment Industries and I am sitting here with – Gels from Fitment Industries and – Max from Fitment Industries. – Special Guest, Max. – Here I am. – So a lot of the videos
you see, Max is our editor. He’s been in a few other videos. You’ve seen him in the past,
but we’re bringing him back, because he wanted to review some cars. – Yeah, he was awake for this. – Yeah, I’m awake for this – He’s kind of awake, but yeah. – We put him in front of
the camera, for today. – I’m here. Let’s go. – So, if you’re watching
this, you probably have, like, a matter of like, day or two
left to get entered in to win. So pick up the BBS
shirt, we’ll put the link down in the description below,
maybe pop in an image here, something like that. It’s a dope shirt. Get entered in to win a
free set of BBS wheels, and time is running out. – And stay tuned for our
next giveaway coming up. – Oh, a Genny, a 2010, so first generation Hyundai Genesis Coupe on some weds. Wheels, 19 by 10.5 plus 20 in the front, and 19 by 11 plus 20 in the rear on some Megan Racing Coilovers. @that_slow_red_gen’s Hyundai Genesis Coupe that we’re taking a look at today. So it looks like we have
got a little bit of a progression story going on here. So, like, in this first
picture, he’s got the wheels, he’s got the coilovers,
and this is a crazy fitment for a static car. – [Gels] And as you go
through the pictures here, you can see he’s added some arrow pieces. He’s got the diffuser going
on. He’s got the duckbill. The sideskirts, and everything like that, and I think that really
helps tie it together, cause in the first
picture, it just looks like it’s missing something, but
then you get to this picture right here, and it looks
really, really, nice. – [Dakota] When someone can
pull off, a red car like this to me that just stands out. The fitment looks phenomenal in here. I love the weds wheels, looks super good. Nineteens, I think, was a
solid choice for this car, because they look perfect on there. I love the duck spoiler on the
back there, looks super good – [Gels] They look really good on there. – [Dakota] It looks like
he has a little bit of a diffuser on there, and an
exhaust which looks really cool. And then, yeah, for being static
on coilovers, it’s perfect. It’s perfect. I want to see, does he rub? No rubbing or scrubbing,
I’m calling B-S, buddy. I guess just little things. I’d maybe like to see a
different splitter on there. Maybe some carbon fiber bits,
and then some sideskirts. And that would about wrap it up for me. – First off, I absolutely love this car. I’ve always loved them. I’ve seen them around town
a lot, at various meets, and I just think they are
overall beautiful cars. The only thing I would
change about this car, is I would personally put it on air, cause I just love air. – He’s one of those guys that’s,
like, dead set on coilovers being static, and this
guys telling him to go air. – Yeah, so, I love the
coilovers, the car looks great. I do call B-S on no rubbing and scrubbing, cause I had a car that was,
you know, almost that low. – Yeah, no no no. – Okay it was not nearly that low, but I scraped on everything.
So it was terrible. But yeah, I have nothing else
more to say, I love the car. – Cool cool, let’s rate it. Are you ready? One, two, three. (simultaneously say rating) – All right, on to car
number dos for today. We have a 2011 Ford Fiesta on some Borbet? I don’t know how to say it. LS 17 by 7 plus forties on
some Bilstein? Bilstein? – [Dakota] Bilstein. – Bilstein the science guy. – I’m from Wisconsin, we
pronounce everything wrong. – So this @thatwhitebluefiesta’s – Fiesta’s are dope. I think
they’re always going to be a dope car, a good
commuter,a good drag car. As you can see here. I mean overall, this
car looks sick, I mean, the wrap is dope, his wheels are dope, his stance is nice, fitment’s good. Yeah, I mean, it’s on lowering springs, so this car I would actually, I like because it is on lowering springs. Because he is tracking
it, it’s not a show car. I believe, like, all show
cars should have air, that’s just my opinion. – Why not track air ride? – No, just no. – This thing is pretty
cool, I dig the wrap on it, It kind of, like, gives
it that race car look. It looks like it’s a blast to drive, obviously all these
photos are on the track. You can see him three-wheeling
a little bit here, he’s actually getting that
back tire off the ground. So he’s putting it to the limit. Yeah, that’s super cool, he
does all this tracking with it. And, for being on lowering springs, the fitment is pretty spot on. Like he doesn’t have a ton of wheel gap, and it’s like a flush fitment, so he’s not rubbing or
anything like that also. So that’s awesome, cause you
know he’s driving his car hard, he’s putting it into the
corners, and that’s not rubbing, so that’s really cool. I guess, just because it’s being tracked, I’d like to see a little bit
more aggressive arrow on it – Sure, that’s fair. – But, weight savings at the same time. It looks like he’s got a
little toestrap on there, that’s kinda cool. Yeah, I dig it. It looks
fun, it looks like a fun car. – Perfect. I think you guys
said all the keypoints. I mean, for what it is,
obviously he drives the car. He drives it aggressively. He uses it for what he built it for. I think it’s really, really cool. I think the wrap actually
looks very professional. So, I think it’s super cool,
I love the lowering springs. Just kind of how he went
about the whole thing, I do agree, I would like to
see just a little more arrow. On three. One, two, three. (simultaneously say rating) Next up we’ve got a 2017 BMW 328D on some HRE Ff15 20 by
9 plus 25 in the front and 20 by 10 plus 40 in the rear, some Lexani tires and
some BC Racing Coilovers. – @DTHR23’s. DTHR23’s,
That’s the best I can do. This looks like a super clean setup, looks pretty simplistic. The fitment looks pretty spot on, looks like he’s tucked in
a little bit in the rear. Personally, I think I always say this, but I’d like to see it
come out a little bit more. Get more of that fender to
lip, but it doesn’t look bad. It looks super good. I really like it. It’s simplistic, but with these BMW’s, they’re already an aggressive
looking car from the factory. So you don’t necessarily
need to do a ton to them. However, when you do stuff
to them, it really, like, exaggerates those body lines and stuff. So I like seeing canards,
I like seeing splitters, I like seeing aggressive diffusers, vortex generators, stuff like that. But if you’re just going
for the simplistic build, you did good. – [Max] First of all, this car is dope. Low as (censored). His fitment is, like
Dakota said, on point. Everything about this car,
it’s super aggressive. It’s super simplistic at
the same time, though. He’s got HRE wheels which is super dope. BC Racing Coilovers, which
I heard ride very well. But yeah, overall, this car looks sick. And yeah, I love it. – Very low on some HREs, BC
coilovers like so many tires. This thing is really, really cool. I can’t really tell, honestly,
if he’s using it as, like, a show car, cause, like,
I feel like this would be, like, a tough daily. – It would be hard to do it. – It would be a tough daily.
It is really, really low. I mean, like, this picture, it is dumped. It’s a solid setup for what it is. It’s clean, it’s minimal,
and it’s all it really needs. – I agree – I agree – Let’s rate the (censored) out of it. – Okay, on three, you
ready? One, two, three. (simultaneous say ratings) We have a 2014 Mitsubishi
Lancer Evolution on some Gram Lights 57c6 – [Max] Gram Lights? All right. – [Gels] Solid choice. 18 by 9.5 plus 25. On some stock suspension. So
he is not stock right height, but he’s rocking some Gram Lights, he’s got the things going
on with the car here. So this is @mad_like_a_hatter’s 2014 Evo. – Mad Like a Hatter’s – He’s got some quarter
inch spacers all around, it looks like, so just help out with the fitment a little bit. So 18 by 9.5 plus 25 quarter inch spacers. Overall, I think the car is
going in the right direction. I think that, like, he’s got a plan for it and he’s executing it pretty well. I would love to see it,
obviously, lowered a little bit. Stock right height with everything
else, it always (mumbles) – [Dakota] Yeah – [Max] I agree – [Gels] The red and white
color scheme, obviously, works well together with
the accents of the black, like, arrow, and stuff like that. I think he’s done a good job
with it, I’d love to see it. I think it’s a solid start
to what’s going to be a pretty good build. – Evo’s got a place for
me. I used to have an Evo. So I to see an Evo, cause a lot of people give them (censored), you know. The Evo 8, the Evo 9,
those are the true Evo’s. But, I like Evo tens. They’re
big bodied (censored). But it’s still pretty easy
to make power out of them. So, however, not a huge fan of
the gigantic tire lettering. That is some big tire letters, brother. Also, spike lugs are not my jive, just not a huge fan of them, personally. Just too much going on. With white, it’s so
easy to make color pop, and then we have red
wheels, red tire lettering, red vinyl, and then red in the headlight. It’s just a lot going on for that car. And I don’t mind white and red, actually my Jetta is white and red, but, very simplistic with the color, I wouldn’t do too much of
it, I mean to each their own. – I would have to agree
with Dakota on some parts. Red is just not me, I would
go a blue, personally, or black, black would look super nice. Gram Lights are dope, good wheels. They’re very good wheels,
I love Gram Lights, they look sick. Spiked? Eh. I don’t like that. Not about it. – Not your cup of tea? – Not my cup of tea. See,
the reason I don’t like Evo’s is they break all the time. – All right, one, two, three. (Simultaneously say rating) – What did you say? – Two. Not about it. – We got a 2011 Infiniti
G37 on some Work wheels, 19 by 10, zero offset in the front, and 19 by 11, zero offset in the rear, on some Universal Air Suspension. Now this is @iamknostyc. I really did what he’s got going on. Super clean, super simple. I really wouldn’t touch
much else with this, because of the style of these cars. They’re not really good for a lot of arrow They’re not really good
for, you know, some crazy, you know, vinyl decor
or anything like that. So I think, with these cars, that’s about all that you can really do. – Vinyl decor, I love it. – It’s the new term. Max, take it away. – The car is super clean,
I love the posh wheels. Work wheels, that’s the way to go. G37s are dope, my buddy had one. Overall, I love the air
suspension, I love the wheels. I love everything about it. I mean, I love, love, love, love it. – [Gels] Get that away from him. – I really love the car,
I think it looks great. – Do you love, love, love it? – I love, love, love, love, love it. Okay, but, there is a couple
things I would change. I absolutely hate, it makes my eyes bleed, that chrome little spoiler on the back. Get that vinyl wrapped black
or something, paint it. Please do something. But it does look super
good, the stance on it, the fitment is absolutely perfect. The Work wheels. They get me going. – So on three, ready? One, two, three. (Simultaneously say ratings) – So that’s going to wrap
it up for this episode of From The Gallery, thanks
for sticking with us. Thanks for sticking with Max. Don’t forget, if you
want your car reviewed add it to the gallery, we’re
fitmentindustries.com/add and send us an e-mail
[email protected] with the subject line “review my car”. I’m Gels. – I’m Dakota – I’m Max – We’ll see you later. Peace – Taco time. Taco time. Taco time.

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    The phrase "Mad Like A Hatter" started because the original hat makers used Mercury for the hat molds. Over a short period of time they would go mad/crazy from the exposure to the Mercury.
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