Well, I just picked up groceries and when I got out of the car I noticed… I’ve got a flat tire and I can hear the air coming out of it right now. And thank you to Home Chef for sponsoring today’s vlog. ♬ Don’t you think we’re better together ♬ ♬ Oh Honey ♬ ♬ I think we are ♬ Good morning guys. I’m getting ready to go pick up some groceries that Mary ordered and I just realized I need to move the gate from the driveway so I don’t drive into it. We, my little brother, last January visited us and we built this gate for our driveway. Like, all of our yard’s fenced in except there’s an opening at the driveway. So we built this gate and it has held up all year. It’s almost a year it’s been. So that, I don’t want to break it by driving into it. So I’ll be right back. [car beeping] All right, it is a… sunny winter day, so it’s like, 32 degrees but it actually feels nice because the sun is kind of warm. I don’t know how that’s even possible. I guess it’s…it’s cold outside. The sun is warm. ♬ Christmas music ♬ Well, I just picked up groceries and when I got out of the car I noticed… I’ve got a flat tire and I can hear the air coming out of it right now. I’m not sure how that happened and I didn’t notice it. We have a… I really need to get this fixed, but we have a sensor on our spare tire that always says that it’s flat and so I didn’t… the air sensor, I just ignored that flat tire sensor. So… I need to figure this out. [Peter] Okay. Well, this is a first. So, our spare tire is underneath. [Peter] So I think I have to go in through here to get it out. And that’s where the jack is anyway, so… [Peter] Gotta take the wheelchair out and we’ll change this tire. [Peter] Okay, here we go. Under here is… [Peter] everything we need. I think if I pop this open… [Peter] I can get to the thing that loosens the tire. Let’s see. [Peter] Well, I’m gonna figure this out. [Peter] Alright, got it off. Now I just need to unscrew that bolt and this tire under here will come down. Okay. Okay, got it loosened. Now I just gotta get this tire out from underneath the car. How do I do that? ♬ jazzy Christmas music ♬ [Peter] Okay, I got the tire out but literally I can’t figure out how to get this… [Peter] bracket. I thought that this would just slide, like, I’d turn it sideways and slide it through, [Peter] but it’s got this long piece on it. [Peter] So… [Peter] Maybe it detaches and it’s just rusted together. [Peter] Cuz basically this is like the safe, like, the thing that holds it underneath the car. [Peter] I gotte get this off so I can put it on the car. [Peter] Well, I was right. After some hammering the rust came off and these pieces came apart. So now… [Peter] I think I can just slide this through. [clatter] [Peter] Look at that. We have a free tire. [Peter] Alright, let’s put it on. I couldn’t get the lug nuts loosened up and there was a guy walking by and he had a cross iron in his car, so he let me use that to loosen those up. So now I’m going to jack it up and change the tire. ♬ jazzy Christmas music ♬ [Peter] All right, we’ve got a dirty new tire and let’s go home. Good morning you guys. I hear you’ve been on quite the adventure with Peter. He actually just, so he came home after the whole tire fiasco, he came home, unloaded the groceries. I called the car place and they had time for us like, right now. So we got in the car and came over to the car place. Peter dropped me off at Chick-fil-a across the street, and then he’s gonna drop the car off and walk over here. But yeah, so hopefully they can patch the tire. We’ll find out. But that’s what we’re doing today. Sometimes unexpected things happen. I did have to cancel my riding lesson today. I was really looking forward to it… but I realized yesterday… You know, the last couple days I was like, oh no I’ll be able to ride. Horses make me so happy. But I realized yesterday and Peter was like babe, you couldn’t even get out of the car when we went shopping, like… It’s just not gonna work. So. Um…I realized that reality, canceled my riding lesson and I’ll have to just reschedule when my lungs are more capable, but for now, I’m just gonna sit here in the restaurant and wait for Peter and have people look at me funny. cuz that’s life with a service dog. But anyway, that’s what I’m gonna do. [Peter] We made it to… [Peter] BJ’s, one of these warehouse stores, and uh… [Peter] just taking a stroll around. Yep. We figured out since I can’t walk like, ten feet without coughing my brains out. and hacking up a loogie, I’ll ride in this wheelchair. [Peter] Perfect. And hack while I roll. [Peter] And it’s pretty nice. We came to a store that is nice and open. [Peter] And I got some vitamins. And now we’ve gotta find magnesium. [Peter] All right. [Peter] Those are some big cheeks. Hey guys, we are home. We did a little bit of shopping. We’re thankful for the tool of the wheelchair just to get out so that Mary is not coughing her brains out every second of being out and we were able to enjoy it a little bit and we got… We just got a few… [Mary] Soap. Soap. Like, bulk soap and [Peter] water bottles and chicken stock, you know, the essentials, but… Basically, what happened with the car tire was we, when I got to the car place, I pulled it out of the trunk and me and the guy at the service center like looked over the whole tire and we couldn’t find… Like a nail or anything, until we filled it with air and then you could hear the air escaping and on the side, it was like almost on the side a little bit on the like, road part… It was like a razor blade or something like a thin piece of metal stuck into it. And so, because it was on like the sidewall of the tire it wasn’t repairable. So we have to get a new tire. We, the last time I got, took the car in for service I had put off the ninety thousand mile maintenance stuff that we need to get done. So we’re just doing all that so we actually have a rental or just like, they loaned us a car uh…for the night while they finish up all the work… tomorrow and so we’ll have a new tire, and a fresh car. Which I was thinking we needed to get just some service done before Christmas time because we are hoping to go home to Maryland, visit our families. But we will see. We go to Mary’s doctor on Thursday. So in two days. And it’ll be kind of telling just where we’re at with her health and all that, but I’m gonna make us some dinner. We’re just kind of like, we got home and I hadn’t done the vlog yet. It was kind of crazy because… I was planning to go pick up groceries this morning and come straight home and edit the vlog and all of that and then one thing piled up on another and… Usually we post our vlogs at 2:30 in the afternoon and I didn’t get it up till 7 tonight. So… If you missed yesterday’s vlog because it went up late you can just go back and watch that. Enjoy another Frey Life video today, but these two are having a little Christmas snuggle. [Peter] You can say this is a frequent site around our house is like… [Peter] Uh…UPS will deliver a bunch of medical supplies [Peter] and that’s just all feeding tube stuff. These two are… [Peter] pretty cute. Another shipment we got in the mail today was from our sponsor for today’s vlog, which is Home Chef, which is home cooking made simple, and we’ve loved partnering with Home Chef and we’re excited to always share with you guys the convenience of meals that are planned out, portioned out and ready to be cooked at home. And so this week we ordered four meals. We have Texas style steak on toast. I think tonight we’re gonna make jerk steak tacos. We almost always, this is like a glimpse into our ordering of meals. We almost always choose the Mexican options… because they’re so good, and chicken Kiev and… shrimp linguini. So, Home Chef is a simple way to simplify life a little bit like on a day like today when I had a flat tire and we were running around town and coming home… I noticed that Mary only ordered things like milk and cheese and some kind of basics for our groceries this week and part of that is because we knew we had Home Chef meals coming and we knew that our meals would already be planned out and for us, taking the… like, stress of planning meals out of the process is worth the like extra you pay and just the convenience of the service. So, we have a friend who always talks about how food and preparing meals is not something that we should stress about and so sometimes it means finding services like Home Chef who might be able to simplify the process a little bit. So, you guys, if you want to try out Home Chef, click our link in the description and use the code MaryandPeter30 to get $30 off of your first box. And so you can kind of choose all kinds of options. That’s one of the things, we’ve tried other meal services as well, but we like the customization you can do and they have a new thing where some of the meals you can like, customize the proteins and that sort of thing. So if you guys want to check it out, click the link in the description. Thanks Home Chef for sponsoring today’s video. [plastic crinkling] ♬ Christmas music ♬ The slaw calls for the cilantro to go in it, but Mary doesn’t like cilantro. So I’ll just add the cilantro on at the end when I make the tacos, but I think we’re about ready to assemble things. [Mary’s vest vibrating in background] [Peter] Good job, honey. Oh yes! [vest vibrating] I like that even better than the last kind of taco. Really? You like that? Do you like the pineapple? Like that’s unique. It’s like a… some kind of jerk. Anyways, I’m gonna try it. Love it. See if I can do it one-handed. And I left out the cilantro for you. Thank you. Oh yeah. That’s a really unique flavor. Mmm. I think we’re gonna finish up Mary’s vest, eat our dinner… Maybe watch a show and just kind of relax. It’s been a crazy day. Thanks for coming along on the journey with us. [both] And, as always, we will see you tomorrow. Good night! I have food in my teeth. I probably do too. Good night guys, and… [Peter] good night to the Ollie boy. ♬♬

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  1. Oh my goodness, I also had a razor blade in my tire two years ago on Christmas Eve. I was determined I was the only person on earth that ever had that happen to them. It destroyed my tire and being from a small town nobody was open to replace it. Glad to hear that everyone was ok because things can go wrong quickly.

  2. Poor Mary I hate when you feel so bad. May God bless you and Peter with Christmas time health and lots of joy and happy memories!

  3. the tacos with pineapple sound like a dish I had at our local mom&pop Mexican restaurant . . . tacos al pastor I think it was called . . . delicioso! 😀

  4. Whoa! Rough day! Sorry about that. Impressed with your perseverance, problem solving skills, and grace under pressure. Glad you had something good to eat for supper!

  5. "The sun is kinda warm." The understatement of the year bro! The Sun is 27 Million degrees Fahrenheit, I'd say that's quite hot.

  6. Haha I cracked up when Peter pinched the Santa Claus cheeks 😆 Mary I hope you feel better soon! I’m sorry you couldn’t go horse back riding. ☹️ Mary how do you do you eat while you do your vest? I’m so shocked. Lol I have always thrown up if I even eat right before. Im impressed. 😄

  7. Mary did anyone ever tell you not to cough into your hand? It’s an easy way to spread cold germs and bacteria. I’m curious why you are not wearing a mask in a restaurant Another curiosity is why you still get embarrassed when people look at you just because you have a service dog. Actually, they could just be admiring Ollie. Just go with the flow and smile at them. Not a big deal. P.S. BJ’s is a terrible name for any business!

  8. You've got to jack the car up normally for an underside spare tire. We have lot's of very loud booms. For weeks now, a lot of them today for some reason. No idea what the crap is going on. Ugh

  9. also appreciated the intentional video editing that had a specific christmas song on while Peter was fixing the tire, and then in the next scene with Mary that same song was in the background! brilliant.

  10. Hey Mary, I know you haven't felt very well recently, and I'm praying for you! I was wondering, when you get to feeling a bit better, if you could/would do some stuff with your service dog.

  11. Oh no!!! I wondered why the vlog went up late yesterday. I couldn't remember if clinic was Tuesday or Thursday and I was starting to wonder if they kept Mary! It turned out to be a fun vlog and yay Mary you got to shop!!! User the tools you've got, right?

  12. I didn't know you had BJ's where you are. I work there and everyone at my location is amazing to work with. Who's brilliant idea was it to put the spare tire UNDER the car?!

  13. glad you are both okay, was a bit worried when the vlog was so late yesterday. hope tomorrow goes well and you get the okay to travel home for christmas xxx

  14. How long has everyone been watching The Frey be Life? I think over a year now. I have a few account s so have joined with a few account s. I've loved watching them grow together. even changing in maturity wise, too. especially Mary. she has really blossomed and i just adore them both. I seriously think how you deal with everything completely amazing. I love how you both love living a modest life style no matter what. Ollie is also the cutest dog.

  15. Check online or go to an auto parts store and pick up a rachet driver that plugs into your car. They work great and make tire changing a lot easier.

  16. I agree with Mary on the cilantro issue! To me it tastes like having a filling at the dentist! Ach a fi, as they say in Welsh! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  17. Good luck tomorrow with your doctor visit. I'm 71 years old and I totally adore the two of you. I love your Christmas tree and of course, Ollie. You're a lovely couple.

  18. Can I just say that your vlogs definitely brighten up my life. I find them really therapeutic. Seeing fellow Christians live their lives for God makes me so happy. Thank you for doing what you do 🙂

  19. `Sorry I have been MIA…crazy life here. Sick with the cough, headache, sore throat and stomach issues…not fun but I keep rocking forward and son is trying to finish up the house so we can get it on the market. Say a prayer for us.

  20. I'm glad Mary was able to go into a store. Hurray for wheelchairs. Glad you are getting your car fixed. My car story would be the time my car engine went into flames while driving to work at 6am. I love the idea of home chef.

  21. I don't like cilantro either. There was a fb thing on it that said 17%of the populace doesn't like it and that it's genetic.

  22. Don’t break the gate. The car was trouble enough. At least it’s a tire. Making me so happy I don’t drive. Although bicycle tires go flat too. Thumbs up to the guy who let you use his tool.

  23. It always happens
    When least expect it…
    OR when it rains it pours. Been there done that: Just keep on keeping on !

  24. Hi Guy`s or should I say Super Troopers !! , wow , what a day !! A flat tire / shopping / rental car / cooking , geez I am getting tired !! LOL

    I love how you both are able to handle adversity , as if , ok life is going to happen. Great work = Mindfulness !! it is a learned art 🙂

    Thanks for the video , you guy`s are so inspirational , thank you . All my best , take care , Gary 

  25. Peter, we fixed our sensor problem for one of the tires ourself this last summer. After a day or two out, we got the same message again.
    Wtheck!! Keep smiling Mary, your so strong!

  26. Feed a cold starve a fever? Anyway I've got the bug too probably the same virus here in New England. Fight hard be well for Christmas Mary.

  27. I'm sure I have said this before but I don't like cilantro either. I never could understand how people could say it tasted so good when to me it tasted like soap. Then I read about people who have something different in their genes that makes cilantro taste like soap so now I know I am one of those people.

  28. Maybe you should change the name of the channel to “ The Vocal Fry Life”?. I actually like the channel, but Peter’s vocal fry makes me cringe and stop watching. It is not a natural quality of the voice but a purposely generated creaking. No hate at all here, I would just love to watch a little more since I learn a lot about CF.

  29. Cilantro is called coriander here in the UK. To me it tastes just like soap. Hope you feel well enough to go riding soon, Mary.

  30. That was a day to tire you out. We spell it tyre in New Zealand. Must be hard for Mary to eat with the vest on. I hope you feel better really soon. So worried about Christina Doherty too with long staying hospital. May God bless you.

  31. Completely off topic for this particular video but what kind of insurance do you have that lets you get the Dexcom G6 and all of the other complicated meds you need? Thanks, love your videos and your upbeat views on life and chronic illness. You frequently make me thankful for what health I do have and look forward to the little things that I can enjoy even when I don't feel good.

  32. Praying for a good clinic appointment. Mary, I don’t like cilantro either. I think it tastes like soap. I found out an odd fact, there is a gene (sp?) that cause that issue in people.

  33. Mary eating with that vest on…talent!!! I don’t know if I could eat with that things shaking me lol. I suppose after doing it for so many years you get used to it but it’s like people who can eat while doing contortion. It’s a talent lol. Takes some getting used to.

  34. Dear Mary and Peter, I am also so thankful for the wheelchair as a tool to get around easier! I have MS and my walking distance is so small that I can't even get groceries without thewheelchair. It gives me back a lot of independence which is great!
    Have a good recovery from your cold, Mary! Peter, you were great in changing the tires! Thumbs up for both of you! best regards Britta

  35. I'm personally thankful for Peter's input regarding Mary's current reality and capabilities. Sometimes when you're the 'patient', I think it is SO easy to simply just try to plod on through things, even if it's not really in our best interest. I think that is natural, for people like us with chronic illnesses. We are so used to fighting, fighting, fighting……it's just the mindset we get ourselves in, and it becomes our first impulse, vs looking at our true capabilities. Mary, I know you are so grateful for Peter. 'High 5' to Peter!! <3

  36. I know that you joined the riding lessons because of Mary's love for horses, but have the impression that Peter is enjoying them too. I am curious why he didn't still go to the lesson? As an former instructor, it's hard when the entire class cancels (often we had siblings in one same class and unless one parent was busy and the other had to stay with the sick child, the other kids still came). I only mention this so you can see it from the instructor's point of view. Of course, above all else, I hope Mary is feeling a bit better every day.

  37. It's cool to be able to eat & do your vest at the same time, Mary! I would throw up for sure, even if it was a hour or so later, haha!

  38. May god give you a rest from the coughing. I love your bag that i bought bundled with ollie. You both are so sweet. I plan on getting the ollie hoodie after christmas.

  39. I was probably 20 before cell phones and in an unfamiliar part of town, realized I had a bad tire and had no idea what to do. I was sobbing in my car and some kind stranger knocked on my window with a tire jack in hand . 💖Honestly don’t think that would happen these days.

  40. that's so nice they give you a rental. I always have to sit in the car dealership for like 4 hours everytime I need something done on my car.

  41. Bummer. I had surgery last week and recovery has been much slower than anticipated. Thought it was a good time to give some serious consideration to home chef. But I'm sensitive to dairy and gluten and the site says it can't find any meals for me. I'm surprised their recipes are so limited. Swapping alternative ingredients is something I do frequently and is quite simple with the large selections available. Anyways, thanks for sharing. Looked yummy!

  42. I love how you two are so “normal”. Talking with your mouth full. I ❤️ it! Most bloggers don’t eat on camera or if they do, you don’t actually see them eating it. Yes, there is such a thing as manners and all our moms got onto us for talking with our mouth full. But when Your amongst friends most of momisms get forgotten. We talk with our mouth full, laugh too loud in public and advertise our business to anyone who will listen. We touch everything in the stores even if we’re not buying it, use language we would never use around our elders (ok, you two probably don’t). I just love how you two act like every day normal ppl. Love you two!

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