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  1. If its allowed what i wouldeve done is not max the fuel and then i would have fuel to drive through chernoble and be okay not having to walk like jeremy

  2. They should have taken my Mercedes A class. It'd have ran out on its own with no help. I should now – I have driven to the border with Belarus from Kyiv

  3. So 23L of fuel in the tank and the fuel indicator goes beyond 3/4, meaning that tank had a volume of about 30L. But shouldn't most cars have 60L tanks?

  4. 5:35 That music is Fortress, the 14th part of the Halo Reach soundtrack that plays during invasion matches. Top Gear uses a lot of Halo's music.

  5. Old top gear was the best and you will never beat that but I give credit to new host for not letting top gear end I respect you for that because it’s not easy takeing over host that was amazing at there job BUT new host can do it. Keep it fun and exciting and enjoy

  6. The Mercedes-Benz petrol engines have a fuel economy of -45 mpg, so you’ll likely run out before you get to Chernobyl from Kiev.

  7. Its hard to differentiate between the fur of coat and James's hairs in his first appearence scene. 😘 For once i was confused about his hairs.

  8. did you know chernobyl's reactor 4 blew up because of a test. they where testing if it was safe though out a power outage and it blew up

  9. Why they haven't thought of running the car in the reverse gear? As far as I know that should be the best approach. Basics tells you that in the reverse gear a car uses more fuel than that of you are in other gears. Correct me if I am wrong?

  10. Television gold. Bring back this magical trio, they're so much better than any of the other useless morons on the BBC right now!

  11. Keep the car in neutral and coast between about 5-10mph the whole way while keeping the gas pedal to the floor bouncing off the rev limliter the entire time.

  12. This is silly. They could just do burn-outs in a parking lot somewhere, or literally take any length of roads until they run out of fuel. I don't understand it.

  13. Why did none of them think to roll down all their windows? The air flow into the car gets trapped by the closed boot, creating even more drag.

  14. Pripjat is the City and it has extremely low trace radiation, wear substantial clothing and You'll be fine, the Power Plant is Chernobyl, it's radiation is as of now only deadly after prolonged exposure and in the reactor itself [The Elephant's Foot] is deadly after 30 minutes of exposure [with safety gear]… unless You touch it, because it will burn You

  15. Flatter tires, smaller wheels(rims), AC completely on, all windows open, high rpms, extra weight, restrict air consumption to decrease performance, and finally sabotage fuses and traction controls and having the ebrake engaged

  16. 5:35 that's Halo: Reach music. Taken straight form the game. It's called "Fortress". proof:

  17. Did any1 notice that they used a part of the halo reach sound track at 5.34? Tell me if I'm going crazy

  18. Everyone living on the Earth today has radioactive particles from Chernobyl inside them, and will for the rest of their lives.
    Same goes with Fukushima.

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