A Follow-up to My Video on the Caster Semenya Case

A Follow-up to My Video on the Caster Semenya Case

Hey everyone. I’ve been meaning to make
this video for a few days now, but as you can tell from the skyline behind me I’m
on the road. I’m actually in New York City right now in Central Park. I think you guys are going to want to stay tuned to the end of this video as I’m making a
major announcement in this one. But it is a serious topic, so let’s go find
someplace quiet to have a chat. There we go, that’s better. First of all, I owe you guys an apology. I try to get out a new video every Monday
and Wednesday and I failed to do that this week. And so I apologize, but I had a
lot on my mind. I released my opinion on the Caster Semenya case last week if you haven’t seen that video I’ll link it right here. And it caused quite a
stir and rightfully so. It is a very controversial case with a lot of
feelings behind it. I tried to base my opinion in science and logic and it
seems like it resonated with a lot of you. Thank you to everyone who left the
comments. Whether you agreed or disagreed with me, thanks for leaving the
comments that were based in logic and fact and reasoning. I had a lot of fun
interacting with you guys. Now, and then of course, there were the haters in the comment section that didn’t use logic, didn’t use reason in their
arguments. They really didn’t have a good argument so they just
resorted to name calling. They called me a bigot and they called me a racist and they called me a Nazi even! Let me remind everybody, I am the guy who dedicated his world silver medal to the LGBTQ community in Vladimir Putin’s
Russia. I’m the guy that actively participates
in the #NOH8 campaign. At every single turn I have fought for equality. However, equality in society is not the same thing as equality on the
playing field. Our civilization, for decades now, has
decided that when it comes to athletics we are going to separate, we are going to
categorize, athletes according to sex. And rightfully so. We acknowledge as a
civilization that men have an inherent genetic advantage over 46 XX women and so rightfully so we don’t allow them to compete together. Because if we do it would be unfair to those women and it would also be very dangerous. You know we’ve seen that happen before. Case in point, perhaps you’ve heard of
the fighter Fallon Fox. Fallon Fox was born a male but struggled with her gender identity early in life. In 2006, Fallon Fox transitioned to a
female and out of respect I will continue to use the female pronouns when I’m referring to Fallon. When Fallon decided to start her MMA
career there was a lot of controversy and rightfully so. People were asking what would happen if a person born male, given their inherent physiological advantages, were allowed to fight someone that was born female in the MMA ring? Well, I can tell you what happened. In 2014 Fallon Fox fought a female opponent, Tamikka
Brents, and in that brutal fight Fox fractured the skull of Brents and sent
her to the hospital with a broken orbital and seven stitches. Brents would go on to say, “I have struggled with many women and I have never felt the strength
I felt in a fight like that night.” In any other period in history there would be an outcry from both the left and the right saying that something here is not
right. That you can’t have someone born male enter into the Octagon against
someone born female and beat the living shit out of her. This is just so obvious to me that it is not fair! I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, we
separate people on the playing field based on the sex that they are born as
for a reason. Failure to do this will result in the
destruction of female athletics as we know it. As an advocate for LGBTQ rights
in society I will continue to fight for equality under the law. However, as an
athlete, I must insist that we continue to separate according to sex on the
playing field. This is all I have to say on this matter. This is the last video I will make on the subject. I’m really excited to get back to my regular content which is trying to help people be better runners and on Monday I’m gonna do that just that. So you guys can hash it out in the comments below, I’m
gonna stay out of this one. I’ve made my opinions known and I will conclude with this: It doesn’t hurt when someone calls me a bigot or a racist or Nazi because I know I’m not any of those things. What does hurt is when people imply that I’m bring up these topics becasuse I’m trying to make money on the views that these videos generate. Let me be clear, I started a YouTube channel to motivate, to inspire, to entertain, to occasionally sell Run Gum, full transparency I will
occasionally try to sell Run Gum because that’s my job as the CEO of the company. But I really did this to have a better relationship with my fans and to
exchange ideas. I did not start a YouTube channel for the money that Google and YouTube pay me to create these videos. I’m so serious about that, I’m going
to give all of my YouTube revenue away. I’m just gonna give it away. I haven’t
figured out exactly how I’m gonna do that and I think I know who I’m gonna give it to but I really want to work out all the
details before I make that announcement. And I will do so in one week’s time,
Friday May 17th, at noon I will release a video telling you how and to whom I’m
giving my YouTube ad revenue to. I think you’re really gonna like this, it might come as a bit of a surprise. Tune in, you guys thanks again supporting me. And again, whether you agree or disagree with me please practice kindness and in your arguments practice logic and reasoning. It’s a much better way to win someone over than slinging mud. Thanks again for tuning in, I’ll see you guys soon.

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  1. You don't have to justify yourself, people that name called you will always name call you no matter how mich good you do. Keep up the content!

  2. Nick, I never comment but here goes. You said what the silent majority thought and believed. You will be attacked by the loud minority so just be prepared but most people are on your side. Keep well.

  3. I would talk to you personally about my thoughts on this but they're too numerous for this space.For now I say "Respect" to you Nick.

  4. In athletics other competitors only really help you to compete against yourself. Winning doesn’t really matter. This is different to UFC where harm can be done and winning matters because bodily health is on the line. Nick you didn’t win the olympics but ran 1:42:9 which put you in the pantheon of the greats much more than getting lucky in a slow race (who won the 800 in the 2000 olympics again?). You’re privileging genetics over physiology too and there is no reason to do that other than majority rule but I think it’s better to be inclusive.

  5. As a black man I don’t discriminate you like quite a few minority have with the previous video. I understand your opinion and everyone is allowed to have a voice to their opinions. Unfortunately we live in a society where people only wants to hear only what they want to here. Keep voicing your opinion and motivating us athletes to be great.

  6. Thanks, Nick!

    I'm a Bernie Sanders voter. I have tons of respect for people who have the courage to identify in a non-conforming way with regard to gender. I contribute to Colin Kaepernick's Foundation.

    Sorry folks, but Semenya has one X chromosome and one Y chromosome. In biology we call that: Male. Semenya was born with testes (which remain in her body, undescended) and without ovaries. In biology, we call that: Male. The athletes Semenya competes against are XX. In biology we call that: Female. The athletes Semenya competes against have ovaries and no testes. In biology we call that: Female.

    While this is not the whole story, it's close. Semenya is of the male Sex and identifies as female in Gender. I hope she has a super happy life. If she wants to continue racing, that's great. If fairness, she should compete against other inter-sex athletes or again men.

  7. Nick, you are a legend on and off the track! Feel free to send your YouTube revenue to a poor guy in England 😉

  8. When people don't have an argument you will get called all the names under the sun. Fyi I had the biggest crush on you when you where running. ❤

  9. U discriminate against anyone different from u. I'm unsubscribing from your channel. U are NOT an advocate.

  10. 13 yr old boys run similar times to elite women in the 800, that is how huge the difference is between sexes. There have been some rumors that Caster has been holding back and even sometimes losing on purpose, but I guess we will never know.

  11. I used to not know how to feel about this guy just based on stuff I’ve heard but after watching this guy for a while I can say I really enjoy the videos and everything you have to do and say. Awesome videos keep it up!

  12. "Our civilization, for decades now, has decided . . ." the irrelevant fallacy of the "appeal to tradition": we've been doing it this way for this long, so we must continue.

    Nik, you're totally punching above your weight class. I hope that you get to roll-out "RunScissors" before your line ends up at Big Lots.

    Looking forward to you on Praeger U.

    MMA is not ballet: everyone knows the risk.

    You should have stayed out of this – period, since you lost a fan.

  13. Caster is XY, not XX and has too much test. Why doesnt she just lower her test? she is lucky she isnt banned from Women contest for life….bc she is no female ( looking at sex)

  14. Nice video, Nick. I do agree with you on this issue but be careful with the examples you use. I understand that the point you made by talking about a transgender athlete in this video applies similarly to Semenya (that there should be stringent divisions between sexes) but Semenya is of course an intersex runner, not a transgender one. I am not saying that you implied that Semenya was a transgender runner, nor that you implied that she was biologically a male, but I think that people could misconstrue your example and get quite angry about the mixing of such topics. All the best

  15. Caster Semenya is not trans. I don't understand why you're comparing her case with that of Fallon Fox. In case you don't know: Caster Semenya was born female, raised female and identifies as a female. She does have naturally high levels of testosterone compare to the average female but that doesn't make her a trans woman, she's a cis woman. The controversy surrounding Caster Semenya is about whether female athletes with hyperandrogenism have an advantage over female athletes that don't, not whether trans women should compete in women's sports.

  16. I’m glad I found your channel. I enjoy hearing your thoughts and opinions on running, and racing, and training

  17. The entire forum here is a echo chamber. 🤦‍♂️

    Those aren’t logic. It’s called cognitive dissonance. You selectively pick facts that suit your narrative.

    In fact, I have already posted an argument that dispute your “logic” but you failed to respond.

    Oh well, you do you. But please stop pretending to be some objective person when you already have a specific outcome in mind.

    You sound like Steve Crowley’s “Change my mind”.

    Good day.

  18. I think you make a solid argument and I can definitely sympathize with your viewpoints. I think you're genuinely coming at this conversation with only good intentions (including to the LGBTI+ community) and a desire for good-faith discussion. As a piece of criticism, I do think it's important to keep in mind that while the segregation of male and female athletes has logical reasoning behind it, it isn't necessarily the best way to do things. Like, there should be other ways to segregate top-tier athletes (primarily cisgender men) from 2nd-tier athletes (primarily cisgender women), that doesn't lead to complications around intersex people who belong to one gender, but might have many physical characteristics resembling the opposite sex.

  19. Thank you for being an advocate. I️ have a sibling struggling with gender identity and I️ get a lot of hate as do themselves. Hearing that from you just makes me feel awesome! Sounds so simple but I️t means more than you know

  20. I'd consider offering your ad rev to a RUNGUM-sponsored scholarship fund. This scholarship offered to a student-athlete that creates a sustainable program within their school that promotes positive change or awareness in an area involving unjustified, negative stigma. ie: substance abuse, depression, mental health, physical/mental abuse, etc. Their efforts are evaluated and awarded accordingly based on whatever the established criteria may require. Thoughts?

  21. Uhm … CASTER SEMENYA IS NOT TRANSGENDER. "Identify with your gender, compete with your sex" SHE WAS BORN AND RAISED FEMALE. She has a DSD condition. So talking as you do is so super incredibly ignorant and anyone who agrees with you on the bases you state is not even wrong. As in not even talking about the right issue in relation to Caster Semenya.

  22. There is no confusion. If Castor was born a biological woman but has male physiology, then she should be allowed to compete as a woman, if not then she must compete against men. It's pretty damn simple. It doesn't matter what the hell they think they are or what they feel like they are.

  23. All world class winners have a genetic advantage….. whether it is fast twitch muscles…. hand eye coordination…. above average balance… quick reflexes…. above average lung capacity or pain threshold… muscular density/endurance good muscle memory and the list goes on. I'm still not convinced that intersex thing is that much more of an advantage than every other athlete who has their own personal genetic advantage …and that is something that gotta be legitimately studied. I know the major factor that creates a real cheating scenario is the use of that human growth hormone…. okay you got a point… that's cheating. But a few extra chomosomes? Nah… I'm not convinced. Show me a few more intersex athletes and tell me their performance and training is that much boosted to be considered cheating. Cause I know alot of men with full testosterone etc. could be training just as hard as these women and would never attain the speed that they achieve why? because other genetic deficiencies are working against them. The fact is very few athletes have it all when it comes to the genetic strengths and superiority. Lack of one will be compensated by the other. So Caster has a strength and that don't make all her weaknesses into strengths. She can still be beaten by a woman.

  24. I love your training and your knowledge. unfortunately, most of the time its gonna be white versus black or black vs white or religion versus religion. no logic necessary but just hatred that was created over thousands of years. Thats why im borderline atheist and dont like being classified into group but being a homo sapien or just old plain human. keep up the good work Nick. the world is what it is

  25. excellent use of controversy to prompt sales. based of your foolish characterization of trans people, comparing cis men to cis women and not comparing trans women to trans men, i will make a detailed response later. hopefully you get more sales

  26. First of all I have no clue what's going on.
    Second I haven't even watched the video I paused it and am not listening.
    Third I think you are so brave and strong and sexy.
    Fourth something something minority is good something something I dont know crimson carlson case 1904.
    Fifth I totally agree and I think its bad

  27. Look I didn't find anything wrong with your comments. At some point you have to use common sense. Steroids are not allowed in sports not allowed. With a person with a naturally high level of testosterone because of a natural abnormal amount testosterone due a to rare gender situation at birth rather it be physical or psychological she be addressed scientifically verse on personal assignment because unfair advantages.

  28. Great points, but please do not use the LGBTQ as some sort of crutch. It reminds me of those "I cant be racist, I have a black friend" fallacy. Don't use me nor my "community" as a shield. I don't know you.

    Other than that, interesting points.

  29. Your analogy doesn't make sense you failed on this one Semenya was born a female, she is not a trans… unless you prove otherwise please use your platform wisely not to justify the unjustifiable

  30. Don't worry Nick, when a person or group has a very weak argument or no logical argument at all, a typical tactic is to go the emotional route calling the person a racists, a bigot, etc. Everyone could tell their was something different about Castor Semenya, obviously, and when tested it only confirmed every ones suspicions. Thanks for explaining exactly what was found, because there is a lot of dis-information out there related to this story.

  31. Question: Nick, do you think Semenya should be stripped of her Olympic and World Championship titles and medals?

  32. This has been a controversial and emotional subject. First off, ignore the trolls and the haters. They are not adding any value to this conversation. You can run down two roads on this subject, the scientific or the ethical. You could argue a third which combines elements of the science and ethical but that is more of an opinion. If you look at the scientific, I have to disagree with you. Most of the studies I have been able to source do not sustain a concrete link regarding testosterone and performance for elite (eg the August 2014 study of 693 elite athletes). With the exception of one study, the one relied on by the IAAF, the rest of the scientific community would seem to be of the view that the science is inconclusive. From an ethical point of view I have to lean towards the position of the World Medical Association which starts from the position of doing no harm. Their advice to members is that the condition of people like Caster is a natural state for them with no medical conditions or concerns requiring a response. To prescribe and administer a course of treatment that is not required and may be harmful is ethically unsustainable. My problem is philosophical. If Andre the giant had competed in shot put, would he have been excluded because his medical condition resulted in significantly higher levels of testosterone then his competitors. No because this issue falls onto a definition of sex, male or female, or if you are arguing the points, it’s actually arguing whether or not caster is female, not if she is a male. So we are now placed in the position of saying that she is excluded from the definition of female. But she is not male. What does it say of us that we are comfortable with excluding 1.7% of the population from the definitions of male and female. Do we make the next step and argue are they human? Excluding people on the basis of poor science is a trap. It is often a mechanism to sustain privilege. It has been used to support some of the most grevious crimes in history, the slave trade in the 18th century, the eugenics programmes of the 1920s and the holocaust of nazi Germany. I think many people would say that the IAAF decision is a world away from nazi Germany, but the road to those kinds of horrors is paved with small decisions where the choice of inclusion is ignored and exclusion is promoted. You can probably guess where I fall on this argument. I feel Caster has been unfairly treated. I make no comment on why the IAAF has felt the need to pursue Caster with such single minded focus. I believe they are wrong relying on unproven and in some parts flawed science and fail ethically. I hope that my strong, beautiful, unique, LGBTi sister of colour stands strong and remains true to herself and the way the creator always intended her to be. That’s my thought.

  33. Nick I don't think you're a racist or biggot………I find your commentary to be objective and fair. I happen to have mixed emotions concerning the Castor case but ultimately believe something needed to be done to level the playing field. The thing that bothers me most is the amount extent to which she was vilified and targeted. I truly hope she heals from the situation and finds peace within herself.

  34. Caster Semenya is neither male, transgender, or whatever, she is a woman with an elevated level of testosterone. That's all. If you were to test other women athletic standouts, you would find some elevation of testosterone levels beyond the norm, but maybe not the same degree as hers. If you call her a "man" just because of that, then you have to say that any woman with elevated levels are exempt. Of course it gives them an advantage in certain sports, over those with normal levels. She has elevated testosterone, Wilt Chamberlain was abnormally tall, so he excelled and had an advantage over shorter guys. Michael Phelps had exceptionally flexible joints, huge feet and very long arms. In the case of the boxer who was male and transitioned, I agree, should not be in the ring with a woman, but your equating the two shows a lack of logic, clarity and scientific thinking. It shows rather, that you have an opinion, and you will label your arguments as logical and scientific, when in fact they are not.

  35. It's quite frightening that you actually have to defend yourself for stating the obvious. I see it as the sign that western civilization is crumbling under our eyes. Only terminal idiots can argue against the idea that Semenya should not compete in women's events.

  36. Your logic about people born men competing in women events is correct however Caster was born a woman. If we are gonna say people with testosterone above a certain level shouldn't compete we might as well say people with fast and slow twitch fibres in their muscles aka East and West Africans shouldn't compete in Long and short distance races respectively until they remove those fibres.

  37. According to Drs Castor is a woman. She’s not breaking or smashing recorders left right and centre, she hasn’t even broken the world record she’s not fists fighting she’s running. Other female athletes should stop whining and train harder, if Caster was breaking records and making them impossible to be broken then I could understand but she’s not. She’s not the fastest woman runner ever! What should be investigated is Phelps and his career, his “natural born ability” make it almost impossible for anyone to catch him for years! He’s not technically sound as a swimmer his strokes are sloppy.

  38. The same people saying you are a racist or bigot, are the same people that would crucify a man for hitting a woman even if the woman was hitting him. This is NOT about inclusivity. This is about sports. The same reason we don't put men and women up against each other.

  39. Return to chromosome tests and dump the ludicrous "testosterone limits," and cheaters like Semenya would be booted out of women's events altogether just like HE should be. Yes, HE is a man, a cheater, because he is XY, a MALE. MALES don't belong in women's sports. No more should athletic organizations be held hostage by the trans cult.

  40. Since when did becoming gay make you not racist? I mean thanks for fighting for lgbt rights but it doesn’t make you impervious to holding racist views.

    Not calling you racist at all, just the logic was terrible there. “I’M ThE GuY”

  41. Great work!! It’s time to create professional playing fields for these groups of athletes, ie., transgender, and people with the sex chromosomes as Caster Semenya as all athletes should be allowed and encouraged to compete. We are all humans with great potential!

  42. I feel a duty to add some science here. About 10 years ago a US university did an experiment. They took normal male and female athletes as similar as possible in other respects. Then they tried to even it up; blood was taken from the male runners to reduce the haemoglobin advantages and weights were attached to the male runners to simulate more body fat. But after all that the male runners still had the faster times. So male athletes have such an advantage over females that even at an engineered handicap the males still finish ahead, albeit with a reduced margin.

  43. I didn't see a lot of accusatory race comments in your last video. However, I did see A LOT of TRANSPHOBIC comments in the last video. Since you're "that guy" who boasts your lgb allyship… why don't you address those transphobic comments? #NOH8

  44. Nick … I think it is sad you felt you needed to make this video. Your original video was well argued and sympathetic, but there is a need to draw a line in the sand. We have to see the bigger picture of the health Women's sport. This has implication beyond the atheletic's track.

  45. Sex and gender are completely related. The majority of what most of the world considers normative gender behavior is tied to biological sex.

  46. A bit long but one of the best arguments in support of the IAAF decision by a black woman and former athlete: https://quillette.com/2019/05/03/a-victory-for-female-athletes-everywhere/

  47. But have they checked if caster's testosterone levels are equivalent to males since she is called a man? and how does a man go on menstrual cycle?

  48. Caster's name should not have been on the title of this video. That was stupid… You did write her name on your title so that it can appear ontop of the Youtube search, why? for views perhaps? if not then why is her name there, I mean she was born a female and you here are talking about Transgender, I am confused sir.

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