A Better Way To Install Garage Storage Shelves – DIY – How To

A Better Way To Install Garage Storage Shelves – DIY – How To

welcome back to make build modify! I’m
Justin and today I’d like to show you how I install these shelves with
unconventional methods. I typically start by installing a shelf
level. In this case I have some plywood on the walls and there’s a would seem
that I’m using as a guide. I use these screws because they have a big pan head
and they can go between the gussets of the wire. Now because I have plywood on
my wall I can put screws pretty much anywhere I’d like. I usually try to hit
the studs when I can but then I placed the screws wherever else I’d like. These
particular screws are designed for the brackets in home constructions. So they
have a little bit more strength. I prefer to use something like that for an
application where your bearing weight. For this particular set of shelves I’m
using 7/8 OSB. It’s a scrap that I had laying around. I’m cutting it at
roughly the depth of the shelves and then I think I picked 20 inches for
the height. You can pick any arbitrary height between the two shelves you’d
like and adjust to suit your needs. I like to round over the edges on the
panels just to keep them skin in my knuckles up when I’m loading stuff on
the shelves. This is completely personal preference. You can you can do it with
just square panels or do whatever else you’d like. The next step is pretty
straightforward I’m just using the panel to mark the top where the next shelf is
going to be and then I install the second shelf using those lines. Okay, now
that the two shelves are installed it’s time to put the end panel on. I usually
use clamps to align the bottom of the panel with the bottom of the lower shelf
and then I use clamps for the upper shelf also after I get that push back
against the wall. I’m using the same screws for the install against the panel.
I usually use a shorter screw though so it doesn’t come out the side of the
panel. The interesting thing about this install
is that the panels don’t need to be a fastened to the wall at all. They do
their job just by being fastened to the metal shelves themselves. This next
connection allows you to have kind of an inside corner without anything
obstructing the shelf space. You just bolt the two panels together with I
think a 3/8 bolt. I’ve had pretty good luck with this method. You can add as
many sections as you like as long as you have enough wall. In this case I’m going
to do one more section beyond this one and you just need to cut enough panels
to make as many shelves as you like. What I really like about the system is
how modular it is. You can put these up fairly quickly. I think it took me about
an hour to put this set up and they can come down and be reused in another
configuration because this installed really doesn’t damage any of the
materials. Here’s a trick I use for storing my pneumatic tools. The webbing
on these metal shells has a zig-zag pattern that holds the pneumatic
fittings perfectly. I’m putting the tools on the outer portion of the shelf for
demonstration. I usually place them in the middle support section so that the
tools will be further under the shelf. Here’s a closer look at the interaction
between the pneumatic fitting and the webbing of the shelf. I have the tools
materials listed in the description for this build and if you think I’ve earned
it please subscribe.

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  1. Awesome job! I have a few of those metal shelf units and now I just have to put some plywood on my walls. The added bonus of the tool storage is brilliant!

  2. Great use of the shelving materials. I've found that at restaurants when the plastic wheels break will often discard the units which provides free shelves. which make awesome grills. Thank you for the video

  3. You convinced me. I'll try it! Just to purty it up, I'd love to make the side panels from thick acrylic glass and put some LED glow through it. The brilliant part about your design is the way that the side panels force everything to stay square, so leverage won't work the mount screws out. A dozen (tight) screws can handle a surprising amount of shear force.

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