’80s Ad Breaks Vol. 5 – February 1989

’80s Ad Breaks Vol. 5 – February 1989

♪♪ [cover of Berlin’s “Take My Breath Away” in lower key and with male vocalist] [V.O.] Introducing a completely different Mercury Cougar. ♪ Take my breath away ♪ ♪♪ ♪ My love ♪ ♪ Take my breath away ♪ [V.O.] Introducing pulse-quickening comfort, The all-new Cougar. From Mercury. Where comfort and control are one. [truck engine] [Radio announcer] The high today expected to reach 105 degrees with no relief in sight. [Truck brakes to a stop] [V.O.] Last year, almost 2 million people stopped buying regular Pepsi. And the major soft drink they moved to more than any other was Diet Coke. With smooth, satisfying, real cola taste, and just one calorie … [Truck driver] One for the road. [V.O.] … you can keep coming back for more. No matter who you are. ♪ Just for the taste of it … ♪ [V.O.] The move is on to Diet Coke. ♪ Diet Coke ♪ [Stuffy and groggy voice] I can’t get out of bed. [VERY loud alarm clock] [V.O.] Ever notice how even the smallest cold … [Sick guy sneezes] [V.O.] … turns everything into a big effort? [Sick guy] What a drag! [V.O.] It’s time to get the big relief of Dimetapp. [Sick guy coughs; indistinct chatter from phone] In 12-hour Extentabs. Dimetapp is recommended millions of times by doctors and pharmacists. [woman sneezes offscreen] [Sick guy] I see you have a cold. I’ve got just the thing. [V.O.] Dimetapp. [woman sighs with exhaustion] [Olga Baker, top breeder of champion Pomeranians] We do feed them the very best. We feed our dogs the Pedigree Select Dinners. This is a brand-new product. Specially for little dogs. The texture’s perfect, the smell’s good … … looks good, the dogs love it. What more could you ask? [V.O.] New Pedigree Select Dinners. ♪ Hold hair long ♪ ♪ Hold hair strong ♪ ♪ With Bold Hold ♪ ♪ New Bold Hold ♪ ♪ It’s the ultimate power hold ♪ ♪ It’s wild! ♪ ♪ Maximum hold for maximum style ♪ ♪ Hold hair long ♪ ♪ Hold hair strong ♪ ♪ With Bold Hold ♪ ♪ New Bold Hold! ♪ [V.O.] He went to jail for killing his wife. But a vicious Valentine has killed her again. [woman screaming] [Don Knotts] Again? [Matlock] I’ve lost count. [woman screaming] [V.O.] Will murder lead to love in a lingerie shop? [Matlock] I’m here for a friend. [Don Knotts] Thinks he’s Don Ameche. [V.O.] An all-new “Matlock” mystery. [siren] [V.O.] Then, a jailbreak …>>If he finds us, he’ll kill us. [V.O.] … brings a secret that could cost Gillespie’s love.>>He was my pimp. [V.O.] “Heat of the Night.” And … [Radio caller] I think I may be your father. [V.O.] A hostile reunion …>>Pool is not my game.>>What is? Runnin’ out on your family? Peter Boyle guest stars. “Midnight Caller,” following “Matlock” and “Heat of the Night,” Tuesday. [James Garner V.O.] You might expect a guy who flies a jet like this … to drive a jet like this. The Mazda MX-6 GT. If you also expect it to fly through the wide open spaces, you’re right. But you probably don’t expect to find all this wide open space inside. I guess that makes it the one sports coupe which … … flies in the face of convention. [different V.O.] Now, special incentives mean you can save up to $500. See your dealer today. [achoo!] [achoo] [Background guy] Yesterday’s cold was a bother … But nothing like fighting today’s cold. Which is complicated by stress … [woman sneezes; phone busy signal] … exhaustion … and pollutants. Today’s medicine for today’s cold … is new Benadryl Plus. With the strength of Benadryl for sneezing, plus a maximum-strength decongestant to help you breathe easier, plus a maximum-strength pain reliever. Today’s cold … [woman sneezes] … demands new Benadryl Plus. Hi. I’m Gary Stolz. This is a commercial for Surf. [sound of film running through a projector] [Gary, narrating] And this is my family. That’s Dad, our hero. [girl makes frustrated? growl] [Dad] Uh, this way. [Gary, narrating, as family on film complains mildly] He knows these hills like the back of his hand. There’s Dad working up a sweat. [Woman] I like your color better. [Gary, on video] C’mon, you guys. Group photo, everyone! [Boy] What’s that smell? [Gary, narrating] Only Surf can save Dad’s shirt. Here we go. Surf to the rescue. Dad’s shirt looks clean and smells clean enough for Whitney! [Whitney, exasperated] Gary! [Gary] There you have it. Surf removes dirt … and odors. If I had to choose between pantyhose that just look good … or pantyhose that just hold up, [laughs slightly] But then, I don’t have to choose. [V.O.] Pantyhose that last are No Nonsense. Before I started wearing No Nonsense, I used to have … more nail polish on my pantyhose than on my fingernails. Looks better here, doesn’t it? [V.O.] Pantyhose that last are No Nonsense. [V.O.] Her perfect life was shattered by an act of terror.>>[Screaming – first couple of words indistinct] They have my baby! [V.O.] Now, one woman must stand alone against the mob.>>Where you goin’?>>To find out what’s goin’ on! [V.O.] Only one man can save her family …>>You’re going to have to trust me. [V.O.] … or destroy them all.>>[screaming] No-oh! [V.O.] Ann Jillian and Charlton Heston.>>He’s my son! [V.O.] The world premiere, “Original Sin,” next Monday. [V.O.] Tomorrow — new hope for Vietnam vets. Can they end their nightmares by returning to old battlefields with former enemies? On “NBC Nightly News with Tom Brokaw.” ♪♪ ♪♪ [NBC chimes] Tuesday night — There’s a bizarre puzzle in an all-new “Matlock,” as Ben defends a man accused of killing his wife — twice. Then things begin to sizzle “In the Heat of the Night,” when Joanne’s forced to reveal a shocking secret … that could cost her Gillespie’s love. Carroll O’Connor stars. Followed by an all-new “Midnight Caller.” As a hostile reunion torments Jack, and a family crisis shatters Devon. It’s TV at its best, Tuesday. ♪♪ ♪♪ [Ron Magers] Up next here on the Channel 5 News … is an exclusive report with information you might want to know before you turn your car over to valet parkers. [Carol Marin] Officials seize the suburban home of two teachers suspected of distributing drugs to students. [Ron Magers] A special Unit 5 report raises serious questions about the mysterious world of U.S. intelligence. [Carol Marin] A Wheaton couple’s home video of Friday’s terrifying experience on a cruise ship. And a survivor of the Achille Lauro hijacking looks back on that ordeal. Next on the Channel 5 News at Ten. ♪♪ Thinking of a Civic? Buy a Hyundai Excel! Save over $2,100. Thinking Corolla? Buy an Excel, save over $2,400. Considering a Sentra? Buy an Excel, save $2,600. And that’s not all. Because if you buy an Excel right now, you can save hundreds more with factory-to-dealer incentives. Could be that down payment. So add it up! Savings on top of savings on America’s best-selling import car. Get down to your Hyundai dealer now and save hundreds with factory-to-dealer incentives. But hurry! Ends soon. The Optical Department at Sears? New glasses. I’ve always enjoyed shopping at Sears. [whoosh] I was here yesterday, had a thorough exam, [whoosh] Today? New glasses. [deep breath] Y’know, I’m your Sears kind of shopper — I trust what they sell, there’s a lot to choose from, the price is right, I can use this, and now, here in the Optical Department … [whoosh] … they’ve added speed. [V.O.] The Eyewear Express at Sears. Most glasses overnight. Extra-fast at no extra cost. [Customer] Call for your appointment and see. Live in a perfect world. Or get Estée Lauder’s new Skin Defender. Only about 20% of visible aging is chronological; the majority is environmental. Skin Defender is a desensitizing barrier that helps protect your skin from environmental factors like … irritants, oxidants, and UV light, *before* they can affect its appearance. Try it. And bend the laws of nature to your favor. Skin Defender. Now at Marshall Field’s. [audience cheers in background] [V.O.] Chicago’s own Siskel & Ebert join Jay tonight. Jeep Cherokee has available four-wheel anti-lock brakes, the most powerful engine in its class, full-time four-wheel-drive capability, and room for five. Being superior in these areas … makes Cherokee superior … in *these* areas. ♪♪ [rock guitar] Save up to $1,600 on select 1989 Jeep Cherokees. [Peggy Hayes Williams] I can’t believe it. In just one week, I lost enough weight to actually see the difference. [V.O.] Slim-Fast is making a pledge: Give us a week … [slide whistle] … we’ll take off the weight. [Laurel Blond] I used Slim-Fast for breakfast and lunch. It was delicious. And in just one week, I lost weight. [V.O.] The Slim-Fast plan can live up to its pledge … because each shake is a nutritious, low-calorie meal. [Deborah Cole] My husband didn’t think I could lose the weight. [Craig Cole] Boy, was I wrong. [V.O.] The Slim-Fast pledge: Give us a week … [slide whistle] we’ll take off the weight. Also try delicious Slim-Fast nutrition bars. ♪♪ [percussive music] The telephone. There are about 200 million all across America. ♪♪ [phone beeps/bleeps join rhythmic tune] And now, you can get 30 minutes of U.S. Sprint long distance from any one of them, free. So go ahead! Pick up any phone. Get 30 minutes of 100% fiber-optic long distance free, and the best overall savings. Call Sprint now, and talk with the best. When I was a kid dating, a good girl always said no to one thing: dessert. Well, here’s one you don’t have to resist. Mmm, nice and fruity Jell-O gelatin, made with all NutraSweet. Only 8 calories. The dessert you don’t have to desert. And now, a word from a man … who refuses to take the Drixoral his pharmacist recommends for 12 hours of cold relief: [ACHOO!] ♪♪ [Tonight Show theme] [V.O.] It’s Monday night on “The Tonight Show,” with Sandy Duncan, Paula Poundstone, and critics Siskel & Ebert. Will they give Jay’s monologue thumbs-up? Ehhh, probably. Then on “Late Night” — [David Letterman] My name’s Dave. I am in a great mood. [V.O.] So is Mary Steenburgen. Penn and Teller are particularly strange. And a little kid swings the band, tonight. [V.O.] In two weeks … [woman shrieks] [V.O.] The thriller of the season. Lindsay Wagner. [gravelly startled sound] Bruce Boxleitner. “From the Dead of Night.”

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  1. Correct me if I'm wrong, but wasn't NBC's Sunday Night at the Movies presentation the previous day was Perry Mason: The Case of the Lethal Lesson?

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