8 INSANE MACHINES That Will Blow Your Mind

welcome to TTI welcome to a whole new
world of science fun and machines in this video we are going to explore the
world’s most amazing and brightest machines that you should not miss Kubelik osk 3500 t it is a well known
fact that Japan has been undergoing a lot of redevelopment as a proper use of
space becomes a more pressing issue the resulting destruction and reconstruction
of buildings needs new and more capable equipment and the Cobell Co SK 3500 D
comes right on time it is so efficient that it has won a
couple of awards including the Guinness World Records for the world’s tallest
building demolition machine the Cobell co sk 3500 d comes equipped with a
working height of 213 feet or 65 meters in an operating mass of 327 tons with a
top speed of one point one kilometer per hour it also has the world’s highest working
range of over 65 meters and is built on a 200 ton heavy crawler crane carrier
scary right now imagine if you saw it in action
I met radio controls remember those nights when you needed to tow your
vehicle but couldn’t really get any reliable operators well fret no more as
the I met radio controls will help you save both time and money
as it helps you deploy its back trolley in any direction at the push of a button in addition to this it can also release
a tire hook attachment to adjust your vehicle on it without any shakiness when
all those things are done with a remote control your vehicle goes on back of the
I met trolley smoothly and efficiently without any error it eliminates the pain
heartaches and stress of trying to carry this out yourself and has been shown to
be a true lifesaver when emergencies occur elbe vehicle the elbe vehicle was
designed by a business family in the Czech Republic and has gone on to
revolutionize the field of vehicles for the disabled the elbe vehicle can be
directly entered with a wheelchair and this simple yet novel idea has been
rewarded by being named among the top 100 brightest ideas in Central and
Eastern European countries at the end of 2015 it makes use of a novel solution to
get around the problems of a front opening vehicle and has been
successfully tested in an urban environment the elbe vehicle is fully
certified by the Czech Republic in 2010 for a vehicle with a two-stroke engine
capable of a top speed of around 50 miles an hour it already got full
approval for the entire European Union in 2013 tailgater tyre table the tailgater tyre
table is the best solution for those who want to dine in style and comfort when
on the road this versatile piece of hardware could
be used for a wide range of outdoor needs and has been shown to be able to
withstand the pressures of an outdoor environment as a result of its compact
steel reinforced make up it is collapsible enough for spacing and
uses a vehicle tire as its support system it is sturdy enough to hold up to
50 pounds with no leg and more than 70 pounds with the leg attached anteye earthquake bed the anti
earthquake bed is a new invention designed to help save the lives of
people living in earthquake prone regions invented by russian genius died here in
sot this device was created to help reduce the incidences of loss of lives
from earthquakes it acts like a regular bed until an earthquake is detected when
it transforms into a fortress with the occupants of the bed becoming encased in
a protective cover with reinforced walls a metal roof slides or a clamp shut over
the top leaving Nappers safe inside while oxygen supply is provided by vents
and nourishment by stores of food and water TAF firefighting robot firefighting in
Australia is now easier than ever and this is thanks to a little technological
hemp provided by the thethe firefighting robot these turbine aided fire fighting
robots otherwise known as the TAF 20 and TAF 35 was on full display in Sydney
fully witnessed by the Minister for emergency services David Elliot and Fire
and Rescue NSW Commissioner Greg Mullins these robots have been shown to be
capable of shooting a stream of water at 90 meters or 290 feet as well as spray
foam or mist at 60 metres while also possessing the ability to use a
high-powered fan able to clear smoke from a room it also comes equipped with a bulldozer
blade to remove all obstacles from its path it has a signal range of up to 500
metres and could be remotely operated in order to preserve the lives of
firefighters and could be yours at prices starting from two hundred twenty
two thousand one hundred thirty one u.s. dollars roll em rack this hose management system is designed
to help you do the work of seven people easily and efficiently it is a
well-known fact that injuries are more likely to occur at the end of a long
shift when workers are tired the rolling rack eliminates a lot of the
stress associated with reloading hoses as it takes only two workers to
comfortably carry this out without infringing the NFPA 1500 hose operation
standards the hardware itself is made from Hardy
stainless steel and can be crafted to precisely fit the requirements of every
organization Chucky and Magli transplanter Chucky and
Magli have built a reputation as the primary source of transplant errs for
all farming conditions they offer a one-of-a-kind delivery system which
enables plants to be placed in the soil perfectly upright position from 6 inches
apart to 20 inches apart all models of the chechi and Magli transporter our
land wheel driven in order to ensure accurate plant placement and can be
trusted to deal with both tall and leafy plants the Chucky and Magli try oh man
baby try um trans planners are particularly suited to handle tall and
leafy plants with the tryam acknowledged as the most suitable transplanter for
long or tall transplants tomato leek and cabbage while the Fox Drive plush
transporters are more suited to unconventional transplants like rose
ions the cheeky and Magli trans planners are
available in five 10 15 or 20 fingers type distribution and can be used for a
variety of crops including sweet potatoes strawberries rooibos tea
lavender jatropha and willow still here check out our other videos
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