750hp Tire Killer | Massive Burnout from LS Swapped S10

750hp Tire Killer | Massive Burnout from LS Swapped S10

I’m Kyle this is my truck it’s got a LSA
swap in it tr6060 Magnum makes about 750 horsepower I made everything for burnouts it’s got a huge cooling system everything’s got coolers on it so I do
the biggest burnouts you could ever do it oh it went great I went out there I
had planned to do two spins and put it in fourth gear and give it everything it
has and it worked out perfectly came across the center blew both the tires
and the rest is history my plan was to go out there start and
third to get the tires start to smoke nail fourth gear get as much speed as I
can into a plateau and then transfer it into another Plateau spin and then I
want to come across spin it and then come across the front of the crowd with all the smoke behind me and that was my goal and it ended up perfect again get
lucky cuz I couldn’t see in the second Plateau spin and I came out I didn’t
know where I was I was looking at the towers smoke was starting to get in there
I almost gave up because I literally couldn’t breathe and I just seen a little
clearing in the front of my hood and I went right for that and I was like and
went right across the center I want to step everybody’s game up I want everyone
to go after Australians now I want them to come come here and beat my Truck so we
can make the best burnouts you could ever see in the United States that’s my

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  1. Would say easy 140, he needs to shorten the rear end some and mini tub like the Australians so it doesn't destroy the outside everytime and he can spend less money on trying to fix the bedside everytime. That was a good one though.

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