$59 Walmart Bike vs. $6500 Mountain Bike

$59 Walmart Bike vs. $6500 Mountain Bike

– [Jason Voiceover] Mountain bikes
aren’t getting any cheaper. However, as prices go up, the technology that goes into a bicycle
gets better and better. Dropper posts, carbon
everything, and chain rings that you could serve a
turkey dinner on all add up to make your riding
experience more enjoyable. Or do they? Do you really need to spend
1000s on a bike to have fun? We went to Walmart to find out. Meet the Big Flyer. With no suspension, one
gear, and no brakes, this bike is pretty bare bones. However, it’ll only set
you back 59.95 at Walmart. Let’s do a back to back
comparison of these bikes. I’m going to judge them
on three categories: climbing, descending, and durability. Let’s get started. The climb up Fromme is a
relatively mellow gravel road. On a mountain bike with modern
geometry and suspension, it’s an easy, enjoyable pedal to the top. Five out of five stars.
(bell ringing) unfortunately, the story wasn’t the same on the Walmart bike. In fact, I couldn’t even make
it out of the parking lot. After battling one gear
and the dated geometry of the frame, I gave
up and decided to walk. But, due to the low weight of the bike, the walk up wasn’t actually that bad. I’ll give it a two
(bell ringing) out of five. Now for the fun part, descending. I chose the trail Bobsled
to test the downhill capabilities of the Big Flyer. It’s a fast and flowy
trail of easy features for beginner riders to progress on. On my bike, this trail’s a blast. I feel confident while going fast and hitting the jumps on the trail. An easy five
(bell ringing) out of five. I was totally prepared to be disappointed by the Walmart bike, but
the Big Flyer was actually really fun, at least until
the trail flattened out. Unfortunately, the fact
that the pedals are always spinning made it impossible to keep your feet on. Additionally, the cramped seating position and plastic tires weren’t
exactly confidence-inspiring. Now I know what you’re thinking. Jason, this bike has a
50 degree head angle. It should crush descents. While this is true, a head
angle does not define a bike. And while the Big Flyer was fun, there were some very limiting factors when it came to descending. Three out of five stars.
(bell ringing) That leaves us with durability. Other than some dirty tires, my bikes is in the same shape as
when I started the ride. Five out of five stars. The Big Flyer was a little worse for wear after just one ride. One of the rear wheels managed to crack, which rendered it useless. On top of that, the head tube ovalized, which caused the whole front end to move, although this actually gave the Big Flyer adjustable geometry, so we’ll call that a win. Finally, I know this is nit-picking, but the flag kept falling out, which forced me to stop
multiple times to put back in, a disappointing one out of five. So which bike takes the win here? I think it’s pretty obvious.
(lively music) The Big Flyer, baby!! Ha, ha! Throw your mountain bike away! 4.5 stars on Walmart.com! Oh it’s the best! (instrumental music) (birds singing) (insect buzzing)

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  1. I bought a bike from sport equipment store and it cost me 301.1 USD
    It working good even for fat guy like me

  2. I know proper size trycicles with direct wheel drive exist. But. Build one. 29 inch front wheel and the smallest rear tyres you can find. Pedals not always spinning. As small it can be with proper room to pedal.

  3. In all honesty though a $6500 bike will crash and snap like a $2000 bike, which will crash and snap like a $600. bike which will crash and snap like a plastic trike.


  5. I give this joke video 1/5 stars. Got old really quick. Would it have killed you to compare it to a normal bike.

  6. Makes me wonder how it would hold up if someone made a big flyer out of carbon fibre…

    Naaaah, red plastic forever my dude!

  7. I wish I could have the privilege to ride that gorgeous mtb……. but i cant exactly afford to go out and spend $6500 on a bike right now.😥

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