5 Wheels That Look Good On Any Car | The Build Sheet

5 Wheels That Look Good On Any Car | The Build Sheet

– You ever just been,
like, sitting at home, watching some Disney+ or Hulu, or whatever the hell that
it is that you’re watching, browsing around on your laptop, just looking at car parts
or parts for your car and wondering how exactly they would look on your car specifically, and wondering, do those wheels look good
on, you know, my car? And then the next thing you know, you’re just stuck in that limbo
of online window shopping, and then the next thing you know, two hours have passed
by and you’re wondering where the hell the afternoon
of your Sunday went. What’s up everybody, my name is Gels from Fitment Industries and we are here today to hopefully help you out with that little situation on today’s episode of The Build Sheet, where we’re going to be going over five wheels that look good on any car. (dramatic introduction music) Before we go ahead and get into it, don’t forget to subscribe and feel free to check out all sorts of aftermarket wheels, tires and suspension over at fitmentindustries.com. First up on the good old list for today, we have none other than the infamous six-spoke wheel all the way from Japan that is known as the origin
of the Forge Sports Wheel. And that would have to be
none other than the Volk TE37. Developed by Rays Engineering, the Volk TE37 is one of the only mold-formed forged wheels
currently on the market. This type of manufacturing
process produces the shape of the wheel during
the initial forging process, which allows the grain in the metal to flow with the actual shape
and design on the wheel, which in turn, gives us the
strong, lightweight TE37 that we have come to know and love. The TE37 is a fantastic
wheel and is one that is highly sought-after in
the aftermarket community, especially when it comes to anything JDM. With all the different
variations offered with the TE37, like the TE37 Ultra, or
the RT, or the V, or the X or the Super Lap, the Sonic,
or the Saga, or the SL or probably a couple more
that I’m actually missing, there really is something
out there for everybody when it comes down to the TE37, and that is another good
reason as to why these wheels truly can look good on
almost any car out there. Second up on the list,
we have another classic, and that is the Enkei RPF1. Now, it’s no surprise as to why the RPF1 is on this list of wheels
that look good on any car, but it does help that, you know, the wheel is offered in literally any size out there that
you can possibly imagine, from Miatas to Evos to
GTRs, the RPF1 has seen it, pretty much all. The classic split six-spoke
is easily recognizable and offers not only the
styling, but the performance to go with it that suits
anyone who’s looking to do any kind of performance
driving with their car. Paired with the signature
MAT process from NK, or the matte technology, the RPF1 is able to reduce
its weight by 10 to 15% by going through that process. And with the price
point, that is much, much cheaper to the previous
TE37, we just talked about. The RPF1 is a fantastic
choice for anyone looking for an intermediate
priced wheel that offers great looks and a ton of performance. Up next, keeping with
the Japanese wheel thing, shocker, I know. It would be the Work Emotion CR Kiwami. If you’re looking at getting into wheels with that iconic Work name, the Kiwami or maybe even the D9R,
are going to be the wheels that you are probably
going to be looking at. As they are some of the
more entry level options when it comes to Work wheels. And I say entry level with
some heavy quotations. But the Kiwami is just
another example of wheels that look good on just about everything and we’ve seen many other wheel companies throughout the years take inspiration from the split five-spoke
design into their own wheels. The Kiwami is a simple,
yet effective design that looks absolutely killer,
especially when you start to get up into the wider
widths and lower offsets. And the concavity really starts
to set off the wheel design. We see this very common
with the Z-platform, like the Nissan 350 and the
370-Zs running the Kiwamis. Along with that, we them commonly
run on the Genesis Couppe, and even the Infinity lineup as well. Coming in hot at number
four on this list, we have a wheel that hits home
to the European car scene a little bit, but truly does look good on just about anything out there. And that’s proven by the number of cars that we have seen them on in our gallery. And that is, of course, the Rotiform RSE. This multi-spoke mesh design
from Rotiform features all the things that the Euro-scene loves. The sizes, the finishes,
the center lock look with the hidden lugs and
all that sort of stuff. And just overall design characteristics that make the RSV pretty
much a universal wheel. Even though the RSV is more commonly seen in its single-piece cast bearing it, it is also offered in a multi-piece option from Rotiform as well. And typically we see these a lot on BMWs, particularly like E-36s,
GTI’s, WRXs, some Evos and even some Mustangs as well. So hitting a little bit
of the domestic scene along with that. And then, last but certainly not least, on the list of wheels that look good on pretty much any car out there, it would have to be none other than the Cosmis Racing XT-006R. This wheel fits the list perfectly, one, because it looks good on everything, duh. And two, because it has been a wheel that is becoming more and more popular and has been growing in popularity
over the last year or so. It is a very popular choice among those who are doing
drift-builds or track-builds, as they are a very strong, rugged wheel that offer a great styling characteristic. The six-spoke design with the step lip fits a wide variety of different vehicles in a crazy amount of finishes
that Cosmis Racing offers. You know, for not only the 0-0-600, but like all of their wheels. You can find the perfect color to match pretty much any color of your vehicle. So there you have it, a quick list of five wheels that look good on pretty much any vehicle out there. If there are wheels that you think should have made the list, that you know, that didn’t
because there’s five and we limit ourselves to five, feel free to drop them
down in the comments below, and don’t forget that you
can check out all the wheels that we just covered over
at fitmentindustries.com. I’m Gels, from Fitment Industries. We’ll see you later. Peace. (dramatic music)

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