5 Things NOT to Buy at Walmart!

5 Things NOT to Buy at Walmart!

– Today, the five worst things
you can buy at Wal-Mart. (gentle music) Hi, I’m the YouTube Deal Guy. Welcome to your one-stop-shop for savings. Whether you know me from your
local TV station or USA Today, where I last profiled the
Wal-Mart five worst buys, I don’t wanna pick on the store nor do I wanna give them
any additional publicity. They’re not paying me to
talk about them, obviously, but I’m just highlighting the five things I would not buy from them personally because so many of you already shop there. And on that list, number
one, non-perishable foods. Why? Well, dollar stores
frequently have the lower price. Party supplies are also
cheaper at those dollar stores while you’re there,
alongside bulk food buys which are of course cheaper
from warehouse clubs. Number two. Tires. Why? You can score a better tire deal sticking within the Wal-Mart family but rather spending
your cash at Sam’s Club. BJ’s also offers highly
competitive tire deals and our local stores will
often beat those prices or match it with complementary
service and other bonuses. Number three. Music and multi-media. Why? If you have an Amazon Prime
membership, I need not say more. If you have Spotify
bookmarked or downloaded, you already know this digital giant brings you more substantial value than purchasing your media a la carte. Now, this is just something to remember when you’re shopping those aisles and you see those great prices. Number four. Televisions. Why? Wal-Mart has great prices, but
the specs of brands offered on some of their televisions are at a compromise to the customer. It’s no different at Target, but you can frequently find better deals on higher end brands
from stores like Best Buy just as an alternate if you pay attention to the specific times during the year when the TV prices do drop. And number five, high-end audio products. This week, for example, the
Beats by Dre Powerbeats2 wireless in-ear headphones
that are on sale for $160 at Wal-Mart are $129 elsewhere. Same thing, brand new. Thank you so much for watching, and for those of you wondering
where are the daily deals, well, they’re right around the corner. Huge offerings moving forward as well as my daily freebies which return, so if you’re not yet subscribed, click that Subscribe button
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  1. I bought beats at walmart and they where cheaper than apple store or best buy and i confrimed with apple and they where real

  2. You are correct, and you forgot to mention not to buy their produce it's actually more expensive than in other retailers.

  3. I stopped buying music at Walmart when I noticed everything I was interested in was edited, while other stuff that I wouldn't even think would make it on the shelves, was not. I don't care if it's cheaper, I want it my stuff the way it was intended to be.

  4. doesn't bother me 1 bit what Wal-Mart is or is not selling i wont shop at a store that houses children thats been taken from their mothers and i wont shop there because if 1 of them grabs my bag or cart i will break their fingers no joke im not a thief plus i have 2 black belts and could hurt 1 of them very badly and i would be justified doing it they grabed me for no reason and i respond very quickly i know the law there not even a cop just some old person

  5. Who cut your hair?

    But…….my girlfriend purchased 4 cases of 24 bottles of water and some large boxes of rice, bags of beans, obvious prepper supplies. She also had the twins with her, 2 years old and a handful.
    She paid for the items and pushed her cart out to the van to unload. As she was putting the groceries into the van, she turned and noticed a WalMart employee standing nearby. She thought, " how nice he is here to help.
    NOPE. He just took a picture of her tag and walked back into the store.
    How about that? Still think that WalMart is not in bed with FE MA or DHS? Hmmm

  6. Sorry but this video just made me want to shop at Wal-Mart instead of the many stores he "did not publicize…." Sarcasm intended. Don't tell me he ain't getting payed for this by Target and Sam's Clubs.

  7. I been buying tvs from Walmart for years about 20 years and all my tvs still going the ones I gave away still work and um still buying them

  8. BRUH but sometimes Walmart is the only place you can go cause for example Sams could be 1hr away so your probably spending the more money than you thought

  9. Plus Walmart has a very bad history of penny pinching the manufacturers to build it as cheep as they can to get the best price. So that item that is Cheaper is" Really " cheaper. A few years ago they put one of the last t.v. Manufacturers out of business over a couple of cents per t.v. sad …. perks to Walmart is tha they are I think one of the only retailers that return anything they are still selling without a receipt " as long as they still sell that item you get a gift card"

  10. Don't buy their milk! It's gross(watery/sour or cardboard taste) and often goes bad before the expiration date

  11. Number three, remember unless Amazon creates the movie or TV series they do not own it, they license it, and the owners of material can pull it whenever they want to. So you maybe you're going on at one day and saying all I want to feel like watching this movie it ain't there what those the DVD will always have it unless your DVD is damaged.

  12. 1. Anything in store.
    2. Anything online.
    3. Anything by proxy.
    4. Anything from them period.
    5. Anything of theirs being sold at a garage sale.

  13. Here is one more. Long sleeve shirt by Mossy Oak with mosquito repellent in the fabric. It says on the inside tag it last 72 washes, if you live that long! I had this shirt and right away I noticed how much it stinks of bug spray, with in 5 minutes I feel short of breath and itchy. Only about 3out of 10 people could smell it, but that doesn't mean it's not harming the 70% that didn't smell it. For it to last 72 washes that must be some toxic shirt. I returned it and as soon as the return girl pulled it out of the bag she made this face, I asked you can smell it? Oh yes she replied I bought it on March 10th tried using it on the 23rd put it back in a Walmart blue bag returned it on the 5th and the smell hit her in the face like a stone. Don't buy the poisonous long sleeve shirt by Mossy Oak mosquito flea and tick controlling shirt it's in the sports Dept at Walmart. Thanks for your time. Aloha Martin

  14. In 2012 I had to go back once a week to get another tire because the ones I bought kept getting a flat and Everytime I went back the tire was discontionued

  15. 😂😂😂this guys acting like he's the police of the oldies "don't get DVDs you have Spotify" 😂😂😂

  16. Don't buy tire's I bought some they didn't put the tire on right. And it fell off on the freeway and almost got in an accident called corporate office 3 time's they we're rude and keep promising to get back to me and gave me the runner round . I will not shop there ever again

  17. I had to get insulin only wal mart sells. When walking out a erk was going thru a womans shopping bags She had JUST PAID…Heard about this now seen it!….Will switch insulin..no more wal mart

  18. You may not want to be an employee there either, I'm a 60 plus handicapped person and sat in the car waiting for my family member that worked in Walmart and every store they worked in the police was called on me by Walmart access protection(security).

  19. I don't need to have any one to tell me where to buy anything. If I'm not smart enough to know what and where then that's my problem.
    Sounds like he is just bashing Wal Mart

  20. Video "waste." There was nothing presented convincing "not" to buy. However, had he included and made #1 Walmarts "cheap cheesy clothing" I would have been impressed. I find Walmarts clothing (some, as in most) good for "one wear only" than toss in the trash. YES, "disposable" wear is the clothing line of Walmart… "trash."

  21. Not Tv's????? 💁💁💁💁 So the Samsung TV'S on Best Buy are better than the "SAME SAMSUNG TV'S" on Walmart????💁💁💁💁💁💁

  22. I won't shop at Walmart. They put so much pricing pressure on suppliers, to the point that some suppliers lower their quality. Ever notice some products say "Made for Walmart." It reflects their grade made for Walmart price structure. I had a customer who provided personal care products and they added more water to the lots that went to Walmart; otherwise, they lost money.

  23. Well whatever you buy at Walmart these days you're gonna have to check yourself out and bag your own stuff up. They want you to do their job for them without being paid.

  24. Hello i got a 50 inches samsung 4k tv since last year black friday sales and i have not been able to bring it out from the box because i have an active 3yr old son. Pls help where and how can i get a tv screen guard. Single mum from newyork

  25. Wal-Mart sells bootlegged DVD's as well. When you buy those cheapie movies from the $5 bin, good luck. Many of them have the Cinavia lock on them. Soon into your movie, the audio will mute. This is because the movies were illegally duplicated.

  26. Why buy anything from them why not boycott them the way they treat people without customers they are out of business.

  27. But DVDs, games, and cds are better as hard copy are more convenient say a friend wants to barrow madden 19 how digetal same with movies

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