5 Most Bizarre Wheels

5 Most Bizarre Wheels

– Hey guys, what’s going on? It’s Alex from Fitment Industries and today we’re going to be talking to you about the opposite of cool wheels. We’re going to be talking
about bizarre ones. Now, I was going to say ugly but apparently our intern decided that ugly was too rough of a word in 2018. He prefers the term bizarre
but there mostly just ugly. So, we figured you guys would want to see some of our favorite takes on some of the weirdest wheels we’ve seen out there on the market. Let us know in the comments if
you think we missed anything. Of course, before we
get started don’t forget to subscribe. We’re trying to hit 50,000. I’m doing the hand movements because Jasper behind us is
doing the hand movements. He looks ridiculous.
Alright, let’s get started. Just right into in number five. So, the number five is the Vision Morgana. If you’ve ever seen a Vision Morgana, you probably didn’t know it
was called a Vision Morgana. And what that is, it’s
a weird rhombus looking, two spoke-ish looking wheel that was really popular in kind of the dub phase of the after
market car community. And they actually are still
being made to this day. If you want to go pick up a set, which are like 26 by nine and a half, they’re like $1,300 and they pretty much come in like two
colors they come in chrome and they come in chrome with black lip. They’re weird looking wheels, but if you really want them on
your Impalas then go nuts. They’re pretty much just a weird looking wheel with no
exposed lug nuts or anything like that and pretty must just look like a really poorly shaped square. Off to number four, we’re talking about a wheel brand that we’re actually
going to cover in a wheel history this soon, pretty soon,
soon-ish, pretty-ish soon. The Ronal, Rönal, Ranal,
a teddy bear wheel. If you guys didn’t know,
Ronal, Rönal, Ranal, whatever you want to call them. We’ll get into that in the wheel history, was a company that’s made and is probably one of the biggest OEM
manufacturers right next to Enkei and they specialized in and
at one point in their day, they decided to make a teddy bear wheel. Now, a teddy bear wheel is
exactly what it sounds like. It’s a wheel that looks like a teddy bear. There is spokes, I guess
if you consider the two legs, two arms, and two ears that connect to the outside lip, spokes and it overall went off pretty well. So, if you plan on putting
them on a Mazda Miata or a VW Beetle, then this wheel is for you but they really aren’t made anymore. You can find on Ebay
or you could find them on Craigslist if you’re lucky
enough to come across them. But we say that they’re bizarre or ugly, I’d probably say bizarre. But if you really want to run them, they’re really not that terrible looking. Just probably not something you’d want to roll up to a car show with. Now, we’re going to take
it back even further. Back in the day when
you needed to have like leather seats and animal
fur and animal skin to be deemed a rich person in the car community and just in life in general. It didn’t matter if
you were a millionaire, if you rode around on cloth
seats, you just didn’t do it. So, a sign Asanti was
like, yo why don’t we just apply that same exact mentality
of the Cadillac series to wheels and Asanti came out with a series called the Skin Series which is exactly what it sounded like. It was animal skin on Asanti wheels. It’s about as disgusting as you could possibly imagine it to be because they put just pretty
much anything on there. One of the most common ones you saw and you can see still in
the wonder world of Google, is the Ostrich skin that they put on the outside of they’re
fatty seven spoke style wheels. It looked terrible. It
was awkward to look at. Very uncomfortable and
I’m surprised Asanti actually survived that
weird, little design. Anyway, moving on to number two. Now number two goes out to all of my guys and gals, probably, that were a ten at some point in their
life and they wanted to make a cool RuneScape account. They had to go and they sat there and they looked at the screen for like two minutes before they wanted to come up with a really cool
name for their account. So, that’s pretty much what happened with these guys because they’re
called the Arelli Assassin. Just like your username
in RuneScape when you were 10 years old, it sounded
really cool at the time but now that you’ve grown
up into a big boy you realize just how ridiculous
that name sounds. The Arelli Assassin was a weird like starfish and a stingray like
twisted with like a shuriken. It just is a weird looking wheel. No lug nuts it’s got things
going on all over the place. The only color that we
saw out there was chrome. If you really want to be cool, they were on a lot of
different prototype cars in the early 2000s and they continue to be probably just a weird S looking wheel. You can find them on forums
actually pretty commonly. A lot of people have developed a cult following for these wheels just because of how ridiculously
looking these wheels are. They definitely top the board in terms of bizarre looking wheels. Into making wrong decisions, we’re going to talk about the
number one bizarre wheel that we found out there in the internet, which you have probably seen
before. It was on Top Gear. It’s ridiculous. Jeremy
Clarkson coined it and that is the phallic-shaped wheel. I don’t even know how to say it on YouTube because YouTube has guidelines and we don’t want to get
yelled at with guidelines. It’s multi spoke wheel that
has added reinforcement and it’s a spherical
shape around the wheel rim that is also enforced
by actual spokes that enter into the center of
the wheel that is then enlarged in the shape of
another conical style look with a cut at the end to help really add into the rigidity of the wheel. In terms of what it looks like, I’m not even going to, you get it. It looks like what you
think it looks like. They have a ridiculous following. You can find them on Ebay
every once in a while but the word on the
street is nobody really knows where they came from and why. It’s probably just a rumor or somebody decided to be funny at a wheel shop. They’re like “Hey, let’s
make a mold for $60,000,” and the guys are like,
“what should we make it of?” and they’re like, “put your d*** in it, we’ll just copy it 12 times
turn it into a wheel.” So, those are our top
five most bizarre wheels. We hope you guys enjoyed. Check
out fitmentindustries.com. If you’re looking for
wheels, tires, suspension, and more we have air lift,
as well, and multi piece wheels if you’re looking
to ball on the Instagram. Be sure to subscribe if you haven’t yet but I’m Alex from Fitment Industries and we will see you later. Peace.

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    damn homie I can already see people buying JUST ONE, slapping a tire on it, hanging it on the wall and calling it "abstract art"

  2. 3 of your 5 are Hood Classics everyone was rockin those,,, and the teddies was dope,,, the last ones are truly ugly tho

  3. This video was straight up copied from custom offsets way of making theirs. Just sayin' anyway good video tho…

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