5 MORE Mistakes When Buying Wheels and Tires

5 MORE Mistakes When Buying Wheels and Tires

– Shut up! What is going on? Stop. Shh! Ey! Stop it! (singing) Come with it
now bow wow chuca chuca. Just because of the fact
that our heating system now decided to finally to
stop making noise because we are in the warehouse
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we thought you know what, boxes are cool! Boxes and stuff are really cool, and of course If you guys
didn’t know we’re doing a giveaway with TSW wheels will drop it in the description below
its a free set of wheels any size any finish, lets get into it on five more mistakes you
make when buying wheels and tires because people
make mistakes right. We make mistakes, you make mistakes I have made like a
mistake or two in my life And a lot of times when
we make mistakes with buying stuff, companies have a tendency to have to deal with it. Now I wish I was lying to tell you that we love when people
mistakes when they buy stuff because it just really
encourages us to spend more time doing emails,
more time answering phone calls, and more time
responding to comments about really simple stuff. But we don’t. We really don’t. So we decided to make this
video to teach you guys five more mistakes that
people make when buying wheels and tires in hopes
that we can help you when you’re going through
the wonderful purchase of picking up some wheels and tires. Hopefully at fitmentindustries.com
where you can wheels, tires, suspension, airlift, accuair all that sorta good stuff you know. Its kinda our site, in
case you didn’t know. Anyway, there’s the sales
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into thing number one. Now this is probably
the fastest and easiest mistake that most people
almost always overlook and that’s that they
don’t get after market lug nuts or bolts. I have made that mistake when I bought my first set of wheels. I know everybody in the history of mankind has made a mistake with
lug nuts or bolts if they’ve owned probably more than five set of wheels. Not all the time are your stock lugnuts going to fit on your car. And if you use lugbolts
they’re especially not going to be able to fit
unless they’re long enough and a lot of time your
OEM lug bolts aren’t long enough to handle
different sized wheels. So, you have to remember
that when you’re going to buy wheels and tires
you’re more than likely going to have to pick up a
set of after market lugnuts. Now that can be conicle
seated, that can be different style, it can be thin
walled, your bolts could have longer length especially
if you’re going into adding spacers with
your wheels and tires so make sure that you understand that you’re gonna have to do that. Now if you’re looking to
get some spike lug nuts or maybe you’re looking to
get some kicks we actually have them on the site. Second sales plug you probably
saw that one coming that wasn’t really that passive to be honest. But, you can actually
pick up a lot of different lug nuts and spike lug
nuts and things like that that are gonna help you
so that you don’t have to worry about that because
I know a lot of people, they got a little bit upset
or have been mad before that end up going on
to put on their wheels, they try to put the lugnuts
on and they don’t fit. And then they go to
O’Reillys and they buy like the 40 dollar ones that
are like 16 dollars and you wonder whey they’re
poop and they end up rusting out and then you
have to get them unseized from your mounting surface,
its just a complete mess. So make sure you buy
them right away and save yourself the trouble. The second mistake that
people make when buying wheels and tires has to do
with sizes and finishes. And most importantly sizes and finishes. Its actually two its a trick question I thought I was gonna
say just finishes because this is kinda just me going
off but its really both. Heres why. Finishes, there’s a million
different kinds you have like bronze, you have
root beer, you have toffee you have what looks like four hours after taco Tuesday, you have rose gold, you have petal gold,
you have chromium black, you have satin black,
matte black, gloss black, satin glossy black, you
have every different conceivable way of saying black with some sorta adjective or noun before it because that’s just what wheel companies do. But you have to know your finishes. Most importantly your
satin to your semi-gloss to your fully-gloss,
obviously your glosses are gonna be shining, you
have matte that’s gonna be extremely flat, it’s
gonna have no shine atall. You have this little mix
between the two that’s more of a satin it’s
kinda like a glossy flat. You’re also gonna have
polished versus chrome where your polish is actually
just the raw aluminum that’s been polished up to
give it that nice clean sign its actually pretty common
in truck forged wheels. And then you have chrome
which is essentially dipped in the material itself,
which can be kinda not always the best material
because, especially if you live up North, it
dosent have the best effects in terms of salt and water
and things like that. That’s why a lot of times we recommend that you ceramic coat
your wheels if you’re getting that style of finish. But there’s going to be
different style wheels and unfortunately when wheel manufacturers put those pictures on
websites and they give us those pictures, they’re not always a super accurate representation of what the color actually is in real life. It’s kinda like when you go
on Facebook and you see a profile picture versus a
tagged photo and you’re like what the (bleeped) is that? That’s pretty much what
it’s like sometimes so don’t be fooled and if
you’re looking to know what a wheel is actually going to
look like in terms of color, you can actually just use our gallery fitmentindustries.com/gallery
and you can see what color that’s gonna look like
in real life instead of a fancy one with a white
background that makes all the bronzes look like
all the other bronzes. And widths are the same
way, you have to remember that when you’re playing
with width and when you’re playing with offset, that’s
actually going to affect the design of the wheel. So if you’re looking at
a Rohana RF2 for instance with the plus 42 offset,
its not gonna look the same on an eight and a half wide
as it would an eleven wide. Because what’s gonna happen
is because of the barrel gets stretched and because
of the mounting surface and the offset, its actually
gonna pull spokes back or push spokes up. And you can actually end
up getting a convex wheel versus a concave wheel that
you thought you were getting because of stock images only
showing one style of wheel. So don’t be fooled too
much and remember that that one stock photo is
not gonna be an accurate depiction of color and style. Number three is more of a
warning than a don’t but a lot of times what ends
up happening is people buy things in this order, I
was told to do palms up it helps explain the karate chop. Wheels, tires, suspension. And then what happens is
that they get these wheels they get these tires, they’re
super happy, they fit okay and they’re like now I
wanna slam it on the ground, they slam it on the ground
because they got suspension and all of a sudden their
wheels don’t fit, or their tires don’t fit, or their
tires rub, or they have to get camber plates, and they
have to get toe adjustment and they have to get
lower control arms and things like that because
they just didn’t fit the first time around. If you’re going to for sure
get into suspension with your wheels and tires, we
would almost recommend to buy all three at the same time
or making sure that you know that your wheels and
tires are going to fit with whatever suspension you plan on buying. We’ve seen this mistake
happen before, people buy a meaty set-up, they buy
a wide set-up, and then they go put it on air and
they rub all the way down all the way up, driving,
turning, pretty much everything short of just keeping the car still. So what ends up happening is
people end up getting really upset or they don’t like
it and they try to blame the suspension or they
blame the wheels and tires and really what it comes down
to is suspension is going to be working independently
from your wheels and tires. So to assume that suspension
components are completely independent in terms of
your purchase from your wheels and tires is not something that you wanna be thinking. You always wanna be thinking how’s it all gonna flow together and a
lot of times wheels, tires, and suspension do go together like peanut butter and jelly. Like crown royal vanilla and coke. Like receding hairlines
and eh-okay anyway. The fourth mistake we see
a lot of people make when they’re buying their wheels and tires is they go with the meaty set-up, they figure out their suspension, they’re ready to roll
and then they’re angry. And you wanna know why they’re angry? You’re like “Alex why are they angry?”. They’re angry because
they didn’t know that they were gonna have to roll or pull or modify their fender liners yet
they’re running around with an 18 by 10 and a half set-up, square set-up on a narrow body car. When you guys are going
more aggressive with buying wheels and tires and suspension, or just wheels and tires in
general and, I’m sorry, guys and gals, you’re going
to end up getting to this point where its like how
aggressive can I get? Now if you’re a conservative
folk and you’re just looking for guaranteed
fitment, that’s not a problem your 8 and a halves that’s why they exist. They’re like the grandma
that you always go home to every once in a
while, you get the warm cookies, you get the warm
coffee, you’re happy, you’re ready to roll, you
leave a happy full man. Now if you’re feeling
a little bit aggressive like you’re gonna go
down to downtown Chicago at like 9:30 on a Friday
night without, you know, a bullet proof vest or like safety that is when you start getting
into the more aggressive stuff and you have to remember
that the more aggressive you get with wheels and
tires, the higher chance its gonna become that
you’re gonna have to modify your fenders. Don’t be surprised if you
have to, rolling fenders have become extremely
common to make things fit and in our world rolling
fenders is almost mandatory if you wanna fit anything
even somewhat aggressive with a somewhat aggressive tire. A lot of times we’re gonna
recommend that even if you go with anything slightly
more aggressive than your stock sizing, were
gonna recommend that you roll your fenders. So, get used to it, warm them bad boys up, pull em out, and try
not to pull of any paint in the meantime. And the final tip that we have is that when you’re going to mount
your wheels and tires on torque spec for the love of god and be sure to have the proper tools so here’s the biggest thing that happens especially with people that own Euro cars is that they put them on
lip, they take the wheels off they go to out the new
wheels on and they smash the wheel into the wheel
well, they’re slamming it in to the calibre, they’re
slamming it into the mounting surface because they didn’t get a little lug bolt extender that just kinda mounts the whole thing
onto it and its super easy to put the rest on. Be sure that you have
the right mounting tools. We would recommend that
if you’ve got a Euro car to get one of those lug bolt extenders. I’m sure there is an
official name for them, we don’t even sell them
but they’re super nice. I have them, I love them. We have guys here that
absolutely run them all the time, just helps you get the wheels
mounted but what you’re also gonna have to
remember is that over time you’re gonna wanna make
sure you’re cleaning that area correctly so that
nothing seizes or heats up or kinda melts into each other. There are some Euro cars
that have a tendency to do that and we’ve seen
people on the internet that will take a hammer
to their OZ’s because they’re literally seized
on to the mounting pad. So be sure that you have
that ready to go and make sure you also have
the knowledge when you’re mounting these bad boys up. These wheels have to
be torqued to spec like that’s the one thing
where its like one-dugga, two-dugga, three-dugga,
like don’t do that. That’s the one thing we’d
recommend you don’t dugga. Unless you know the dugga
amount, if you don’t know the dugga amount you should go on Google so that you can figure out what the appropriate dugga is. If you’re just dugga-ing
it until you don’t know it anymore, you’re
pretty much gonna have a terrible time when it comes down to taking off your wheels and I’ve made that mistake myself personally. Don’t be that guy. Every single time I have to remind myself what the foot pounds of
torque is for my wheels and you will wanna make
sure that you know that too before you end up putting those wheels on your car because if you dugga before you have the answer to your dugga, you’re gonna have a dugging bad time. That was a terrible pun. That was actually really atrocious but those are our five mistakes for buying wheels and tires, let
us know what you think about it in the comment section below. If you’re looking for
wheels, tires, suspension fitmentindustries.com,
don’t forget to subscribe. I’m Alex from Fitment Industries,
we will see you later. Peace.

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