5 MISTAKES When Buying Wheels and Tires

5 MISTAKES When Buying Wheels and Tires

– [Alex] Hey guys, what’s going on? It’s Alex from Fitment.inc and today we are doing another
episode of wheel school. Where we’re looking into the
five mistakes you can make when buying wheels and tires. Wheels and tires,
especially in the car game, it has so many different options, offsets, sizing, tire size. All that sort of stuff is super
easy to make mistakes when you’re going through and buying
your first set of wheels. First mistake people make
when buying wheels and tires is they go cheap on their tires. Now there’s a difference
between going into buying wheels and tires with a budget in mind, and there’s also when
people spend all their money on wheels and then buy
the cheapest eBay tires they can possibly find. Don’t be that guy. So, the reason that you
don’t want to do that is tires are the only thing
that keep your happy little, on the ground. Especially when you’re driving a vehicle, or if you’re doing something quick, or if you’re going through
tracks and things like that. Second mistake a lot of
people make, is they assume that the wheels that they
see in the picture are the wheels that they’re
actually going to get. So, wheels can always be
directional or unidirectional. Not really sure if the
unidirectional is a word, but if you take a look at certain wheels, they have curvature to them, especially wheels like the Cam C spin, where they actually twist a certain way when they’re on the car. Some wheels actually aren’t
going to look the same on the left side as they
do on the right side. Usually speaking, cast
wheels are always just going to have four of the same direction, meaning that if you look at both sides of the same car, they’re
going to be spinning in different directions. If you’re looking to avoid
that, you’re probably looking into getting
something that’s either rotary forged, or fully forged. Just because, since it costs more to actually pick those wheels up, they take the extra couple of
steps to produce more molds, so that you can get
the correct directional wheels for your car. Mistake number three is
that a 235/50 tire is not going to be the same
sidewall as a 275/50 tire. So the 50 is the actual ratio, of the overall width of the
tire that you’re putting on your car. Meaning that fifty percent
of a 235, is not the same thing as fifty percent of a 275. So make sure that when you’re
looking into doing fitment for your car, that you’re
using the right measurements to decide what you need to do, to make sure that those
wheels and tires are going to fit on your vehicle. If you ever have questions
on something like that, drop a comment, ask a friend,
or just shoot us an email and we’ll get that figured out for you. Mistake number four, and this is probably the most common one. Keep a look at a design before
they look at the quality. So this is more important
if you plan on using your wheels for an intended
auto-cross or racing purpose. If you’re looking just
to get a set of wheels that you can bash up on a drift
day or something like that, this doesn’t really apply to you. If you’re looking to just
to daily drive, again, not super applicable. But if you’re looking
to actually do something with these wheels, you’re going to be putting
them through heat cycles, or you’re putting them through
high stress environments, through HPD driving or
something like that. You’re going to want to make
sure that you know the quality of the wheel that you’re buying. In our last episode, we
talked about rotary forged, fully forged, multi piece and cast wheels. These are the sort of
things that you’re going to want to know and you’re
going to want to make a decision on if those
wheels are right for you. The fifth and final mistake
a lot of people make when they’re buying
wheels and tires is they guess on their fitment. And that is an absolute no no. You know that you gotta
do the right measurements for positive offset,
negative offset, backspacing, bolt patterns, hub bore. All those sort of things
that you need to know that you’re making the right choice. A lot of people guess, I
mean, I even guessed on my first car, luckily I
did not make a mistake. The second time, I did make a mistake and it was a pain in the, to fix it. So make sure that you know
exactly what you’re getting into, and that’s why we’re here. So if you guys have
questions on your fitment, or getting questions
answered on your specific make and model. Go ask a friend, go ask us
or somebody that you know that’s going to be able to give you some good information. A lot of times we
recommend that you actually look at pictures of cars
that have similar setups. And then what you can
do, is you can kind of base what you want, off what
other people have already done. That’s why we have that fitment gallery of forty-five hundred
vehicles that you can go out there and look at what their fitment is, to decide if that’s the
fitment that you want. Or if it’s something that
you just don’t think you’ll be able to run. So this is the five
mistakes people make when buying wheels and tires. We hope you guys enjoyed. Let us know what you’d
like to see next on our next episode of wheel school. But I’m Alex, Fitment.inc,
we will see you later. Peace. (techno music)

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  1. Hey i got a rim15x8 what tire can a put on it but i dont want 60 it look to big i want performance way and a little of strerch

  2. #5. Find a reputable tire/wheel shop in your area with a long history of quality service and let them calculate the correct fitment for you.

  3. I'm looking to get a set of the 22" Ruff R955 Machined black but I'm unsure of what the width should be. Wether it should be 22×8,8.5 or 9. I plan on lowering it just to close the gap from wheel to well. Would you be able to point me in the right direction? thank you

  4. Hi I need help I have a 2015 Lexus RX 350 the suv is black I’m thinking to put gold rims on can you tell what what is the best size of rims and tire to use thanks

  5. I got a 18×9.5 30+ wheel, I dont want too much of a stretch on my tires, I'd actually like for of the tires perched over the rim and be secured but idk what size to get, maybe 235×40? Need the help…

  6. Hi,I bought wheels from my friend but they don't fit In my civic fd,the holes don't go in my bolts,pcd difference

  7. What's the review on Rohana wheels? And what is the recommended tire size if I'm running 20×9 all around

  8. I'm thinking of buying some Enkei Ev5 rims and I'm not sure if it's good quality for daily use. Someone has said that the rim material is soft and could easily bent the rim… The tire size that was recommended is 215/50r17. I'm not sure if that tire is skinny or not.

  9. What wheels would you suggest buying for a stage 1 2009 sti? I don't want to stance, slam or widen my car. Just a regular setup. I live in the mountains of colorado so I drive over a lot of passes and experience snow throughout most of the year. I'd like something nice though. Any help or opinions are appreciated.

  10. F-19×10 +17 3.5" lip
    R-19×11 +17 4" lip
    It's for my z34. I'm lowering it and would like to know what's the best tire size to stretch on these wheels. Nothing extreme. Appreciate the time.

  11. I have a 350z . I have 18×9.5 +10mm all around

    What would be the best tire size ?

    I have 265 35 r18 right now
    But I don’t think i did a great choice .

  12. What about vossen hf2 tires on a audi a5? What size and fitment should I get? Don't want my car looking ghetto and tacky. Lol

  13. i have a bmw e82 coupé and i want 19" wheel but i dont want the rim to go out from the car so what offset should i look for? 🙂

  14. Hi guys. I'll use 17×8 ET25 front, and 17×9 ET20 rear, in my BMW Z3. I was thinking in use 205/45 tires for all!!! Will look better if I use different measurements for front and rear? I need some opinion on this.

  15. Sooo one a slammed na miata with cut fenders,30mm fender flares and 1inch spacers.. what would be a good wheel size? 15×8 negative offset? That’s what I’m thinking so far from a lot of research.. Ide like more a bit more poke though wondering if 15×9 will work Not sure if I should go low low offset or 0 offset though

  16. I was wondering what tire size is best to run on my 17’ Toyota 86 if I’m maxed out on tein flex a coilovers? I have the Rays gram lights 57cr 18×9.5 +38. I was considering some nankang 225/35 but still not entirely sure about it

  17. Remember kids, tire quality is always more important then how the wheels look on the car. Grip and control are always important. Flashy wheels, stretched tires, etc. All mean nothing if your car is stuffed into a ditch or guard rail because you cheaped out or cut corners (no pun intended.)

  18. Research treadlife OEM/stock tires subtract few 1,000 miles…
    🚗💥💨 🚓

    Price your tires and wheels.
    Get familiar with the wheel wells and breaks.
    Work that overtime,

    Buy on Fitment Industrys. Mounted, Balanced and shipped.

    Swap on, Drive the Coast. Instagram. Add car to Fitment Gallery. Wait for the next episode of "We critique our viewer cars"

  19. Question…I have 20×10.5 et20 squared on my g35 and I did not like the way they sat it was not flush with my rear fender. I bought 20mm spacers that then pushed them out. My tears sit perfect with spacer and fronts sit good without spacer. Can someone tell me what offset should I get if I want to buy a new set of wheels 20×10.5 and get rid of my spacer and add more lip what et would it be without that 20mm spacer would it be 0et?

  20. What size can I put on my 2014 Nissan Maxima I want 22 but don’t want to have to do extra to get them on my car and it’s 5 lug but don’t know measurements can u help

  21. One extremely important question , really hoping you guys will help me out with this : My correct tyre diameter and overall size is a 215 40 17 , can I go 215 45 17 or 225 45 17 considering I have no scraping issues within the wheel wells even after lowering ? I have read a lot about how a bigger rolling diameter changes the gearing of the car and adds additional stress on the transmission etc but how much of all that would a 3.5 – 5% increase in diameter actually enduce ? I don't really mind the speedometer and odometer readings going off . The roads are really nasty here and I need that extra half an inch of sidewall cushioning. The car I'm talking about here is a VW Polo 2016. A lot of my friends are already running such sizes but I just really want to know the answer to these doubts and what exactly I could be getting into as nobody seems to have talked about such doubts or issues in detail 🙂

  22. I have a 1998 Lexus GS300 with bc coilovers/ 2inch drop. I just got some (winter wheels) 18" 8.5 , what tires would be right.. 235/45 or 235/40 ? Thank you.

  23. Great Video! I am having a really hard finding out about wheel fitment, and what would work for my car. It is a 2018 Subaru wrx sti. It has the new larger brakes, and I don't want to make a mistake buying the wrong sized wheels. It comes stock with 19'' wheels. I don't know the exact fitment. I was wondering if 19×9.5 +38 would work with my car, on a stock suspension? Will there be rubbing issues? The wheels I want are the te37 ultras, in the 19".

    Thanks very much!

  24. What are some good option in wheels to run on my 2008 mazda 3 sedan . Is there a way to contact u guys for some help. I'm from the Caribbean btw

  25. I have a 2008 Lexus IS250 and I’m looking to get Konig Myth wheels, the measurements are 18×8, +43mm offset, 5×114.3 bolt pattern, 6.190 backspace, and 2.878 center bore diameter, will that fit? I’m gonna be running 225/45/R18 front and 245/45/R18 in the back until my current tires die and then switch to 225 all around. Is this set up gonna fit well?

  26. Will applying the brakes on white wheels, will I always have me cleaning them bro ? Or should I not buy white rims bro ?

  27. I want to get a poke fitment setup on my 2008 Eclipse GT. Anyone know what rims would be suitable for this setup?

  28. I just got an 08 mustang v6 and I’m tryna get a flush kinda fitment without slamming it and I just don’t know how to really get the right measurements. Someone help plsss

  29. I have a staggered setup on my dodge charger, 20inch wheels… dodge just did an alignment and now my car is pulling roughly on uneven roads…. they say they cant get it straight because my wheels sizes are different and that i should square my wheels….. this is nonsense right!?!? They were fine the first time i had them put on… what do you think?

  30. Just realized on my autocross road race car my rims cost $70 each but my tires cost $602 each. Why because I thought this was America

  31. Offset and wheel width! They are related, wider wheels I’d suggest negative offset to give space under the hub. Do the math first.

  32. This video is good content! I know nothing about rims besides what I think looks good. I'm ready to buy, but I know there's a lot more learn first. This video helped me to pump the brakes, so to speak. I am headed right to the site!

  33. So i want to buy the XXR 559 19×8.5 20 from your website for my Mitsubishi Lancer Ralliart 2014….it is completely stock and I want them to fit…also i will lower the car to with some lowering springs/or coilovers…..the think is I want the wheels/tires first..

  34. Can someone help me? I got 175/65R/15 how will you know what offset does this need? I'm trying to buy a ce28 but don't know because of the offset

  35. Am I the only one who is fixing up a pt cruiser? Is this a foolish idea? I don't mind the look of it and I'm being subtle about how I'm going about it. I put srt4 wheels on it and it looks great. Working on the handling, am running ST 28mm front, 22mm rear sway bars. Just got my bc racing coilovers finally yesterday. Handling to me is more important than having 400hp. I want to be different, no offense, but not another Honda guy…. Everyone goes that direction.

  36. I have a 2013 370z with 225s in the front and 245s in the back with Yokohama tires. Looking to buy some new wheels soon what do you recommend as far as fitment

  37. I'm currently running 17x6j stock wheels with stock 195 45 17 tyres what's the highest j wheels I could run on the same tyres with it still being daily drivable I was thinking 7 or 7.5×17 wheels and also debating downsizing to 7 or 7.5j x 16 inch wheels and just getting new tyres because obviously 17 tyres won't go on 16 wheels

  38. Winter/Summer Tires. Do I NEED to get a second set so their is a wheel for each tire. Or is using the same wheel perfectly fine? I buy EXTREMELY expensive tires so if I don't have to get a second set of wheels that would be great, but I love my car and only want the best.

  39. Why can´t the industry simply state the possible offset instead of a random number? it Would be better if all those measurements were labeled. mininmum offset and maximum offset per size wheel.

  40. What’s would be a square wheel and tire setup you would recommend for a ‘16 Accord?? I want either 18×9.5 or 19×10.. not sure of offset but what would you recommend?? Ps looking for a square setup stance like what you see on EVO’s.. thanks in advance..

  41. I have a 2014 bmw 328i sedan and …i'm looking to get 17 inch rims. My current tires measurements are 225/55R16. Could you please help me find the right tires and rims?


    That is what i want but im unsure what tires to get… and i want the best tires you can get, a 17 inch chrome 416 monterey rims

  42. JNC wheels any good? I ordered some and I'm asking now haha. I looked some info online but the only real thing I was able to find was that they are aluminum alloy wheels. Everyone says reps are bad but nothing really against JNC wheels. Thanks!

  43. If a change. 17 to 18 wheels. Of course will heavier. My question is. Can damage my suspension this change or is secure do it

  44. Can u tell me what alternate sized (well every size that works) tires I can use for my base “03 Lincoln Navigator. They come with stock 255/70 R18.

  45. And another things is what are the minimum specs you'd recommend for my battery also. Again I have a '03 Lincoln Navigator SUV. I live in Central NY where it's cold most of the year around. So I know the CCA has to be a bit higher. About 750. But what else should I be inquiring about as far as a battery?

  46. I have 92 honda civic ex looking into getting 15 in rims for it any recommendations offsets ext want them to stick out but not too much.

  47. As a automotive service provider I see it all the time… somebody buys custom low profile tires and wheels and as Murphy always does a tire is destroyed when the checking account balance is less than $200 or between the towns of nowhere and nothing and have to be somewhere right now.

  48. A little new to this but I was wondering how to differentiate which tires I can put on a "J" or a "JJ" wheel. I saw an article that said that J is for passenger cars and JJ is for 4×4's, but I had a RWD car come in with Pilot Sport 4's on 8.5JJ's…. Was wondering if anyone could clear that up for me.. Thanks in advance

  49. Can you help me buy wheels and tires for my first car? it's a 2019 honda civic hatchback EX model with 1.5 variable trans.

  50. Hey bro, quick question!

    I have a BMW E70 X5 3.0

    I am trying to install some new staggered rims that I have. The rim measurements are 20×9.5 and 20×10.5.

    What size tires should I buy so they can fit how it’s designed too.

    Ive been told that it’s important that I get the correct tires for the staggered rims, otherwise my car will detect some balancing errors.

    If anyone has the answers help me! Haha

  51. I have a Jeep Wrangler with P245/75/R17 all terrain tires, what is the widest wheel that will fit with it?

  52. How do I contact you? I have fitment questions I could use your opinion on. I have 14 Camaro ZL1 and wanted to know whats the offset I need for 22 Staggered

  53. Planning on getting some fronts for my g35 sedan! Im running 275/40/18 in the back any suggestions on what should I run in the front??

  54. Please help!!
    I have a 2012 Mustang GT with stock suspension. Any idea if a 305 will fit on the rear without clearance issues ??

  55. My oem tyre size is 195/50/r16…now wht would be the best possible up sizing and down sizing? Plz answer the questions! Tia♥️

  56. I have a completely stock 2017 honda Accord sport sedan. I want to to go 20×9 in the front and 20×10.5 in the back. First of all will this fit and second, what size tire should I use. I understand that it's fwd car and there is no benefits from staggering it. I simply like the look. I am aware this will cause under steer. the only way someone would really notice that is if they push the car to the limits by taking it to the track which I don't so I am pretty sure I won't even notice the under steer

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