5 Life Hacks That Will Make Your Tires Last Twice as Long

5 Life Hacks That Will Make Your Tires Last Twice as Long

Rev up your engines,
today I’m going to give you some life hacks to make your car’s tires last as long as possible,
now the first thing to check is crazy as it might seem is your shock absorbers or struts
on your car, go to each corner of the car, this shouldn’t bounce much, as you can see
it hardly bounces at all, both front sides are pretty stiff and so are the back ones
you can see, it hardly bounces at all it’s nice and stiff, I got some racing ones on
this so it will be a lot stiffer than most cars, but even on this matrix with stock struts
you can see it doesn’t bounce much, you can also pull off the wheels and if you see the
rod is all coated with oil dripping down you’ll know the seals are gone and you need new shocks
and struts, now this is important for your tire life for 2 reasons, one as nutty as it
sounds, you tires actually absorb a lot of the shock of the car, when you hit bumps the
rubber goes in the air and it absorbs a lot of the shocks, so if your shocks aren’t working
right then your tires are going to have to absorb more of the shock and it’s going to
wear them out faster, and the other reason is because the shock
absorbers hold the tires in the correct position while you drive down the road, if your shock
absorbers are all worn out, your tires are going to bounce around too much and guess
what, when they bounce around and their not sitting right, then they’ll wear on one edge
or the other, so you want to make sure you got good shocks and struts first, now the
next thing to do is to check the suspension itself, jack the car up, get it so the wheel
comes off the ground, then once it’s off the ground grab it at 3 and 9 oclock and pull
on the tire, it shouldn’t have any play, if it has play and goes back and forth, often
that’s a worn tie rod, you’d have to fix that because if the tie rod is worn the tire is
going to wiggle back and forth too much and it’s going to wear out early, then check it
and 6 and 12 oclock to see if it’s got any play there,
if it’s got play there then odds are your ball joints are worn, and any front end part
that’s worn that makes the car sit wrong and then when you hit bumps or corner and make
it wobble, it’s going to wear your tire out faster, and of course you want to do this
checking on all 4 wheels, and if you find that it has play the whole way around at any
angle that means your wheel bearings are worn and when that’s worn your tire wobbles and
it will wear out faster, now the next thing to do to make your tires last as long as possible
is to check the tire pressure, now tire pressure of course is very important for long life
of your tire, you want to have to correct pressure at all times, and people are always
asking me, scotty what pressure should I put in my tires, well their always rated but if
you look on your door there’s a suggestion, and the best thing is kind of in between what
they say, if it says 30-35, 32-33 is perfectly fine, you don’t want to go by the maximum
tire pressure allowed on the tire because the more pressure you put in the tire the
middle will stick out slightly and the middle will wear out, and also if you have low pressure
then the edges will stick out more and the middle will sit in and it will wear on the
edges, so make sure you check your tire pressure every so often,
these gauges only cost a few bucks and you can get a decent air compressor to put in
your trunk that plugs into the cigarette lighter for $30-40, don’t depend on the stuff at the
gas station these days, half the time they don’t work and even when they do work they
often give you the wrong pressure, I did that once when I was on vacation in a rental car,
and I put what I thought was 32 psi in it and it turns out the tire had 52 psi when
I went to a store and actually bought a gauge just to see what it was,
because in this self serving age, be ready to serve yourself, prepare yourself with a
little pump in the trunk and a good gauge that you can just stick in the glove box,
and when you do check the tire pressure do it first thing in the morning when it’s cold,
because guess what you drive down the road, touch your tires after you take a trip, the
get pretty warm, that increases the pressure and you get a false reading,
you want to do it when the tires are cold first thing in the morning, another reason
you want a good gauge and a pump yourself is because by the time you drive to a gas
station the tires have already heated up and you’ll get a false high reading,
now the next thing to do to make your tires last as long as possible is drive them quite
a bit, I know it sounds crazy but if you don’t use they sit and the dry rot, if you got older
tires on your car and say their 5,6,7 years or older and you see a bunch of cracks on
them hey it’s time for new tires, their not safe anymore, the do rot when you don’t use
them, so in the case of if you don’t use it you lose it, that’s really true about tires,
I remember years ago when my wife had a toyota cressida, I bought it used but they had all
cracks in them even though 90% of the tread was still there, I measured it with my tread
gauge and it still had 90% of the tread but they were no good anymore because they had
rotted, so in the case of tires your better off using them all the time, don’t save them
up because if you don’t use them much their going to dry rot anyways and you’re going
to have to get new tires, with all my tires on all my cars I end up replacing them and
usually the have 60-70% of the tread left but their all cracking,
but here’s a warning if you think your going to stop the cracks, guys will put that tire
dressing on to make them look shinny and stuff, it really doesn’t fix your problem at all,
because the tread itself, the part your driving on, that’s still going to crack and you can’t
spray all that stuff on the tread because if you do that stuff is really slippery and
it will make your tires dangerous, I remember when I was young I was dumb enough to try
that one time on a motorcycle, and if you notice on a motorcycle the tread goes a long
way to the side, I got it too far on the side and when I cornered it started to slide and
I almost lost it, and many cars have pretty wide treads on them these days, you don’t
want to put that tire dressing on them and make them slippery, their not going to handle
as well or even brake as well if you get some on the tread itself, so although spraying
that stuff on the tires makes them look shinny and everything, it doesn’t make them last
longer and it actually makes them slightly more dangerous if your a fast driver and corner
fast a lot, so now you know some hacks to keep your tires lasting as long as possible,
stuff you can do yourself, tires aren’t cheap you want them to last as long as they possibly
can and now you know how to do it yourself, so if you never want to miss another one of
my new car repair videos, remember to ring that bell!

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  2. have you ever tested the 303 rubber protector? There are a couple videos online that say if you cover the tire (including tread) and let it sit for 12 hours every 3 months it greatly reduces wear on the tire and makes it more pliable and tacky and can also be used on wiper blades and belts to reduce wear. Just thought i would get your take on it…

  3. finally now I know cold reading is the correct recommended pressure. damn son. this guy is my internet grandfather!

  4. I get nervous putting my hand under a tire (6 o'clock position) without using a jack stand. I won't slide under a car without a jack stand(s) either.

  5. Does Scotty really live in Texas ? With all the videos he makes and it's raining in the background you'd think he lives in Seattle or Vancouver.

  6. He's right about everything, just left out to rotate and balance every 5k miles. Although most people can't afford a tire balancer, 10 to 20 grand lol

  7. Love the ambient soft rain sound in the background. Looks like a beautiful day in Houston.
    Thanks for the tips Scotty!

  8. Scotty! You are the mannnn! 🤟🏽😎

    Question please: I have a motorcycle that’s meant to ride like a hooligan on the roads (I’m a very cautious rider so don’t worry!). I have soft compound racing tires on my bike. Insane grippy metzeler m5 tires. They are awesome, but…

    If I do any long rides on them, like about 600-900km, then the Center patch becomes flat and an inch wide flat belt sort of forms at the middle of the tire.

    But this is only on long rides.

    Is there stuff I can do to make them not do that? And last a bit longer? Technically, should I be stopping for more breaks? To maybe cool down the tires on long rides? I read about heat cycles and tire compounds etc. Any techniques that u advise?

    Thank you. You are awesome!

  9. my pops brought new gt tires and let the truck sit for years. I left our drive way and the tire blew out on the side imdatly

  10. Use 303 areospace protectant is water based spray whole tire it will last much longer!

  11. Hey Scotty. Your forgetting about wheel alignment, the most important factor for premature tire wear!!! And a thing the can be easily checked by anyone with a few meters of string connected to the rear hubs and pulled tightly along the front tyres to make sure they have the right toe angle alignment.
    A sign that something is out of alignment is that the steering wheel is not sitting straight when your driving straight on a level road. But if it does that's not a proof at all that all is good, so make sure to follow Scottys advices how to check for worn out bushings and ball joints. But beware the on some cars worn out bottom ball joint will not show any play when the car car is jacked up.

  12. Why does the cold tire pressure even matter for anything other than the little local postal Jeeps?

  13. Scotty, I think you got some of that tire dressing on your upper lip. lol Jk. Thanks for the info!

  14. If you don't use it you lose it and he shows people having sex ok guess we know what Scotty has lost now bahahaha

  15. But how can I make my tires last as long as possible when I have to rev up my engine every time I watch your channel? 😛

  16. what's to vote down about scottys advice, ah they sell tyres,see Scotty's gauge in the glove box, snub nose revolver hahaha

  17. …And do not use winter tires in the summer!

    We have a law here about winter tires, so people leave them on all year round… the result is probably worse than summer tires in icy conditions.

  18. tires…are your first shock absorber.
    about tire dressing….all the dry rot pics you showed were in the sidewall.
    tire dressing DOES keep the sidewalls supple. and it helps deter rot.
    no…you DO NOT put it on the contact patch…just the sidewall.

  19. I was always under the impression that a proper alignment would be good for your tires also… guess it's just a myth or Scotty would have had that on his list.

  20. Scotty,
    What about using that AT-205 reseal you've mentioned before? Can that prevent tires from drying out, or does it over-hydrate them or somehow ruin their integrity?

  21. Rotation and pressure are key to maximize tire life, I bought a set of Goodyear integrity tires for my 2001 lesabre a couple of years ago, I rotatated them every 5 to 6000 miles and got 60,000 miles out if them, I bought new tires and sold the old ones with still some decent amount of tread left for 100.00.

  22. Wouldn't you just love to have this guy go with you to buy a used car ? ( well, as long as you only look at Toyota's )

  23. Geez…extending the suspension BEFORE testing for loosness is wrong. Youre moving the suspension to a place that it is LESS worn than at ride height. bye bye

  24. Question , if your tires absorbs allot of the road shock your car receives , doesn't that lead you to believe low profile tires are harder on your shocks and can shorten their life span ?

  25. Hey scotty can you make a video about mcpherson strut, double wishbone, multilinks, tortion beam which one are better or reliable and a little bit history

  26. I bought Fred Flintstones car many years ago and never ever had to put new tires on it, even after all burnouts and chalking up the brakes I just can't wear them out

  27. Scotty . I wonder from where you get all this time to show us all these videos and these informations. I'm sure you are so active guy .Thanks bro.

  28. Made the same mistake of tyre shining the entire tread of my tyres… was pleased with myself until my neighbour pointed out my mistake.
    Only make those kinds of mistakes once luckily, just like forgetting to actually double check my wheel nuts are torqued. which i also did just once. Didn't come off, but did 3 out of 4 did fall out into the wheel cap.

  29. Want a car to last forever the Scotty way? Buy a Honda Car or Ford truck don’t do aftermarket parts and do basic maintenance.

  30. I picked up a 2016 Dodge Challenger Hellcat with 14 miles on it !! So it's been sitting around for 3 years !! Would you change out the tires or anything else ?

  31. The thing about air compressors that run off the car battery is that they need 30 amps.  I have a Super Flow MV-50, which requires 30 amps, with battery clamps (the one shown at 3:33 over Scotty's left shoulder appears to be a Super Flow).  Your cigarette lighter only provides 15 amps, and the compact types that run off of it take twice as long to air up.  A compressor that runs directly off the battery is preferable, as they are more powerful, less noisy, vibrate less and are more durable than the compact models that run off the cigarette lighter.

  32. Be sure to change the air in your tires every 3000 miles with fresh air
    Your tires will last for life

  33. thanks for posting. I have been surprised in recent years how little mileage I get out of my tires. I have a 2002 Honda Accord. The last 3 sets of tires didn't last very long. However, I don't carry heavy loads, nor do I drive that many miles (mostly back roads) and I try to avoid potholes and not speed. I don't purchase the high end tires that came with the car as they were $250 a piece, but I also don't buy the cheapest brand either. I wonder if anyone can recommend brands/models, they seem to change frequently. Lately, I have been getting less than half the miles that the tires are rated for.

  34. drive your car backwards for 3 benefits. the tires are gaining tread deft. mileage is reducing and engine oil is getting cleaner .

  35. I live my 16 Toyota Highlander xls sport black on black leather it's best suv or car I evrr had I will buy them forever

  36. 303 protectant that has a UV protectant in it seems to have helped on my older Jeep tires. Applied it when I noticed some minor side wall cracking. Seems to have stopped further cracking. feels like it conditioned rubber a bit and doesn't have that shiny finish. Nice looking matte finish that looks more like when the tires were new, has lasted through several washing so far. Easy to apply. Spray on, let sit for a few minutes dry off excess.

  37. Note to all Derby 1st timers….
    Low tire pressure Grips better on a wet track.
    15 psi will grip nicely on a muddy derby track!

  38. Scotty. I only put around 8000 miles a year on my car. I put Michelin tires on it, but after about 4 years they loose dry traction. Still plenty of tread. What to do.

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