5 Expectations When Ordering Wheels & Tires || Custom Offsets

5 Expectations When Ordering Wheels & Tires || Custom Offsets

– Hey guys, it’s Fuller
here with Custom Offsets. Now, if you’re watching this video, there’s a good chance, that
you either A, purchaced a wheel and tire set up from us. Or B, you’re about to. So we wanna make this video to
explain the five expectations you should have when
ordering new wheels & tires from Custom Offsets. So the first thing
you’re gonna be aware of is the shipping time. Now, if you order a cast
wheel that’s in stock in the warehouse, it’s gonna ship to you mounted and balanced ready
to go with wheels and tires in about 10 to 15 business days. If you’re looking at Forged wheels,
you’ll see on the website, it says there’s usually
a four to six week delay. Some are even longer,
sometime eight to 12 weeks and it takes that long just
to get the wheel custom-made and then we ship them out to you. So just have that in mind
if you’re gonna order a forged wheel, it’s
gonna take a little bit to get to you. Another thing you’re gonna wanna remember is when we ship you a
wheel and tire package, that’s a complete package
of wheels and tires, we do that already mounted and balanced and the TPMS are already installed. You should be basically good to go. We just send the caps on and
bolt them up of the truck. The other thing is though, you might need to reprogram
those TPMS sensors because we can’t program
them to your vehicle if we don’t have your vehicle. So now, you’ve got the
tracking for your wheels and tires and you know they’re on the way but the question is, how exactly are you gonna receive them? So typically, if you’re ordering
a wheel and tire package, they get sent on a semi
and then the semi driver is gonna assist you in getting
them out back of the semi and load it into your driveway or wherever you’re unloading them. If you live in a really
small residential area where they can’t get the semi in there, they might meet you in
some parking lot somewhere so you can do that. If it’s just wheels, those
typically come on UPS or FedEx or the mail. So then the other thing to
be aware of is back orders ’cause everybody hates these. Here’s the deal with back order. They kind of suck because on the website, you’ll see a big red box, that says four to six
week national back order. Now, if you go ahead and place that order, there’s a chance that in six weeks, the manufacturer might
email us back and be like, “Hey man, sorry, it’s gonna
be another four to six weeks.” Then you’re waiting even longer. But, there’s also the opposite in of that where we could get an
email the manufacturer that says, one day after
you place an order, that they’re back in stock and we get them shipped
through right away. So the moral of the story is if you need something right away, and you really want these wheels, I would avoid ordering
something that’s back order. Now, if you’ve gotta have
with the exact style, the exact finish, everything
you want, you can go ahead and place an order. Just be aware that it
might take a while to get those wheels and tires. But we’ll work with you
and the manufacturer to get to your wheels. Another thing we get a ton of question is about is financing. So it works just like a
credit card or an auto loan where you basically go through,
get the paper work done, it’s all online and then
the payments process, we get the payment in full
and we ship your package out right away. So there’s no delay,
there’s no waiting period, you don’t make payments for
all year before you get ’em. It all happens pretty instantaneously. If you guys have any question on wheels and tires, shoot an email
at [email protected] and those guys can help you out. And if it’s on lift kits or anything else, you have any other questions, shoot an email at [email protected] or just drop us a comment
below and we’ll do our best to answer for ya. Maybe even make you a video, peace. (heavy rock music)

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  1. I have a 95 gmc that is a 5 lug is there any adapters to convert to 6 lug without have to get new nuckels and axles for the rear end?

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  3. Haha be ready to have someone else around to help you I've had 2 sets delivered in Vegas and driver refuses to help keeps on showing the packing slip from Custom Offsets "it's says no lift gate required " 1st time I threatened to send back then the driver helped me. 2nd time I was prepared. I guess that depends on the shipping company or the attitude of the driver though.

  4. I ordered American Force wheels and Nitto Ridge Grapplers last month and they showed up in exactly 3 weeks. Was pretty stoked for such fast turnaround, great company to do business with..

  5. One of my rims looked like it’s been on a truck before but I’m not a big complainer and the center cap covers the flaws

  6. You guys should do a video how big of tires and rims you can go to a point where a truck is limit to what it can and can’t do that will be a real video to help with helping people choose tires and rims

  7. I ordered my wheels and tires from these guys and when I reviewed them they were all scratched up and beat when received like if I wasn’t gonna see it being black wheels never will I get wheels or recommend them to anyone 🖕🏼🖕🏼🖕🏼

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