4 Amazing Truck Bike Rack Invention Ideas

4 Amazing Truck Bike Rack Invention Ideas

Heading out on your bike is not only fun, but can be great exercise, and gives you a chance to go on adventures with
friends and family. If you have a truck, you probably know, rack options have been limited and awkward; I searched but found no perfect rack solutions: tailgate pads
can scratch your bike and the finish on your tailgate, hitch racks seem awkward on a truck, piling bikes in the back causes them to grind and damage each other
during your drive to the riding spot; many racks require drilling and take
time to install, and it takes time to load and remove your bike. I’m Jerry Lathrop, creator of the Ride88 Bike Rack, built specifically for truck beds. I’ve been an avid bicycle and motorcycle rider my whole life, I’m a truck guy as
well, and I wanted a rugged, stylish, quick loading bike carrier, that allowed my
bike to stand upright in the back of my bed; I was surprised to find nothing on the
market, like what I had imagined, so I created the Ride88 Bike Rack, and I
built it specifically for truck beds. The Ride88 Bike Rack is easy to install, bikes are secured in less than a second, using the patent-pending design, there is
no frame contact, as the system firmly contacts the tire only, and can lock and
secure nearly any bike into your truck bed; the rack is made of durable
powder-coated carbon steel tubing, so you can count on it to hold up, the design
quickly adjusts to fit many wheel diameters: mountain bike, road bike, even
fat tires, up to 4 inches wide; adjustments include an indexing slide
for dialing in your wheel diameter, a super adjustable fine-tuning knob for
getting the pressure as tight as you like it, left to right positioning via
the quick-release clamps, easy install with a sliding rail, locking security for
both the rack and your bikes; the system lowers below the bed rail, allowing the
system to work with the tonneau cover and be more out of sight when not wanted. During the initial design phase, there were hundreds of concept sketches, the
first prototype was built over two years ago and it worked great, I have continued
to refine the design ever since; many prototypes were tested and three years
of research and development have been put in to refine and dial in the look
and functions; this is a well refined, great working design, with production quality prototypes already in use, for over a
year. I’ve been designing products in the motocross and bicycle industry for over
20 years, traveling to factories around the world, making products for great
brands. This project has already been fully designed, quoted and in the hands
of the quality factory, well-known for bicycle accessories. The only thing left
to do is gain the capital to invest in tooling and begin production. To do this
right, we will need some volume, to get the cost low enough, to make production
possible. This is where you come in, this bike rack is a really cool design, with
patentable features, unlike anything on the market, we need to raise our goal a
hundred percent, in order to produce the initial order, that’s enough to pay for
tooling and order the minimum quantity with the factory. We hope that you will
join us and make this great design a reality, without your support, this
project cannot move forward and will only be enjoyed by a few of us, so come
on and join in, support the Ride88 project and tell your friends about this
also, this is a stylish ideal way to travel with your two favorite rides: your
bike and your truck. I’ve always been an outdoor enthusiast,
as a Product Designer, I’ve always looked for ways to do things better. We’ve all had situations, where we’ve seen ladders fall out of the back of a
truck or kayaks, surfboards, lumber, sliding across the tailgate or even
bicycles hanging over the back of the tailgate sliding and smashing into each
other, damaging not only your own equipment and materials, but also causing damage to your truck, I knew there had to be a better way. Hi, I’m Jeff Sayegh, from Big Bear Lake, California, and I’m the Owner and
Designer of the MultiTaskeR Truck Bed Rack System by Exodux. The MultiTaskeR is a complete truck bed rack system, that still allows you to open and close your
tailgate; the functionality of the attachments allow you to carry multiple
types of gear, it fits most trucks and it’s completely
lockable to secure your load; it features quick and easy to use attachments that
don’t damage your gear or truck, and the entire rack is easily removable in
seconds; adaptable add-on features including unique lockable bike mounts
that attached to your bike steer tube protecting your bike at the same time
not causing any damage to your truck; the multi-mount arm, which can be adjusted to various different heights and widths, allowing it to fit almost any gear such
as kayaks, stand-up paddleboards, surfboards, lumber, ladders, snowboards,
skis, and more; Combine it with a lock bar, to lock and secure your gear. Also
available, air vented baskets, to hold your helmets, shoes, wetsuits, towels, tools, or even groceries, which attach to the rack, for easy on/off caring features. The
MultiTaskeR is made using aircraft grade aluminum billet and high-grade stainless
steel, which gives a heavy-duty look but it’s light in weight; anodized in black
with blue accessories, it has a free-flowing design and looks great on
the truck. Let’s talk numbers, the U.S truck market alone, sells over three
million trucks a year, there are over a hundred and thirty-three million trucks
on the road today, and the International truck market is exploding, if we were to
capture one hundredth of one percent of that market, that would be over a hundred
thousand racks sold. We are third generation entrepreneurs, who have over
20 years experience in the design and manufacturing industry, and know how to
get a product to market from the design phase, with a
proven track-record, we’ve designed equipment for the two largest rack
companies in the world. So check out the new MultiTaskeR Truck
Bed Rack System, because no matter what your sport, job, or activity is, the
MultiTaskeR has a safe secure carrying solution for your truck. If these
adventures are making you jealous, that means you’re ready to get yourself a Bed
Rock. Hey there, it’s Scott from Yakima, and if you’ve got a truck and we have
the gear for you: it’s called a BedRock, and it turns your truck bed into a Swiss
Army knife. It’s easy to install, just install the tower onto your Yakima round
crossbars, Yakima crossbars come in five different sizes and are sold separately; then, install your crossbar setup onto your truck bed, making sure the towers
are equal distance from each other, tighten the bars with the included allen
wrench; then, place the black adapter on the clamping hardware, drop the clamp
into the tower and tighten; for trucks with tracks, use the longer
track adapters, then clamp down the clamping hardware
and lock: boom, bed upgraded; now you can load up those crossbars, install bike
mounts, snow mounts, boat mounts, even cargo boxes easily. If you’ve got more Yakima
gear to add, try our SKS same key system, it replaces all your lock cores, so you
only need one key to secure everything. With BedRock loaded, you now have double the space for other gear to go in your truck bed. The BedRock rocks indeed, so
what does it all mean? Gear goes here, friends go here. Yakima, take more friends.

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  1. lol i got the best diy bike rack out there! can haul up to 16 bikes in the bed of my truck.have done it,tested it ,tried and true.

  2. That ride88 rack is badass but extremely overpriced for a single rack lol… I went to order a solo rack for my bike and it's like 420 and doesn't even include the cross bar.. Thats another 120 bucks, outrages my dudes.. I would have bought one but for that price I will continue to use my lowrider block that's mounted to a 2×10 in my bed

  3. Quad QR3 Quick Kit
    . Price $1,241.88. I have 4 bikes with total price about $450. Better use $10 tarp over truck bed to save $1241 with same results.

  4. Rack looks good . The cost on a single bike quick kit and have it shipped to Florida is $500 thats crazy . I emailed the company and the gave me a code to get 10% off thats still $450 for a signal bike rack thats sill crazy.

  5. this sounds fucking great but i dont have so much money for such a solution i bouth a bike foor 5500 euros … RIP Bike life

  6. Thule Insta-Gator Truck Mount –

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