35 SERIOUSLY Frugal Habits to Live By (Pay Off Debt, Save Money, Build Wealth)

35 SERIOUSLY Frugal Habits to Live By (Pay Off Debt, Save Money, Build Wealth)

– Crap. Hey guys, it’s Dana. And it’s Tuesday so it’s
time to talk about money. And in this video, I’m
gonna share with you 30 frugal hacks. Okay. So this is your year. This is your year to get
out of debt, to save money, to just live more frugally. And I like to think of
myself as a frugal person. I think of frugal as a positive
term, not a negative one. Hopefully you do as well. But basically it’s a way to help you to get more control of
your finances to save money and stop spending so much, have a smaller footprint on the planet. Okay? Alright, so you know how I
like to get right into things, so let’s get started. Number one, to live more frugally, and this is no particular order, is to use up your products
to the very last drop. If you like beauty
channels here on YouTube, then you might have seen
some of the empties, those videos where they talk about the things that they’ve
used all the way up until the bottle is empty. So, we take that quite literally, empties, and we use up our bottles, our products, our shampoos, soaps. I even put a little water
in the bottom of the bottle, mix it up so that we get
every last drop out of it before we use it, and it has saved us a lot of money. Second is to work from home if you can. I work from home one or
two days a week for my job. I’m very fortunate to have
that opportunity to do that, and it helps to save us money in gas. So I’m not driving as much. And when we do drive, if
you can’t work from home, then at least try to plan
out our trips in the car. Be very thoughtful about it. Don’t just drive around or
you go out and come home, “Oh, I forgot to go get that. “I gotta go back out again.” Because it will cost
you more money and gas. So try to minimize the
amount of trips you take, or carpool with people if you can when you go to work. That’s another fantastic way
to cut back on your gas money. Number three is to go to the library. Go to the library for books or use a library app on your phone. That’s what I do for audiobooks. And that way I can read
a ton of books for free. I don’t have to buy the books. I can just borrow them from the library. Our kids borrow a ton of
books from the library. They’re really into that
Diary of a Wimpy Kid series, and they’ve read every
single book in the series. They read it at night every
night, and they borrow it. They take it out the
library at their school, but you can also utilize
the library for activities. There’s a lot of great programs, especially over the summer at our library. So the kids go, and they have
gaming and stuff that they do. They have all kinds of
good things, puppet shows, stuff at the library. There was a magician at our library so you can go and have free fun. It’s not a bad thing. You can shop at the Dollar Tree. Okay, the Dollar Tree is a
big deal, again, on YouTube. If you’re into watching YouTubers, then you probably seen a lot of people with their Dollar Tree hauls. And the Dollar Tree has been going strong for years, and years, and years. And you really can get some great things at the Dollar Tree,
especially around birthdays. That’s where we get all of
our birthday decorations, plates for parties. It’s great. If you haven’t shopped the Dollar Tree, you’re really missing out. So give it a try. Utilize reusable products. For feminine products, I have always used. Not always, not always. When I was teenager, not so much. But now as an adult woman, I use reusable feminine products. So this is cloth pads, those DivaCups you can get. They work great, they work fine. No problems, and I love them, and I never ever have to
buy disposable products. And so, I highly suggest it. Also, cloth wipes for your
babies, cloth diapers. If you’ve been watching me long enough, you know I have over 85 video tutorials on how to cloth diaper your baby. We cloth diapered our twins. It’s fantastic to get into, especially if you’re just
starting out your family. You can reuse the same cloth
diapers for future children, and you only have to build your
cloth diaper stash one time, and then that’s it. You can use those diapers
over, and over, and over again. It has saved us thousands, thousands of dollars to cloth diaper, and also to use cloth feminine products. Also, in our kitchen we
use cloth hand towels, instead of paper towels. So, un-paper towels, right? Don’t buy disposable paper towels, because it’s going to
cost you a lot of money. Napkins and towels. For paper towels, you can
just use cloth hand towels, and then you just wash
them, use them again. You can get bright colors, make it fun. We fold them up and we put them
in a basket in our kitchen, and we’ve been doing that for
years, and years, and years, and it’s been fine. Obviously, live below your means, okay? Right, live below your means. Spend less than you make. If you want to be
considered a frugal person, this is sort of a duh, right? Live below your means. Don’t spend as much as you make. And then have an emergency fund. Okay, it’s not a matter of if you’re going to have
an emergency situation. It’s a matter of when. So, eventually, something
is gonna happen unexpected. So you have to set aside some money in order to be prepared
for that emergency because it will help you probably
to make a better decision. So, if something in your car goes out, you blow a tire and you
need to replace that tire, and it’s unexpected, you’re gonna need to have
some money on the side to pay for that tire. But probably, if you’re not stressed out and you have the money, you most likely will comparison shop. Compare different places and how much they’re gonna
charge you for tires, where you can get the best tire. You can think more logically and calmly about the purchase of that
item that you need to make if you’re not stressed out about money, and it will help you to be making a more affordable decision. Okay, it’s true. If you don’t have the money, you’re just using a credit card, or if you don’t have that
emergency fund set aside, most likely you will spend more money on the item because
you’re just stressed out, and you just go with the first person, first place you go to. I don’t know why that works
that way, but it does. At least from personal
experience, that’s how it works. The more money we have in the bank, we have an emergency fund, we actually spend less money
and make better choices on the purchases that we do
make and spend less money. Cook at home, don’t eat in restaurants. Obviously, you’re not being
frugal if you’re eating out constantly for all of your meals. And if you are cooking at home, then if you can prepare foods in bulk, or do freezer meals, that’s gonna save you even more money. The more things you can make from scratch, the cheaper it’s going to be. I love rice, I love beans. Really, I do. And I also eat a plant-based diet which helps to lower our food budget, because we’re not buying as many meats. And so, cook at home. Don’t eat out. It’s going to save you money and probably be healthier because people who eat out in restaurants a lot, I mean sometimes those kitchens are dirty. I don’t know what those people are doing, but you can really get food-born
illnesses much more easier if you’re eating out much more often, and it’s just not good for your heath. So along the same lines is to stay home. So my husband and I are
natural home buddies, and so that really helps us because we like to be home. But we don’t go out as often as much. Honestly, I know this is
kind of me being paranoid, but when we go out and
there’s a lot of crowds, just because the state of the world, the way it’s been the past few years, I feel nervous. Not that that’s gonna stop us from doing things we wanna do. I try not to let that rule my life, but I feel like it’s just, I just enjoy being home. We find things to do things
at home that are free, like playing games,
watching movies together. We take walks. It saves us so much money that we’re not out all the
time with entertainment, and I feel safer because
in really large crowds you do think about shootings and things. Anyway, so, speaking of that, try to redefine your
sense of entertainment. So if you are used to
going out and going to concerts, plays, restaurants, anytime you wanna do something fun, you think, “Oh, let’s go shopping.” I love going shopping,
it’s so fun to go the mall or wherever you go. You have to try to retrain yourself, redefine what you think of what comes to mind when you think, “I’m gonna have fun with friends “or fun with my partner.” Try to think of different
things that you can do. And honestly, it doesn’t take too long, and you can, because you
humans are adaptable, you can create new habits for yourself. Sort of like if you’re a smoker and you’re trying to keep smoking, and if you keep going
to the same restaurants and hangout places and
hangout with the same people that you always did
while you were smoking. It makes it really, really
difficult to quit smoking. So they suggest you try to form new things that you like to do that
doesn’t involve smoking. So you can kinda retrain
yourself with money, too. What are some new things you can do that doesn’t involve spending money that you really actually enjoy and that you might actually find that when you think, “Oh,
I wanna have some fun. “I wanna relax, so I’m gonna do this.” and it’s free because you’ve
been doing it long enough. In the beginning, you might feel like you still wanna go shopping. But over time, you’ll retrain yourself, redefine your sense of fun into something that’s more affordable. So, frugal people find
hobbies that are productive. So, crocheting might be one of them, because then you learn how to crochet, and that can be a hobby, which I did learn in
college with a friend, how to learn how to
crochet, and I was able to. I can make Afghans if I want for us to use blankets in the house. It’s very cold in Pennsylvania right now. Or, I can get them out as gifts, which gives me an affordable way to create a gift for someone. I can make scarfs. There might be something else. Gardening, if you wanna get
into gardening, that’s fun. Not only will you be
being outside, outdoors. It’s healthy, enjoyable. You’re having fun doing it. You may be growing food for your family, so that you can lower your
grocery store spending if you’re growing your own food, right? So that’s a win-win situation. So, frugal people then go onto YouTube and they watch how-to
videos, how to do stuff. You can learn on YouTube how to do anything, really, anything. You wanna learn how to
do, you can YouTube it. I was trying to teach
myself how to play piano off of YouTube videos. I was doing pretty good
a couple years there, but then I stopped. You can learn how to do stuff by watching free YouTube videos. All you need is an internet connection which most of us have on
our phones or on a computer, and you can learn how to do stuff without having to pay
someone to teach you. Alright, frugal people
save all their money, save their change, save their pennies. Okay, because I think
it’s interest how people when they get change back at a store, if they’re paying with cash, they don’t keep their change. They sometimes put it in the trash. I find change on the
ground and I pick it up. If you save all that change in a jar, you can take it to a
Coinstar or coin machine at your grocery store or the bank, and you’d be surprised
how much that change can add up to be. That’s actual money. Alright, so, fixing things, right? You gotta fix things as best as you can. So, instead of just replacing stuff, we use things sort of like the products that we use, the shampoo bottles, until the very end. So, this is appliances. We try to fix it. Just like with your car,
you gotta try to fix it. A lot of times it’s the hassle factor is enough to prompt people
to just buy something new. Our oven wasn’t working. It just stopped working, the oven, and it was annoying. It was annoying to have to YouTube it to figure out how to
replace the heating element inside the oven. But my husband and I did, and he was able to… He found he could purchase
the heating element online, on Amazon, or some
appliance parts place for $12. So we ordered the heating element. Then we watch the YouTube video, and we replaced it in our oven. And so, that was $12, and some time, and some hassle, granted, to replace the heating element, but then now, then the oven works. So we didn’t have to
replace the entire oven. We just were able to fix it. So you have to try to fix things as best you can. So rea give it an effort before you just immediately
go to replace it because it will be more
affordable to fix it than to replace it almost every time. And so, since we just
were talking about cars. Frugal people drive the
same car for a long time, without a car payment. So, frugal people pay for cars with cash, which is what we do, and then drive those cars all
the way till the end, okay? So if it’s functioning, then you drive it. Just because it has a high mileage or just because it’s been five years, you finally paid it off, “Oh, I paid off the car.” which is this is what a lot of people do and what we used to do. We have a car payment, and then five years are
up, we paid off the car. Yey, now it’s time to trade
it in and get a new car, because our car payment is up. But really, why? That car is still
functioning perfectly fine. And so, if you want to be able to invest that car payment money and build wealth, or save money, or get out of debt. Then the best thing to do is to drive the same car as long as you can, and try to fix it as long as you can, at least until the repair
cost more than the value. Then you probably would have to sell the car and then trade up in car. Not a lot of if you’re
trying to get out of debt, but you get what I’m saying. You get me. Okay, so we live in a
1,400 square foot house and we have six of us in our family. And the kids share bedrooms. I shared a bedroom growing up. I share with my sister, and her and I are really close, and I almost feel like we’re closer because we shared a bedroom. And I don’t think it’s
necessarily a bad thing. In America though, a lot of people buy these enormous houses
with huge mortgage payments. That’s gonna make it
really hard to build wealth or to do other things, save
money, get out of debt. So, living in a smaller home, our kids like to watch the
Tiny House Hunter show on HGTV or the Luxury Tiny Homes or whatever. These are houses that
are like 200 square feet, which is too small for us. But these are really small homes and it’s interesting to watch
to see how people really, they do, they can live in smaller spaces. And so, if you try to switch your mindset and just think like we’re, minimalism, right? So, this is another great thing. So, if you try to switch your mindset, which I said in previous
videos many times before, to living more of a minimalist life where you make it as if that’s your goal, to cut back on stuff, get rid of things, even if you’re not a minimalist, this is retraining yourself. Try to get rid of some stuff and try to downsize your home or wherever you’re
renting, where you live, try to downsize, make it smaller, and just do it on purpose, as if intentionally
that’s what you wanna do. It will save you money because your utility bills would be less, your rent or your mortgage
payment will be less, and you’ll have more
money for other things. And really, are you using all that space in your home that you’re living? Is it really necessary
to have all that stuff? Does it bring you joy? So, it’s definitely something to think on to live in a smaller
home, smaller property, less grass to mow. It will give you more
time back in your life to do other things that
maybe have more value to you. Okay, and so, buying, right? You wanna buy used, used cars, unless you have a really high net worth. I don’t see the value in
buying a brand new car, because the value of that car is going to drop significantly, just the minute you drive it off the lot. So we buy used cars,
at least two years old. Somebody else then had
taken that hit in the value. So I think that’s just
a smart thing to do. Let someone else take
the hit in the value, and then you buy it at
least two years old. Buy used cars. We buy used, a lot of things used. We buy clothes used, furniture used. I love Goodwill. I just think it’s fantastic. We have a really awesome Goodwill near us where they have amazing. So many clothes, they are like brand name, with tags still on them. So I feel really lucky in that sense, is that we can wear clothes
that look perfectly fine and they’re just $2 for a shirt. It’s just amazing, amazing prices. So that saves us so much money, especially because we have
four kids who are growing. So, shoes, I don’t buy new. I don’t buy shoes used though. We buy new shoes, because this I think are important. Anyway, that’s something else. Okay, so, moving on. Pack your lunch, right? So pack your kid’s lunch for school. Pack your lunch for work. Don’t buy out. I have coworkers every single day. I see them walking over to
the cafeteria and they buy. All that money really adds up. And so, I just think it’s, again, healthier, and so much more affordable just to pack your lunch. And that’s what we do. Frugal people plan and make goals. You have to plan ahead so
you know where you’re going. Goals are so important, I think, just from a personal standpoint to have something that
your striving towards. I think it kinda makes, helps you become a better person. And goals are something
that you have an actual idea of how to get there. It’s not just a wish or a dream. It’s something that you
have written down on paper. You remind yourself of it. Very often throughout the year you talk about it with people. You say, this is what we’re gonna do, whatever that is. We’re gonna save money for this. And then you actually
take steps to get there. So, I think that’s just an
important thing in life to do, is to have a plan. I always tell the kids. I say, what are the most
important things in life to have a successful life? And it is to have a plan and avoid debt and follow God. So those are the things
that are really important. So yeah, so have some goals. Alright, so you have to budget. Budget, right? What is a budget? A budget is a plan. That’s basically it. You need a budget every
single month, a new budget. Every money, you have to create a new one, a unique budget where you put at the top of the paper or the top of your spread sheet or the top of whatever you’re using how much money you expect
to be getting in that month, and then how much money you’re gonna be paying out to bills, to
your savings account, to whatever. So then at the bottom of your sheet, there’ll be a big fat zero. So that every single dollar knows where it’s going, you have a plan for it, and that’s gonna keep you on track. Okay, do a budget. Camp out or go camping. Frugal people go camping so I’ve been trying to do this four years now in a row now. We do it over the summer. In the beginning, I
don’t like camping, okay? I didn’t grow up camping, but it’s a fantastic way to save money. If you can do it, it’s like
a fraction of the cost. $20 a night, right? So, give it a try. I suggest doing it for
one night or two nights at a local campsite, state park. That way you can sort of figure out what kinda supplies you need, what kinda gear, how you like it. That way you can head home if you’re having a really bad night. When we started that, we went to a place that’s 45 minutes from our house that way I figured we could
get home at night if we had to. Frugal people don’t smoke
or drink a lot of alcohol. All those cigarette packs,
they’re expensive, right? And alcohol can be expensive. So try to cut back on your vices. It’ll save you some money. Try to cancel or limit your subscriptions. Okay, whether this is Netflix. You could have newspaper,
magazine subscriptions. You might get those
boxes where they send you boxes of products in the mail. I think sometimes people sign
up for these subscriptions, and then they’re just like on autopilot. And then they’re getting them and they’re not using them anymore, but it’s just, again, it’s too
much of a hassle for people to go and figure out how to cancel it. I had some subscription to Amazon Kids. Amazon FreeTime. Kids had a subscription
to Amazon FreeTime, and I couldn’t figure
out how to cancel it. So, every month, we were getting
charged this subscription, or every year I just. So, finally, I had to
take the time and sit down and go in and figure out how to cancel it. So, just check your subscriptions and see if there’s something
that you can cancel. And then speaking of canceling, cutting cable is a good idea,
if you still have cable. Does anybody still have cable? I don’t know. But you can get one of those antennas, and you can hook it up, and just get the free antennas. And then if you have, we have Roku that was $10 or something. There’s ways to get TV now, YouTube, that you don’t need to
be paying for cable. Cutting your own hair. I need a haircut. I’ve been cutting the kids’ hair. I learned on YouTube, and I’ve been cutting the boys’ hair. I even cut the girls’ hair sometimes. But you can go to a haircut
school if you want to, and they’ll give you cheaper rates. So that’s a great idea if you can look for a school nearby. You can go and get it done there, and that’s gonna save you money. Hang dry your clothes. Our dryer has broken several times, speaking of fixing appliances earlier, but we hang dry clothes, and we’ve done it because the dryer broke, and then also just to do it. I use to hang dry all the cloth diapers. That’ll save you a lot of money on your electric bills. You’re not running your
dryer all the time. And then in the winter months, too, it helps your air in your
house to be moisture. Is that the right word? So you don’t have to
have humidifiers running. It’ll help keep you healthier if your clothes are hang drying
in the house in the winter. And it makes me feel like I’m European, which kinda makes me
feel cool when I do it, because, supposedly, I’ve
never lived in Europe, but everybody there, most people, not everybody. So, pretend your European
and hang dry your clothes. Alright, and then drink water. Better for your body anyway. Water is free, or cheaper if
you have a filter that you buy to filter the water. But water, just water it up. Stop buying sodas, drinks. My husband used to drink a ton of iced tea and all this stuff. I mean it’s just so expensive. Alright, so don’t… And if you wanna have iced tea, just buy the tea bags and make it at home. Try to minimize how much
you’re spending on drinks, because you gotta remember
there is water available. We’re lucky to have water
so readily available. And so, try drinking water, more water than you are now. Make it a challenge, because it’s healthier, too. Okay. Alright, you guys, so what
are your frugal hacks? What are your frugal tips? Leave them down below in the comments. And like I said, make this your year to try to save money, get out of debt, live below your means, okay. And partially, to do that,
is to live more frugally. So, thrifty, thrifty, frugal, they’re all positive terms. Not negative. You don’t have to be living without, okay? I don’t feel as if I am breadth of things in my life. And the kids don’t feel that way. It’s not like we’re
living this militant life and making the kids live without stuff. We enjoy our lives. You can still have a life of abundance and be living frugally. Like I said before, you just have to redefine
what abundance means to you. It doesn’t have to mean a bunch of stuff or spending a lot of
money on things, okay? Alright, so, if it’s your first time here, be sure to subscribe. I’m here every single Tuesday
talking all about money. We’re a family of six living
in the Philadelphia area, and I work full time
outside the home in finance, but I enjoy doing this. I enjoy doing it, so I keep doing it, and it’s been years now, seven years. Alright, so thank you
guys so much for watching, and I’ll talk to you guys next week. And be sure to check out my blog. If you have it, I’m trying really hard to post more often. I have a new goal for this year. Every year I feel like I have this goal. I have a new goal this year to post once a month on, not once a month, once a week on my blog. So I’m trying to stick to that. Just check it out. Debtfreedana.com. Okay, alright, talk to you later. Bye guys.

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  16. I plan and save for my vacations in cash and treat my savings account like a bill. I work fulltime and have a part time job it's a easy part time job on the weekend as a Security Officer i babysit a building on the weekend. With the extra income now I able to increased more in my 401 k, speed up my mortgage and savings. The key is to continue to live below your means even when you raise your income. Also what helps in working two jobs make sure that second job is easy and stress free so you can maintain your balance. I still have time for my workout routine 4 days per week. I think it's so important to learn this information especially if you are in retirement mode. Although I will have a retirement pension from my State job when I retire in 5 years. in addition I invest into a 401k plan aggressively. The key to staying motivated is to maintain your health, surround yourself around positive people and listen to positive topics on you tube. Be careful and stay away from negative topics on YouTube it is a distraction. In addition I am happily single and have utilize this single life to become more self aware and control of my financial future. Women need to be careful of toxic relationships. Dana create topic on what to do if you are in retirement mode five years away from retirement to enhance your retirement and financial situation.

  17. Okay, here is my crazy one. Since I like to garden and like to get the most for my money, I keep a gallon jug under the sink. When I rinse a glass or have left over water in anything, I dump it in the jug. When it is full, I use it to water the plants on my porch. Little bits of food are okay (no meat or oils) as they will turn into compost. Once it's poured down the drain, you have wasted money (water bill).

  18. My son was 27 and bought his first home because he Made a 10 year plan after High School- he started with cutting
    1-Fast food

    2-Drank water from a gallon (1.00 per gallon Instead of 1.99 for 12oz ) no brainer

    3-Meal planned

    4-Drove a beater car ( his friends laughed)

    5- payed with credit card to build credit- then paid the balance off the same month.

    6-Worked for the future not for the weekend

    BTW most school districts in Cali offer free or discount Internet if you have children in the district. 💻 Also free or low cost laptop access ( or google free or low cost for low income students)
    Ohhhh yeah! Camp!!! 🏕
    🎣Camping and fishing ( pack your freezer:) 🍽

  19. Hi Dana, Great list. I do 33 out of 35 on your list. No camping ⛺️ for me at 59. Too hot in Florida too. I could hang more clothes to dry. My hubby works for a cable company so we get free get cable, internet and phone. I have cut my own hair for a long time. Hubby calls it You tube university and has fixed our oven , dryer and truck for lass than $20 each. We are homebodies too.

  20. when you're done with your car and ready to buy a new one, do you do a trade-in or sell privately? does your family use a water filter? if so, any recommendations on reasonably priced & quality ones?

  21. My local AMC theater had $5 movies on Tuesday if you join their STARZ club. I usually rent movies at RedBox for a $1.99 or online for $2.99, but some movies you must see in the theater. I'm going to see "Lion King" this Tuesday the only day I will go. I love your hacks.

  22. After 10 years of marriage my husband finally talked me into trying camping, TENT camping no less! My moto used to be, “Why rough it if you don’t have to!”
    Well guess what? Camping was exactly what I needed to wake up & start appreciating nature, quiet, no WiFi, etc. We only go once a year but I see us increasing this to maybe 2-3 times as we slowly build up our camping gear. It is amazing how much it’s changed my attitude, my well-being, raised my vibration & love of nature! Do I wish we had a small camper with actual walls & a door that locks, of course! But we do protection prayers & keep our spirit high while we are there & it’s all good.🧘🏼‍♂️⛺️

  23. I usually only eat twice a day and I only cook about 3 times a week. I live alone and eat my first meal about 2 then dinner at 7. I eat the same thing for 2 or 3 days. Saves me tons over my coworkers. I make my coffee at home then take a bottle of water (reusable bottle) to work plus I'm on an ice tea kick so I make one bottle of that a day with no sugar or sweetener. The tea is an acquired taste. I grew up on sweet tea but find this more refreshing. My coworkers buy sometimes 2 meals out every day plus snacks. They could save so much money. Another tip is unplug stuff you aren't using especially chargers and turn up or down the thermostat for heat or air. Turn out lights when you leave a room. Pay on time or early all bills. You are right about fixing things. I'm 63 and watch YouTube all the time for how to repair stuff. I'm also selling stuff I don't use for blow money. Plan to have my house and a truck I'm paying for paid off in 5 years.

  24. So excited to see and know that many of your frugal ideas I am already incorporating into our life. Going to try to work on some of the other ideas.
    Thank you

  25. My frugal hacks:
    I paid off my car 4 years ago. I bought it used 10 years ago and still driving it payment free. It needs new paint as the clear coat is starting to oxidize. But is runs great and it's a Honda an 06 Accord.
    We eat out once or twice a week but I cook all the meals and try to use up everything in my fridge and pantry before I do a big shopping trip. We don't have cable TV. Our place is not huge but since we live in an expensive city it is still cheaper than most newer rentals or single family homes. And we only own one car. My partner takes the bus to work and gets reimbursed from his company. I try to minimize my driving. I don't buy used clothes however, the clothes at the thrift stores here are not the highest quality. I do buy used kitchen/home wears and they are of good quality. It's summer now so we do the $1 movies for kids at a local Cinema. Parks and beaches are also free. Pack in lunches too.

  26. Don't pay tithes or go to church. Find meaning in life that doesn't require regularly forking over money for religious drama you don't need.

  27. It might be better to make car payments at 2% interest and invest for 8% returns. You have to know how to invest in index funds with a buy and hold strategy, but learning that could be part of being frugal. It's also a smart way to have money working for you during retirement years.

  28. Here's one small thing that surprised me: Ball jar pump bottle (qt. size) pump top at Hobby Lobby. Instead of using dishwashing liquid out of the bottle, on the sink, refill the jar from economy large dishwashing liquid. It pumps exactly what you need and there is no waste.

  29. Self taught (You Tube) painter. That's my hobby, acrylic and watercolor. I sell enough to pay for anything I need so it is self sustaining. Even have enough to buy brushes for the Senior Center from E-Bay China. ie: 6 pc brush set, Walmart $8.48 on sale $6.42….China $1.67….yeah.

  30. I use the "ends" of tubes of toothpaste; and "marry" shampoo bottles and add water. Also, I got rid of cable and am building up a collection of DVDs of classic tv shows.

  31. Don't know if you mentioned this but you can give new library books and ones in good condition for gifts. It has to be only to people you can trust such as family because they have to be returned, but this works great for Christmas, birthdays, etc., esp for small children who will forget about them later. LIbraries also loan out other things like National Park Passes and (yes, really) Wilton cake pans and art objects… depends on the library what you can find there. Ask! Thanks for a great video:)

  32. I don't like to spend money actually I am afraid to. I always feel guilty after I spend no matter what it is.

    Things are bad out there and people need to save all the wealth they can. Also don't hold dollars too long as savings. Inflation will eat the value away.

    Hard assets!

  33. All true, especially learning a hobby. l know how to knit and I tell you, one year I did not have a job and EVERYONE received a knitted item for Christmas. Also, gardening allowed me to create great Mason Jar gifts and SAVE YOUR CHANGE, it grows so fast and can be an emergency fund within itself.

  34. Love your Great advice!!!. I consider myself frugal…☝But i learned a few more great ideas to save$$.. Thank you.☺

  35. On the napkin thing, we have used colored wash clothes for years. The kind you get in an 18 pack. They last for years. In over twenty years I have bought 2 packs….also, since we are a small family, each person chooses the color they want and it can be used for more than one meal. Saves on washing….

  36. Too much hassle to wash soiled diapers and feminine cloths. Just get the dollar store feminine pads 1 dollar a month. Time is money.

  37. Isn't it ironic how all of a sudden, "due to the low economy and bad times", we all are frantically trying to live frugally and below our means?! In all reality this is the way the older generations lived. My boyfriend found a letter his mom had written that said she lived off mayonnaise crackers at times when she grew up during the Depression. It made me cry. It's eye-opening to me how society thinks it's living bare-bones when they simply try minimalistic ways. Hahaha. It's just common sense living to me. Simple. Reminding us to spend quality time together and KNOW how blessed we all are with our health and family together, instead of seeing value in material objects.

  38. Didn't learn anything new from this video. Maybe it's because my parents have the majority of these habits already, but also because there's no car in our household (and if there was we would have a used one).

  39. I find that if you need to get a couple things from the grocery store and you live close to one than you could walk there. As well taking the bus is cheaper then driving..

  40. Use change at the gas station for instance $20 bill plus $1.43 in coins. Don't buy anything at convenient stores nada!

  41. When you said “we are safer” doing things at home because you fear shootings in large crowds- that tells me you are probably American. And as a fellow American I felt that in my soul. So sad that this has become our daily lives. 😔

  42. The bit of water in the bottle I've done for years! (I'm old lol), I do it with ketchup, mustard, etc as well. Re trips.. I spend the time prior to payday organizing my list by store, and by aisle.

  43. Yes, a lot of homes and especially apts in EU dont have dryers, some have the machine that both washes and dries, some dont have either.

  44. My 'entertainment' is making money. When I have free time, I drive for Uber and write resources to sell to teachers.

  45. Live below your means but within your needs. The bottom line is "use common sense." Entitlement is big in the U.S. If you've been handed everything since you were a child, being frugal becomes almost an impossibility.

  46. Dana, I want you to know that, because I watch your videos EVERY SINGLE DAY- I quit smoking, just like that. I calculated the cost of what I was spending on so called “organic” cigarettes…$3650 a year!! It’s been 9 days and I’m $90 richer, I had no problem waking away from it either. Thank you!!

  47. You mention bringing your coins to coin star to cash them out but you do pay a fee. You can roll your own coins and bring them to your bank and exchange them for cash without the fee. The coin rolls may even be available through the bank for free just ask!

  48. Cook at home, unless you have cheap cafeteria food. At the hospital I work at,you can get a meal for 4.99. You can't beat that price at home.

  49. I haven't bought garbage bags in years. I reuse the bags from the store that my groceries come in. Why pay for Hefty garbage bags when you have free bags probably filling up an entire corner of your kitchen

  50. What is life when you don't get to go out and have fun?? Stay at home???? I'm not against being frugal but life is short and you can go out without spending too much money

  51. Kindle app works on Android work thousands of free books. I never shop at Dollar tree. We don't give gifts. Raised two kids in real cloth diapers the ones you had to use pins and vinyl pants. Learn the difference of a need and a want. Pay off your marriage or buy without a mortgage. We sold a property in southern California during the housing boom, moved 2000 miles bought four houses and still had money left, so make your money work for you. We cook and homecan here at home. We cook from stretch, no processed foods, grow our own fresh vegetables. We downsized to smaller house for our retirement. We drive one car. Work from home for money. We watched a YouTube video and replaced a sensor that cost $15 which they mechanic wanted to charge $700 to replace. We also fixed our dishwasher from watching a YouTube video and it cost nothing. We firmly believe " use it up, wear it out, make it do or do without." We put a savings each mouth what would be a reasonable car payment and when our old car finally dies after normal, regular maintenance we have the cash to buy another good used car. So far our Jeep has lasted since 2003 and still going strong. We figure by the time it totally dies we'll have saved enough to buy a nearly new car for cash exactly the way we did the Jeep. Watch out buying used furniture, the United States is experiencing a bed bug epidemic. Our friends had to spend thousands getting rid of these blood sucking creatures all because of a used sofa she bought at a thrift store. So I say no to thrift stores. None of them even good will or salvation army take any precautions to avoid bed bugs. Learn to sew or remake your old clothes into something new to last longer. Buy good cotton it can last to be past down to a younger siblings. We go day fishing but I have always refused to work 50 weeks a year and then go play homeless for two weeks camping. Nope we built everything we'd ever want right here at home, STAYCATION!!
    I say no to the line drying of clothes. I hung out clothes for six months then checked out electric bill the average savings was $4 a month if you dry after Pike business hours (after 6pm) your electricity rate is cheaper, add in an energy saving dryer appliance and it's just not worth the hassle of the clothes being dive bombed by a murder of crows and needing to be rewashed. So adjust accordingly.

  52. I’ve realised from my personal experiences, cooking is the first key to save money, I’ve never owned a credit card. And find more affordable ways to have an enjoyable week ends.

  53. We have a large vegetable garden 300m2 and we feed our family of 5 my husband mum and dad and his brothers family over the summer.

  54. I have a single cup Keurig coffee machine and it is leaking water- watched a few YouTube videos and can’t seem to fix it. I hate to add it to the landfill – any tips ?.

  55. Have lived like this my entire life. Doesnt help with money. You live like this because you have to. If money isnt a problem you dont live like this, especially with todays need to live greener, as setting up living green is very very expensive.

  56. I wish they would show your videos in all schools in England and America. It would stop most problems before they start. My husband and I have no dept and retired early doing the things you talk about. So much common sense.

  57. We have to be frugal out of necessity. We allow ourselves one cafe treat a week and I just have hot water and we share a cake.
    . It's amazing how little you really need. I do a big shop every two weeks and find we really can live without the treats I used to buy every week.
    . I make my own bread, pizza bases which saves loads of money. I also make double the amount I need to save time too.
    . We keep the heating down and wear more layers or sit under a duvet when watching the TV.

  58. I agree with not spending money if you haven't got it. However, if you do have some spare money then do consider supporting other people too. I am a piano teacher and rely on my income for food etc. I think it's important too to help the local economy in supporting cafes, grocers, teachers etc.

  59. Buy the best you can afford at the time.. don't go into debt unless you have thought long and hard about if it is worth the money.

    We taught our children to ask themselves: How many hours do I need to work (after taxes are taken off) to buy an item… and is it worth that many hours of work for them.

  60. I get a bit of anxiety from being in places with lots of people too when I started hearing about vining here and there I started to think it was just a letter of time before vegas my home town got hit too and once it did it freaked me out even more. My parents being a few blocks away from the shooting and then my sister in-law being so close to a shooting in California missed it by luck cause she couldn’t go that day. It got too close to me so now i just enjoy being home way more plus turning 25 and having a kid it’s the perfect excuse too I just invite people over and spend so much less

  61. Learning to fix THINGS are great money savers but the added benefit is it lessens the trash that makes it ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY.
    This list was not only my things but items for extended family as well and most were PRE-YOUTUBE. I used the PUBLIC LIBRARY to check out BOOKS on how to do these things.
    Stereo turn table, radio dial, dishwasher, central heat and air unit, fan, window ac unit, lamps, computer hard drive and graphics card, electric stove top, oven, refrigerator, car alternator – starter and clutch, tablet screen replacement, laptop hard drive, kitchen plumbing, toilet wax ring replacement, roof repair, drywall repair, broken tile replacement, dryer, washer, speakers, headphones and tv.


    1. ONCE A PER EXPIRATION DATE CHECK OUT DATE PUBLIC LIBRARY TRIP ON A SATURDAY: Reading books is good entertainment and can be EDUCATIONAL to learn how to repair things, gardening, crocheting, knitting, arts and crafts, writing, calligraphy, math, science, history and more.

    To clean windows and mirrors with vinegar and water with 2 drops of dish liquid in spray bottle.
    Paper mache crafts
    Rolled into firestarter paper logs
    To enlarge a previous pattern if gained weight.
    Copy a pattern so original does not have to be cut.

    Will be back with more have to cook breakfast. Lol
    Also great for making paper mache crafts

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