32 Roadster   Episode 3 Engine Install Wheels and Tires

32 Roadster Episode 3 Engine Install Wheels and Tires

Now that we’ve got our 383 back from the
engine shop Jeff’s gonna come back and help us install it in the car we’re
gonna change out the wheels and tires and throw in a few other details to make
this car look like it rolled right out of the 60s and then we’ll be ready to
hit the road. We tried hard to make this look like an
early to mid 60’s you know era specific engine but these are all brand
new parts. Finding a lot of these parts had for years to become very difficult
so we managed to put together a really good ear correct looking package with
parts right off the shelf and out of the catalog. The 471 blower when I look at
that I think of the 60s but you might ask why not a 671 you know this fits a
little bit better this has a 2 inch Gilmer Drive. And this doesn’t have to be
under driven the way that a 671 would on the street you can run these one to one
you can overdrive it. 671 builds a lot more heat the rotors are longer
everything there’s more friction involved this is just a lot more
reliable package. I’m putting the bracket on to mount our
power gen so rather than put an alternator on here to make this look
like a 60s hot rod where we’re gonna put power master power gen which looks like
a generator but it’s actually an alternator. Does kind of look like an old
GM generator but it’s got alternator one wire alternator guts in it.
When you run a hot rod like this without a hood every detail kind of makes a
difference. Cool. You ever use one of those MSD starters
Jeff? I haven’t. So what we’ve used on all the race cars and we have really good
luck with them. Looks like a pretty nice unit. Here’s the swiveling neck
thermostat to give us a little more latitude when we’re ready to do the
upper radiator hose. And it is funny to watch somebody try to
turn one of those around under the car. You wren’t back here at 6 o’clock this morning
watching me do it. This is the new GT performance steering wheel that we’re
gonna use in the 32 fits the flavor of the car a whole lot better than the lacera 40 Ford wheeled did. This is a 4 spoke bell style which is very similar
to what was used in a lot of vintage race cars. It’s got a rubber grip chrome
center. It’s a nice looking wheel. I’ve got to get our adapter on here first
it takes a standard three bolt style adapter and horn and setup. You know
there’s nothing wrong with the 40 wheel in fact I think a 40 is my favorite hot
rod steering wheel ever but yeah more of a 40s early 50s kind of deal but for the
hot rod dry lakes and drag strips look you know there’s nothing like a bell
4 spoke. That’s not going anywhere. This expansion tank on it we’re actually
gonna be driving the thing we don’t want it yaking water all over everywhere.
Gonna be a little tricky getting a nut on here. I’ll get it. Okay. It’s
one of my superpowers. To finish this out we’re changing the
wheels and tires these are ET 15 by four fronts and these are Coker American
classic radial tires that look like old bias plies so you know we won’t be going
700 miles wrestling with bias plies but it’s got the look. And then in the rear
we’ve got some torque thrusts American torque thrust with the same tires only
in an 8 20-15 so we offer this stagger this is basically the smallest
you can get in the biggest you can get in the back.
These are 7s on the rear and 4s in the front and it seems about right with
the section of the tire. Yeah it makes a really good section profile with that
that width of wheel keeps that really true 60s flare to it. Should we put it down?
Sure. That is killer. Five pounds want to come
up six and a half or so? Yeah yeah that’s six. Sweet! It lives!

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  1. as a fan of '60s style highboys, I like what you are doing.one thing though is the headlights, stock headlights just aren't '60s style. put some king bees on that highboy!

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