305 vs 255 Tire Size Comparison

305 vs 255 Tire Size Comparison

Alright, so i just got the tires mounted
and balanced and so I wanted to show you a little bit about the tire sizes and
the tire size difference from the stock jeep wrangler 17 inch rim
with street tires compared to the 305 Goodyear wrangler MTR with kevlar just so you can
get an idea of how much lift you might want to get and also the bump stop
changes that you’re going to have to make. So here it is here it is on the
back is on the back so you can tell there’s the 305 and there’s a stock
wheel and if we roll them up right next to each other you can see it will fit
under the fender with just a little bit of space and we have got some space on the back, some space on the front, but it is pretty tight so they’re probably some
rubbing especially if you’re doing any flexing off-road. I’m going to be
putting a one-and-a-half inch lift on this and I think that’ll give me the
stance that I need for the stuff I’m gonna be doing. Now up front we can take a look up there
should sit about an inch from the front bumper that should be the thing that
gives us the most concerned so there you can see it and the fender has some space and there is some space up top but pretty tight. Then to the front bumper if you
position it right should sit about right there. So there you go
there that should give you an idea of what you need I’d recommend one-and-a-half to a
two-and-a-half-inch lift at least for this size of the tire. This is a 305 on a 17 inch wheel. So I hope that helps somebody out and you guys have a great day be sure to LIKE and subscribe to the channel for more
how-to videos and to see the install videos all stuff and putting on this

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  1. the perfect tire comparison video! thank you! I was tryin to find a video where someone actually rolled 33's next to the JK that still had the stock tires on, woot!

  2. https://www.goodyearautoservice.com/en-US/tire-basics/tire-size
    I'm not trying to be an ass or anything but the 305 and 255 only pertains to the width of the tire. The other number is the height of the sidewall and 3rd is wheel size.

  3. I've been on YouTube for years and only like 13 videos and yours is one of them for actually showing us rather than making a 7 min video describing everything

  4. That's not really an accurate fitment test. You need to measure from the center of your wheel to the edge. Not from top to bottom. Say if you had 31's factory to 33's aftermarket it'd only give an inch difference from the top of the tire to the bottom of the wheel well.

  5. You're giving us wheel size and tire width? What is the aspect ratio (height) because I could run a 305/40 and it would be smaller then the stock wheels

  6. I would say if your new tires diameter is 4" larger and you want to keep the same clearance you would get a 4" lift.In my opinion

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