3 Amazing Wall Mounted Bike Rack Invention Ideas

3 Amazing Wall Mounted Bike Rack Invention Ideas

Hi, this is Jurgen. 2014, I launched with
the help of Kickstarter: DaHanger, a bike storage rack for the modern design.
During my campaign, I got a ton of feedback and questions from you guys, and some of them, I do remember like they were yesterday. Hey check out our
Kickstarter…. Awesome! How many bikes does it hold? One bike? That’s it? Really? I have six bikes. I have eight bikes. I have five bikes. Fat bike. Road bike. Single speed. Mountain bike.
Track bike. Cyclo-Cross bike. I need to fit more bikes on the wall. I need to fit
more bikes on the wall. I need to fit more bikes on the wall. Okay,
back to the drawing board. You guys gave me a pretty long wish list during our
first campaign. After eliminating the outliers, I needed to find the answer to
the most important question: “how to hang more bikes on the wall”? The answer…..meet Dan. Why is Dan better for multiple bikes? Well, there are a couple of ways to hang
bikes on walls: front wheel hooks, they’re hard to use, and takes up a lot of floor
space, by hanging bikes perpendicular to the wall; horizontal brackets or shelves,
they’re easy to use, but take up a lot of wall space, which can be limited to the
amount of bikes on the wall. And then there’s Dan: Dan has extra long legs, which positions the bikes in an angle, that allows for
staggered installation, this will give you extra wall space for more bikes
without taking up any additional floor space. After numerous prototypes, I
figured out the right size, angles, and gaps that fit all the bikes and pedals
that I could find; the large wheel shelves are there to protect the wall
from being scuffed and add extra support. Dan has been an absolute pleasure to
hang out with, he has been displaying old classics for us and cleaned up the floor
space all around the house, he is for sure a cyclist best friend. I think it’s
important how we live and the things we surround ourselves that bring us joy and
happiness. Our manufacturers ready to go and the money from Kickstarter will be
used for a first production run, and to be honest, I’ve been hanging out a long
time with this little dude now, maybe too much time, but he’s pretty awesome. Cut! This is Clug. Clug is a wonderfully small
and easy to install clip that gives your bike a hug, and helps keep things tidy
around your home; it’s the same size and half the weight of a kiwi fruit. It’s
name sounds like a drain cleaner, but it isn’t, and as you’ll see from this demo,
it’s much easier to install than windows 95, and it will turn virtually anywhere
you can think of into somewhere your bike can live. We faced a problem here at
Hurdler Studios, every day, we’d come in to work with our bikes, but we had no
good place to store them when we got here; with problem in hand, we set out
designing the details to get a shape that feels effortless to Clug your bike
into place; we’ve gone through a pile of iterations, tested to the point of
breaking, and kept designing until we got everything just right; Clug currently
fits standard road bike tires, but we have other variations on the drawing
board. We’re here on Kickstarter to help raise the funds we need to purchase the
steel tooling and materials which allows us to crank out Clug by the thousands.
Because 3D printing is the future, we’re bridging the gap between the campaign
and delivery of the production version of Clug by offering the first 200
supporters a free 3D printed Clug as soon as we’re successfully funded; with a pledge of five dollars or more, you’ll get the digital 3D files to print
your very own Clug at home. We hope you like Clug as much as we have enjoyed
designing it and getting it to this point. We want to thank you in advance
for your support and we look forward to getting a Clug into your hands as soon
as possible. Thank You! Our primary motive for designing Steady-Rack was we wanted to find a solution for bike storage, that was easy to use,
save lots of space, and anyone in the family could use the rack. We thought why stop there, let’s actually add some other features and benefits to the rack that
make it a total storage solution. One of the major problems with storing bikes is
the amount of space conventional storage systems take up; here’s a good example: a conventional storage hook with a single bike on it, and three Steady-Rack’s with
three bikes on them, all in the same amount of wall space; we’ve mounted a
conventional hook and you can get a multitude of these types of hooks that
are available on the market today, alongside our Steady-Rack’s, and we spaced them equal distant; if I wanted to remove this bike, with a conventional hook
system, that would be impossible without taking every bike out of every rack, but
because of the Steady-Rack’s unique patented swivel action, all I have to do
is push the bikes adjacent slightly away from the one I want to remove, clear
the handlebars, and then we just move it out of the way. You’ve been out for a
bike ride, you’ve come home, and there’s a car in the garage right where your bike
racks are; now with Steady-Rack, there’s no need to move the car, all you do is wheel your bike up on the back wheel, bring it in, and you can load and unload the
Steady-Rack at any angle, it doesn’t have to be at right angles to the wall, engage
the rack and drop it up in; and if I want to take a bike out now, I don’t need to
move the car, just simply push this bike out of the way, pull this bike out a
little using the pivot action, and I just gently and easily unload it. One of the
features of the Steady-Rack is that the bike sits snugly in the rack and there’s
no metal to metal contact at all. Another feature of the Steady-Rack design and
the pivot is that it’s a safer rack, because if you accidentally walk into
the rack, it’ll bump the bike away. The Rack is designed to collapse, so when you’re
using it you pull it down, when you’re finished with it you can simply fold it
up. As well as all the practical and functional features of the Steady-Rack,
one of the things we noticed with the conventional hooks is that they don’t
look that attractive, so we set about to make Steady-Rack, not only practical and
functional, but a great-looking rack. Included in your Steady-Rack kit is a
plastic rest, the rest is designed, so that when you’re parking your bike
and pivoting it, all you do is place the rear wheel either side of the rest and
pivot it to the side, what this does is it effectively keeps the bike in a
vertical alignment and allows you to overlap your bikes and there’s no risk
of the bike swinging around and contacting each other.

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  1. LOL. I'm not spending $50-$75 to stow my $100 bikes. The Dan is a very neat idea though. I'm pretty sure I can make one myself out of wood with 2 L-brackets to hook the pedals.

  2. The first one is so much better than the others. Not sure why the other two even made the list although the Clug is very small at least.

  3. These are good for home use, but otherwise they need a place to lock the bicycle frame and wheels. I'd be afraid to use these in a public or office space.

  4. First one is the best, only one with an original idea. The other two are nice too but just different iterations of previous designs.

  5. Everyone's used to buying mass produced Chinese trash from Walmart. $50 is a fair price. If that's too much go buy some metal stock and have it bent, laser cut, painted then see how much it costs. Or make one out of 2×4's

  6. You have to be some kind of bicycle fetishist to hang 3 of them right next to your front door like that. To a normal person it looks horrible. Just put your bike where it belongs; In the shed.

  7. 4:07 whenever I hear anything with that sort of gay ass jangly music with whistling (product #2) I always fast forward.
    I wouldn't buy it based on that alone.

  8. Good concept, but instead of three separate pieces, he needs to simplify it to just one piece per bike. It would simplify installation greatly, since you don't have to align three pieces just right. It might also need to be adjustable, to account for different size bikes. But if you're never going to change out your bikes, then this is workable.

  9. Dont buy dan! https://www.amazon.de/Contec-CONTEC-FAHRRAD-WANDHALTER-Z-EINHAENGEN-PEDALS/dp/B006YSVA10/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1526254197&sr=8-1&keywords=Contec+wandhalter

  10. Aber es ist halt voll nicht stylisch! Gute Idee, aber optisch will das doch keiner an seiner Wand haben. Schade.

  11. Привет всем. Пару строк о том что осталось за кадром о таком прекрасного креплении.

    1. я сделал себе подобное из строительного уголка 100х100, и пользовался 3 года – цена в 0,5 доллара вне конкуренции, и место в квартире экономится колосально.
    2. когда вы приезжаете мокрый – грязь с педалей и покрышек течет по стене.(делал типа защитных накладок на стену, не помогло)
    3. когда вы вешаете или снимаете вел – переднее колесо норовит повернуть и на обоях черный след от покрышки даже если они чисто вымыты.(в итоге жена настояла снять велики со стены)

  12. I’ve seen this before and fell in love with it, the video came up and it’s for sale!!! Thanks for your invention, gonna order mine soon!!!

  13. Check out that we'll known auction site item number 202054365087 for a similar version of the first one in the video in the UK for £10.45.

  14. Wow! I read your complains and amazes me how people think. Gordon Hale is the only one with the write answer. I´ll add this: hats off for the inventor, he is way further than all of you. And if you can´t purchase a $50.- dollar item to professionally park your $1,000.- bike, I really don´t want to hear what you have to sell.

  15. Im wondering what if my bike weight around 15kg.. If i use wheel hook type rack does it affects my wheel tension or something.. Because the wheel will take all the weight.. I mean maybe its a different story when we press the wheel when riding, but for the rack its pulling the wheel out..

  16. My possible issue with ted is side loading the pedals that are designed to have force pressed and or pulled vertically. Hanging it sideways off the pedal COULD, maybe pull the pedal off shaft

  17. Если велосипед с гидравлическими тормозами, утром тормоза работать уже не будут!(

  18. я б тоже завел бы себе 5 байков, но нужно блять бабло и ставить их в моей хрущевке негде – а на улице или в падике спиздят!!)))

  19. Wow great Video! I really enjoyed watching it! Another great way of putting your bike at a wall is the system of Parax Germany! Have a look at their instagram account parax_germany

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  21. i use dahanger dan but not as intended. i use them as hangers like for paintings, so i have single bikes on each of my walls!!

    i am trying to figure out how to put small LED uplights on the wheel holders to light the bikes at night!

  22. Bummer, DAHÄNGER Dan Pedal Hook


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    Currently unavailable.

    We don't know when or if this item will be back in stock

  23. Someone already copied it: https://www.alibaba.com/product-detail/Free-shipping-Wall-mounted-bicycle-hanger_60768863516.html?spm=a2700.7735675.normalList.28.AlZxkP&s=p

  24. Хочу себе такое же у меня их пока 3 вешать не куда.

  25. The first one seems to be the best. Especially since its so freaking simple, you could make it yourself. I don't like the design though.

  26. I live in an apartment building. 2nd Floor. No shed or garage. Whatever I make/get has to be completely out of the way, look like it blends in with my furniture and I CANNOT pay more than $20.
    …still looking…

  27. 2:59 Lol who don’t want to know what happen to wife when Dan’s want to point his toes instead and keeping them up😬.

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