2nd year on the road with New tires from Psihogios tires!

2nd year on the road with New tires from Psihogios tires!

I want to thank, from the bottom of my heart,
Andreas Psihogios, who took the initiative to equip my bike with new tires for the second year of my travel. Andreas was very kind to show me some techniques, in case I have a flat tire on the road. I found his advises very usefull and I want to thank him again. Also for the brand new tires and for spending his valuable time to show me some tricks. You have to press it down a bit and then pull it up.
This technique we call it “Harakiri” You always start from the valve to get it out and then to put it back in you have to start opposite of the valve, and you always finish at the valve. You have to feel that the valve is sitting well. If its not there is a high posibility to blow up the inner tube.

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  1. Have you ridden Mitas/Sava tires? If so, how long did they last? How long did these tires last that you changed for new ones? It's nice to see you getting the bike ready for the second year. I bet you're gonna have a good time!

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