29er to 27.5+ Conversion – MAXXIS MINION PLUS TIRES 600 mile review

29er to 27.5+ Conversion – MAXXIS MINION PLUS TIRES 600 mile review

So continuing on from my video where I converted
my 29er to 27.5+, I ran into some issues with the 3” WTB Bridger tires
First, the rear tire was threatening to tear off my front derailleur!… so I tore it off!
and went with a 1X setup… no big deal… because I was going to do that anyway… Then, the rear tire was rubbing the derailleur
cable… no big deal again!… I just put some cable housing on that section,
and taped it to my chainstay to get it out of the way…
*but I was still getting some tire rub in the rear, when things got rowdy, or when I
really leaned in to turns… but I could deal with that… Then, I upgraded my fork from Spring to air…
that increased my stanchions from 32 to 34mm… and subsequently decreased my front tire clearance…
which caused the tires to rub on every little bump
*With the 3” bridgers It was also easy to notice that, like a lot of “plus” tire
offerings, the knob profile is really low, and they’re smaller… relying on the surface
area for grip… as well as being really ballooney feeling, and squirmy in the side-walls.. they
felt pretty thin, weak, and not very puncture resistant… So I figured, If I had to get new tires…
that I would go WAY more aggressive and try the new Maxxis Minions DHF and DHR II plus
tires…. *just looking at them, they are like night
and day in comparison to the WTB Bridgers… Also going from 3” to 2.8” was all I needed
for tire clearance, front and rear! I don’t get tire rub anywhere, anymore.. So far, I have about 4 months and 600 miles
on the Maxxis Minions.. And I can see why EVERYONE is crazy about
the DHF and DHR in general… Yes, they are a bit and burly and you could
cry about rolling resistance.. but the grip and control is insane!…. both going up and
down. Gone is the squirmy-sidewall feeling of the
flimsy Bridgers! The support has been impeccable, but I still
feel the suppleness of what a plus tire should give… I’m about 160 Lbs with all my gear
And I run 14 PSI in the front, and 16 psi in the rear, and that seems to provide a perfect
balance of comfort, grip, and support. *I DID fill these up with double the orange
sealant that was recommended… as well as adding 3 different types of glitter for extra
puncture protection… after riding the whole enchilada in moab, and ripping around Grand
Junction and Fruita… In my opinion, being a weight weenie with
mountain bike tires is counterproductive… I’ll take the weight penalty from a burlier
tire… and more sealant… for the peace of mind, and time saved not fixing punctures
– trailside… with my riding buddies waiting for me… For these DHF and DHR, I went with the 3C
EXO Max Terra casings… with 120TPI up front for suppleness, and 60TPI in the rear for
durability…as the rear wears faster than the front…it seems to be a good balance. I think that next time, I would only do the
3C casing on the front.. and then do the Double Down casing in the rear… just for the extra
protection.. BUT in the past 4 months and 600 miles, I
haven’t had one puncture… and I’m incredibly impressed with the sidewall durability.. I’ve taken these on some gnarly trails where
I can hear the rocks pinging my tires and trying to cut at the sidewalls… and I’m
expecting a slash.. or puncture… but voila! Nothing! They’ve performed beautifully! As far as speaking to the effectiveness of
the Sealant and Glitter… how can anyone say how well their sealant is? Until the sealant is all dried up and you’re
inconvenienced with a puncture.. but I did have a ride where I didn’t have
enough pressure, and burped out some glitter… that’s about it… *if you look at the before and after of the
knobs, they are worn down quite a bit… and as expected some square edges aren’t as
tall and crisp… but I still feel really confident on the trail, riding these… it’s
almost like I’ve kind of broken them in…. Even though I’m close to needing to replace
these soon, I feel like I’ve gotten my money’s worth out of these tires… and I would definitely
recommend, AND buy them again! A lot of people were shying away from the
plus tire movement, because the tire offerings were horrible…. But if you’re willing to add a little bit
of weight for more aggressive grip, durability, and puncture protection.. I think that these are definitely the way
to go! Thank you guys for all the Subscriptions,
likes, and comments! They mean the world to me!..so keep ‘em
coming! AND Thanks for watching!

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  1. Those tyres came on my Yeti SB5+. I can 2nd the motion that they are indestructible. I've lost count how many times I was sure I had just blown out my tire on a decent, only to look down and see they were still rolling defiantly over the rocks. I'm going to try Nobby Nics after these wear out, but only to compare them against the Maxxis tyres.

    Also, the Maxxis look BOSS on your bike. Don't know why, but they just look like they were made to be on that frame.

  2. Sure they weigh a bit more, but you get what you pay for. Durability and traction are king in my opinion. Outside of racing, I only run Maxxis tires now. I hear some good things about E13 and WTB, but after several years of trouble free Minion life, I'm sold.

    The DHR is a bit much for my 29er, so I run a Highroller on the Hardtail rear. But nothing I have ever tried can beat a DHF on the front in any wheel size. I'll gladly pay a slight weight penalty, although I'm WT 3C EXO all the way. Never had the need to run the DD casing as I'm just not comfortable with low pressures and have not needed it so far.

    Great vids.. Keep it up.

  3. I've had great experiences with Maxxis, not so much with Schwalbe but maybe it was the particular model being lightweight which failed me on 2 of them (rock sidewall slices). I'm using Minion DHR2's in 2.35 size on my 29er on the front, I wonder if they make a 2.6 or so that'd fit, really great tires DHR or DHF. I will say when those knobs get rounded over like that they grip a lot less on turns, mine slowly wore down over the course of a year and I thought they didn't look that bad (I ride mostly loamy sandy trails) but when I put on a new one it was a world of traction again. On the rear for me Minions felt like overkill and a bit draggy, thinking of trying an ikon or something else but right now using a Schwalbe Racing Ralph since I got 4 of them for free and want to use them up.

  4. What kind of rims do you have? My Stan's Hugo's suck. I'm looking for something that can handle the kind of terrain you're riding at low psi like you're doing.

  5. I have been running the 2.8” on my ebike for the same sort of miles and found them to be great. Like you said, much better than the 3”.
    I have the DD compounds as the 3C were not available at the time I will probably swap to them when the time comes.
    Was a bit disappointed when I bought Minions for my 29er and they didn’t come in the fancy bags though😄

  6. Nice video. Absolutely love the minnions. came front and back on my bike and while my rear is getting worn to the point I might grab a fresh one for the winter and then throw the worn one back on next summer. After a year I've had one puncture, and I'm still running tubes in them. I was playing with the idea of a highroller in the rear but I don't know if anything tops these.

  7. I love the Maxxis DHF too. A lot of people have recommend I try something faster rolling and perhaps I will sometime for the experience, but I love the grip of the DHF on those techy climbs. When they start to wear out I definitely feel the difference. Great video!

  8. Those are awesome tires! They look schaweet! I’ve tried a lot of Maxxis tires on different bikes and never had a flat. Obviously there’s a lot of different configurations but here are my rankings:

    Minion DHF > High Roller II > High Roller > Tomahawk > Ardent

    I am in the same non-weight weenie mindset of durability over weight savings. It’s served me well on our techy VT trails!

  9. Great review. Very informative. What size is the inner width of your Rim that you could run both 3.0 and 2.8 inch tires?Cheers

  10. 2:25 Glitter junkie! ha ha ha

    If Crushing Dad ever gets a flat, it's not gonna be from a puncture, it'll be from glitter overdose! LOLOLOLOLOL

  11. I've a LP 400AM overvault ebike with these tyres on! I just point it the way I want to go and these puppies do the rest!

  12. I just upgraded 2.8 front and rear on flow mk3 wheels! Hopefully the 29IW will be good. What IW wheels do you have ? Thank you

  13. This is a great video, I was on the verge of returning my Maxxus DHF and dhf 2.8. They seem to be smaller than my factory 2.8’s which are a no name inovva brand. I was worried that they were smaller more like a standard 27.5 tire and is afraid they would be too Stiff and wouldn’t have that supple feeling for my Hardtail. Since watching this review I’m going to mount them up and ride I’ll let you know how it works thanks again for the great review I’m going to subscribe

  14. Found you by looking at tire reviews, great presentation!

    subbed, keep up the good work.

    I ride a Raleigh Tokul 3+ and i love 2.8+3.0 in the front combo.

  15. Thanks for the review. I'm about to do a mildly expensive experiment and run these two tires (DHF 2.8 in front and DHR II 2.8 in back) on my downhill bike. I'm hearing a lot of people say they'll be too thin and slow, but I have to to find out! The DHF 2.5 is such an incredible tire.

  16. I love the dhf 27.5×2.8. I'm a big guy (240+ with gear) and ride pretty aggressively. I've noticed that running a higher psi 25+ that they seem much more stable and still very forgiving when it comes to puncture resistance. I've thought plus was the way to go for big guys for a while now, nice to hear that the lighter crowd can benefit as well.

  17. Hello there. Have you experienced any valve clug with the glitter I am considering to put glitter in my Joe's sealant. Thanks a lot.

  18. I recently purchased a used Santa Cruz Hightower that was set up 650+ it has the Rekon 2.8’s on it now. On my other 2 bikes I use the DHF/DHR II combo and love it. Thanks for video, it totally makes sense. I was debating on keeping the current set up until I seen this. Cheers and thanks for the content.

  19. im trying to change my 29er to 27.5+ also.what rims did you get? did that brought the bb a lot lower? did you get a lot of pedal strikes? did it make the bike feel weird ?thanks in advance for respond

  20. Awesome video! Where did you happen to order the tires from? Some local shops don’t carry the plus size and I also want the MAXXIS logo to be same font (my OCD). Thanks again!!

  21. followed your advice and a month ago I Got the same tyres for my ebike and so far so good, no punctures, amazing grip and because ebikes are heavier and faster, the rolling ressistance is just something you forget about, so it is a no brainer. Love these tyres at 2.8, thanks for the vid:)

  22. Just in the last 4-6 months alone the tire selection for 27 plus has exploded, so I finally decided to get the plus bike I wanted for so long!

  23. I was boggled as to how a tyre would touch because of bumps, then I realized that it's your rims which are flexing – which bothers me… Anyways, what rims arewere you running? (I have that very fork & wanna run 3.0s with it – 3.0s being why I watched your video)

  24. Thanks for the video, I own a 2017 Scott Genius 740 27.5+ that came with Maxxis Rekons 2.8. I have ridden these tires for a year and want to change to a beefier in grip tire due to starting to race enduros and ride park now in Texas. I am excited to try out the DHF and DHR II in 2.8, just not sure if I should go DD or not… after the Loam Rangers Enduro video this week I think DD is really the only way to go here in TX.

  25. so what are these like on asphault up or down raods crashing dad or anyine who has them Maxxis Minion DHF+ 3C or dc version 2.8's thinking of getting them.also can anyone compare these to the panaracer fire fr 2.4 tyres. chances are il get em before anyone comments back to me but at 900g per tyre they got to be worth it right?

  26. Scott Ranson 720 with 2.8 DHF F/R 120tpi. “D”esert “D”uty. 6oz. Stan’s, no glitter, no punctures! so cal high desert mayhem :-). Highly recommend.
    Great review. 🙏🔑✌️

  27. Retraction on desert duty DD Maxxis.
    Maxxis email clarification of DD or double down and TPI.
    DD not avail in plus sized.
    DD definition is 2x 120 or 2 ply eco 120.

  28. I know this is probably too broad a question, but is it “safe” to assume that ANY 29er hardtail will accept 27.5×2.8” tires? I recently bought my first 29er, but I’m dying to try it with 27.5+ tires on it.
    Thanks for the great content!

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