24 Reasons Independence Day & Pacific Rim Are The Same Movie

24 Reasons Independence Day & Pacific Rim Are The Same Movie

At the time, the casting for the main hero
guy was sort of a risk because people only really knew him from his role on a TV series,
overall he was a good fit for the film though. In the beginning, the main dude’s sleeping
in bed and he gets woken up by a category 3 (audio). He gets deployed because
the world is being invaded by aliens and it’s some pretty scary stuff. The aliens have superior weapons where they spit blue stuff out and
destroy our buildings within seconds so it’s pretty tough to fight fire with fire. When
the hero boy arrives at the base, him and his best friend got this Maverick and Goose
thing going on, but you’re just not really sure which is which. But then, this happens
and it’s pretty obvious that he was goose. The hero’s vehicle gets destroyed, but the
main guy still knocks out the alien in classic welcome to earth fashion. Since most of their
pilots are killed in the early stages of the alien vs. humanity war, the military has to
dig from the bottom of the barrel for whatever’s left and hires blue collar workers to save
the world. They go to a top secret military base where they store dead aliens for research
purposes. The scientist there starts talking about how fascinating he thinks the aliens
are, but then buzz killington disagrees and tells him it’s not cool, not when people
die. That day, the scientist is disecting on of the aliens and does a neural handshake with it. Believe it or not, it’s actually good news
since the gate swings both ways and one of guys is able to read the aliens mind and find
out exactly why they’re inhabiting our planet. (audio) Everybody’s worried and thinks earth is going
to die and America’s gonna be the first one to get the ax, so now the smart scientist
guy comes up with a plan to infiltrate the alien HQs and detonate a Nuke that will take
out their command center. I’ll admit, the plan sounds dumb as I don’t know what, but
the scientist guy has the whole Clark Kent glasses and Superman bang thang going for
‘em and you can’t help but believe he stands for truth and justice and they agree
to do his plan. First they, the one guy who’s never driven in the vehicle the engineers
were repairing Will Smiths it up and says “I’ve seen these things in action and
I’m well aware of the maneuvering capabilities. With your permission general, I’d like the opportunity to try”. Then everybody starts saying good bye to loved
ones and it feels like somebody’s not gonna make it back alive. One guy says good bye
to his dad and it’s pretty sad and the other guy says goodbye to the step daddy and it’s just as sad. After that, the two
characters fly to outer space and you’re like “I have got to get me one of these!” Back on Earth, we get a top 12 motivational
speech from the leader and it’s right up there with the Rocky IV if I could change,
you could change, everybody could change speech. Everybody cheers and all the military people
from 7 continents put their differences aside for the greater good. Even the dude who made
the speech, suits up and joins his troops in battle so all hands I deck pretty much.
Later on, when the two guys get to the Aliens HQs, you see a bunch of them lined up chillin’
so it’s cool that we sneak up on them with the element of surprise and back on earth, they’re
in a literal fight for their lives. One of the guys radio a message to his family member
and the music at that part makes it obvious he’s about to suicide himself. After the
pilot or pilots sacrifice themselves, it blows up the aliens. Back at the alien HQs, the
good guys detonate their bomb too and the timer on it is less than a minute, but that
leaves more than enough time for them to escape. After 3, 2, 1 Kaboosh…Blue light fills up
the screen and you can’t really tell if the hero made it out okay. Even the military
people think he’s dead because they’re not getting a signal on their monitors. But
they send emergency rescue out there anyway to be on the safe side and it he’s alive
and well. Those are 24 Reasons these movies are the same. You agree? Yes, no, maybe so? If not, politely share your thoughts in the comment section below and click the subscribe button for more 24 reason videos.

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  1. always liked pacific rim. cheesy at times but who cant enjoy giant robots vs giant monsters. its throwing in so much classic stuff in there

  2. I've never cared for Independence Day, but I love Pacific Rim and I noticed a lot of these the first time I watched it.

  3. liked pacific rim way better than indepence day similar but not exactly the same one is godzilla and voltron mixed with independence day the other is just so bad its good alien invasion movie

  4. I watched both movies in full, but I had no idea these similarities exist. Could this be a coincidence?

  5. Holy crap, I've never seen Independence Day complelety but I have seen Pacific Rim, and I'm sitting here watching this vid like, Damn, thes are the same movies .
    I love you Couch, you can watch movies correctly!

  6. I never thought of that…they are the same movie. I wonder if you will one day do "why Independence Day: Resurgence" and "Pacific Rim 2" are the same movie

  7. I am still waiting on why "Guardians of the Galaxy" and "Lego Movie" are the same (or aren't the same) movie

  8. this episode is one of the best you have done yet. i have spread it like a virus to my loved ones. you are awesome.

  9. Wow this is very close, so much so that it makes Pacific Rim look like a more hip nerdy modern version. Wow.

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  11. This is a proof that Pacific Rim worked as a much better sequel to ID than the actual sequel, ID: Resurgence (that film is ass)

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