2020 Jeep Gladiator Rubicon vs. 2020 Toyota Tacoma TRD Pro ― Off-Road Truck Comparison Test

2020 Jeep Gladiator Rubicon vs. 2020 Toyota Tacoma TRD Pro ― Off-Road Truck Comparison Test

was ZR2 versus TRD Pro. DAN EDMUNDS: Then we did
Gladiator Rubicon versus ZR2. KURT NIEBUHR: You
kept asking for it, so now we’ve got a
Toyota Tacoma TRD Pro. DAN EDMUNDS: And a
Jeep Gladiator Rubicon. And it’s time to hit the trail. KURT NIEBUHR: Before
the Gladiator came out, the Tacoma TRD Pro was by
far the best mid-sized pickup choice for those seeking
off-road adventure. Lots of clearance, trick
shocks, a locking rear diff, and a few electronic
traction aides gave it untouchable
trail worthiness. DAN EDMUNDS: But the
Gladiator is a reality. And the Rubicon version could
give the TRD Pro a hard time. Solid axles all around,
front and rear lockers, a detachable front stabilizer
bar, and crazy approach and departure angles. But it does have one
potential drawback, it’s long, 10 inches
longer between the axles. KURT NIEBUHR: What we
have here is a horse race. So we’re up here in
the Calico Mountains. Oh, rocks. And we are exploring
some trails. At the top of these
trails are some mines. And mines are cool, right? Now, we’ve got some maps,
but they’re from the Clinton administration. So hopefully the trails
haven’t changed that much. DAN EDMUNDS: How was that? KURT NIEBUHR: That was fun. It was rocky. DAN EDMUNDS: Yeah. This looks like it might
be a little bit more fun. KURT NIEBUHR: Oh,
yeah, look at that. DAN EDMUNDS: Yeah, that’s
a big step up there, and a lot of skid marks
from other people. KURT NIEBUHR: Do you think we
should put some rocks in there? DAN EDMUNDS: I don’t think so. I think I’d leave
them the way they are. And if we have to, we can move
rocks, but let’s try not to. But we do have lockers, so I
think we can get through this. Shouldn’t be too much trouble. KURT NIEBUHR: OK. Let’s hit it. DAN EDMUNDS: Let’s try it. KURT NIEBUHR: So now we
get to watch that Jeep go over that first obstacle. I will watch intently. DAN EDMUNDS: Oh, this looks
like a big step up here. And I know this has
a long wheelbase. Up we go. KURT NIEBUHR: It’s almost
going to drag the tail hitch. DAN EDMUNDS: Oh. Oh. That’s a skid plate. Oh, the muddy
tires are spinning. OK. I’m going to have to lock the
rear diff, see if that helps. No. Lock the front and
the rear together, because the front has traction. KURT NIEBUHR: He’s getting
creative with this. Sawing the wheel back and forth. DAN EDMUNDS: I’m
not going anywhere. I got both d– it’s because
these tires are so loaded full of mud. All right. I’m going to back up,
give it another shot. The wheelbase is exactly
locked into two low spots on the trail. If the wheel base is any
shorter, or any longer, I probably wouldn’t
have this problem. Well, I don’t know about longer. I’m back up for another look. Might go a little further
right, maybe I can keep my– this might work. Try this again. If I can get this
way a little bit. Light touch. I think it’s time to see
how Kurt’s going to do. All right, Kurt,
you’re ready for this? KURT NIEBUHR: I’m
ready for this. Rock crawling time. Sensitive throttle
work is kind of key. DAN EDMUNDS: You got it. There you go. KURT NIEBUHR: Not so bad. DAN EDMUNDS: So what
did you think of that? KURT NIEBUHR: That was slippery. DAN EDMUNDS: Slippery, right? KURT NIEBUHR: Yeah. Look at that. You can see right where– you have to bridge that. DAN EDMUNDS: Exactly. KURT NIEBUHR: Gap
between the rocks. DAN EDMUNDS: Yeah, I think I
had a little bit harder time because of the wheelbase
of the Gladiator was exactly the same as
the pitch between these two boulders. KURT NIEBUHR: I think
this rock has something to say about the wheelbase. DAN EDMUNDS: Yeah, I think I did
some of those scrapes on there. It didn’t feel that bad though. It was real light touches,
although it looks not so light, now that I look at it. But your wheelbase,
being a little different, I think you had a
little easier time. KURT NIEBUHR: Yeah. DAN EDMUNDS: Because you didn’t
lock your locker, did you? KURT NIEBUHR: No, no. You told me to leave it
off, so I just left it off. DAN EDMUNDS: Yeah, let’s
see what’s up the road. KURT NIEBUHR: OK. I would not buy the snorkel. I know it’s not
called a snorkel, but I would not buy the snorkel. It looks really silly. DAN EDMUNDS: The Tacoma’s
wheel articulation off road is really good compared
to other pickup trucks. But then the
Gladiator came along, and it’s got a disconnecting
front stabilizer bar. And it’s a whole
different ballgame here. KURT NIEBUHR: I like that this
truck has a real roof on it. I know it’s kind of
unfair to compare it to this particular Gladiator,
because it has a soft top. I do like the feeling of
protection and isolation in this. DAN EDMUNDS: I’ve always
been asked, is this is Jeep or a truck? And it really is both. I mean, it does Jeep things
well, and the bed is credible, and the amount it can
tow and haul is credible. So yeah, I mean, OK,
it’s not a two door Jeep, but neither is a
four door Wrangler. KURT NIEBUHR: I appreciate
having a front facing camera. And it’s got little cameras
on the bottom of the mirrors to show you what’s just
behind your front tires, but this is low quality. This is like a
10-year-old backup camera. If you’re going to include
something like this, it should be really nice. DAN EDMUNDS: The Gladiator
off road, it’s a Jeep, and it performs like one. Great articulation,
lockers, visibility like you wouldn’t believe,
and the top comes down. I mean, yeah, there’s
nothing fake about this. This is a Jeep pickup. It looks like there’s a little
spur trail to the left here that goes on up to a mine. You want to take the lead? KURT NIEBUHR:
Sure, I’ll do that. DAN EDMUNDS: Yeah,
just go straight there, and just kind of go up that
draw to the left of you there. KURT NIEBUHR: Wait, what? There’s a little hole
in the rock up here. DAN EDMUNDS: I think
we can do this. There are tire tracks. KURT NIEBUHR: There
are tire tracks. Yeah, I think I’d like a spot. There’s not a lot
of room for error. The surface is a
little slippery. And I can see– DAN EDMUNDS: Not to
mention there’s this arch. KURT NIEBUHR: Yeah, yeah. There’s also a wall of rock. DAN EDMUNDS: I don’t think
it’s much wider than that. All right, Kurt, you’re going
to want to come straight just a little bit. OK. Now, turn a little
bit to the right. Not a lot. Not that far. Not that far. Now you– watch your mirror. You keep your eye
on your mirror. I’m going to keep your
eye on the snorkel. KURT NIEBUHR: OK, buddy. DAN EDMUNDS: Watch
your rear quarter. Come to the right. Come to the passenger. Straight. OK, now just gently, your rear
end is going to come down, and it might touch
at the tail here. Slowly. Oh, it looks like
you’re clearing. You’re good. KURT NIEBUHR: I am good. DAN EDMUNDS: Drive on through. You’re kidding, right? All I see is rock. KURT NIEBUHR: You got this much. You’re good. Just creep it down. If you keep the wheel
straight for a little longer, you’re good. DAN EDMUNDS: I hear scraping. Oh. KURT NIEBUHR: You’re good. You can pull straight through,
just keep the wheel straight. Look at that articulation. You got it. Let me check the bumper. You’re clear in the back. DAN EDMUNDS: Oh,
I really thought it was going to rub back there. KURT NIEBUHR: Hey, any chance
I could get some seat time in the Gladiator? DAN EDMUNDS: Yeah, absolutely. Looks like there’s a spot
up here that’ll be good. KURT NIEBUHR: You
know it gets serious when you put the window down. DAN EDMUNDS: You ready? KURT NIEBUHR: I’m ready. Let’s see how this goes. You hear all kinds
of interesting sounds when you go off-roading. Chassis scraping the
rocks, bodywork– hopefully not bodywork. DAN EDMUNDS: Can’t
see over this hood. There we go. Piece of cake, actually. Just a matter of picking the
right line, as it usually is. No need for a locker,
just motor right on up. KURT NIEBUHR: Oh,
this thing’s heroic. That was easy. DAN EDMUNDS: Yeah, I
was just thinking that. It looked a lot more treacherous
than it actually was. KURT NIEBUHR: I think having
the right equipment helps. DAN EDMUNDS: Yeah, both of
these do this stuff pretty well. This is quite a little
frame twist section here. I think I’m going
to hike a wheel. We’ll have to see if I can get
through it without any driver aids. Not a chance. KURT NIEBUHR: So his
rear wheel is about– was about a foot off the ground. And that’s because
there’s no easy way to disconnect the sway
bars on the Tacoma. He has a couple options
available to him. He’s got crawl control, which
is pretty trick technology. DAN EDMUNDS: I think crawl
control is the right thing here. OK. Enough of that. KURT NIEBUHR: Or he could
lock his rear differential. DAN EDMUNDS: I’m going
to do the diff lock. Oh, look at that. KURT NIEBUHR: Oh,
that’s so cool. DAN EDMUNDS: Piece of cake. Just hit something. Nothing important, I think. Oh, there’s a cliff over there. I better not get
too close to it. Yeah. In a minute here,
I’m not going to be able to see where I’m going. Kurt, I might have
made this corner without taking
another cut at it. KURT NIEBUHR: Your left front
wheel is on top of that rock. DAN EDMUNDS: Piece
of key lime pie. That’s better than cake. KURT NIEBUHR: It’s my turn. DAN EDMUNDS: He’s got
more articulation, because his stabilizer
bar can be disconnected. This one can’t. KURT NIEBUHR: Good front
camera, good front camera. I’m not making this turn. Three point driver’s ed. DAN EDMUNDS: Yeah, three
point turn at least. KURT NIEBUHR: Over the
cliff, just for spice. DAN EDMUNDS: That’s
going to work. As long as the inside doesn’t
drag, the outside’s fine. KURT NIEBUHR: That’s so cool. DAN EDMUNDS: Check out
all these mine shafts. We should stop and
check some of them out. KURT NIEBUHR: Roger that. DAN EDMUNDS: Let’s go in. I have a flashlight. KURT NIEBUHR: Yeah, you first. This is– DAN EDMUNDS: Oh, look at
the shaft from the top. KURT NIEBUHR: This won’t
end badly at all, will it? This is fun. DAN EDMUNDS: This is
as far as it goes. KURT NIEBUHR: I’ve
seen enough movies to know that I don’t want
to go any further anyway. DAN EDMUNDS: Let’s
get out of here. Let’s look for another one. KURT NIEBUHR: Let’s
get out of here. That’s an interesting trashcan. That’s a Volkswagen Beetle. DAN EDMUNDS: Isn’t it? KURT NIEBUHR: It is. DAN EDMUNDS: Well, what used
to be a Volkswagen Beetle. KURT NIEBUHR: This
isn’t a place you would expect to find
interesting things to look at. If you look at it on a map,
it’s just a big wasteland. DAN EDMUNDS: Yeah, absolutely. But there’s a lot more to
it when you get up close. A lot of great
stuff around here. KURT NIEBUHR: Yeah. And buying vehicles like that
makes it easy to get here, and easy to get home. DAN EDMUNDS: Yeah,
that’s the thing. You’d like to be able to go
places that look cool on a map, and be able to get there without
worrying about your truck being able to make
it, and get you home. KURT NIEBUHR: Absolutely. Yeah. DAN EDMUNDS: Yeah. Let’s go find something else. KURT NIEBUHR: Let’s go. DAN EDMUNDS: What did
we learn here today? KURT NIEBUHR: Oh,
we’re at that part? Both of these trucks
are great off road. And the Gladiator is our
number one ranked pickup truck. And in Rubicon trim, it
just reinforces that. It’s fantastic. It’s great off road. DAN EDMUNDS: Yeah. And that doesn’t mean the
TRD Pro isn’t any good, because we love it, too. It’s just that
the Gladiator just has the articulation, the
protection, and it’s a Jeep. It just is a little
bit better out here. KURT NIEBUHR: Yeah. And it’s not to say
that the 2020 Tacoma TRD Pro isn’t a good truck. They’ve made the truck better. But the Gladiator is
just that much better. DAN EDMUNDS: Yeah, absolutely. I mean, that’s my pick. KURT NIEBUHR: Oh,
it’s my pick, too. And we had a heck of a lot of
fun trying to find that out. DAN EDMUNDS: Oh, absolutely. KURT NIEBUHR: So let us
know what your pick is. Don’t forget to comment,
like, and subscribe. DAN EDMUNDS: All the things. KURT NIEBUHR: Yeah. DAN EDMUNDS: And remember
to use Edmunds next time you’re in the market for a
car, truck, SUV, or a Jeep. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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  1. It's just that better but don't know why. Maybe it's because it's 10 to 20k more money. I like spending more money just because. What the…..

  2. Tacoma 100%

    Much respect for Rubicon performance but it's a Chrysler, over priced, low quality parts, not reliable and not to mention the depreciation.

  3. Definitely not the Tacoma.the new 3.5 is gutless and the crawl mode will leave your stranded .i would pick neither and just get a raptor

  4. Chrystler be Toyota? That jeeep is awesome but I wouldn’t sink 50,000 in to anything made by chrystler. I would buy the Tacoma and use the savings to add some aftermarket.

  5. Gladiator win all the way (as the reviewers in the video state)! Customizability, sway bar disconnect, front and rear lockers, good forward camera, non-generic looks. Tacoma's are inferior in every regard except long term reliability because they never update the damn things!

  6. One thing that is never mentioned is the price point of both the vehicles. The Gladiator Rubicon is pushing nearly $60,000 dollars for a mid size truck. Also, you should revisit all of the reviews when the vehicles have 100,000 miles on them and then tell which truck you would rather have. I am so tired of hearing how great some of these trucks are and people giving them reliability awards as soon as the truck comes to market. As a example…Introducing the 2020 Chevrolet Silverado JD powers most reliable truck….back to the video….let’s see long term test on the gladiator, ranger, and rubicon. All vehicles appear to be great the true test is how reliable are they after a few years of ownership.

  7. And most wrangler owners will foolishly spend another 10k to modify it! TO use 99% of its time at the mall. No wonder why Americans can't retire at 90. Edmunds is there to sale you a wrangler, they don't care if you can't afford to retire. Get the sport trim wrangler if you really need.. add ko2s. It will do 99% of trails. Why spend $65k for a Rubicon w ft lockers that didn't work on a 6/10 rated trail. Plus, with $65K… you might want to look at the Power Wagon , Rebel, Tundra TRDs, full size trucks- which is much more useful! I know…the Rubicon Gladiator is for EMOTIONAL DRIVEN BUYERS! no logic, but plenty of emotion.

  8. Tacoma was better on the trail. the jeep had hard time going up that first part. jeep will fall apart before 100k. those engines are junk like everything Chrysler fiat makes. tacoma most likely be in the shop less than the jeep.

  9. The new JL and JT Jeeps are incredible machines. The 3.6 and the ZF 8 speed are proven reliable and efficient. It’s hard to pick a Toyota in any segment at this point unless you’re playing the (very) long game and hedging for reliability. Up to 100k miles there are always better in-class options.

  10. They almost pulled the rear bumper off the Toyota. It’s clearly pulled away from the body in the second half of the video.

  11. Love the Gladiator Rubicon. But I will wait a few years before purchasing to make sure the kinks are worked out from first year production.

  12. Toyota Tacoma before the jeep
    The jeep is good but it's not as good as a Toyota Tacoma or land crouser or fj
    Sorry jeep lovers your probabaly better with a regular 4 door Rubicon jeep truck I don't know how this vidio the jeep won

  13. only thing I like about the Gladiator is the no mod required for 35" tires. Other than that there's nothing compelling about it over the Taco, especially when the Taco's cheaper by a few grand, #1 in reliability vs not even reliable Jeep, you'd have to be a Jeep guy and hate the Taco to buy it over the Taco.

  14. Fiat jeep?? No question American made Tacoma. Proven reliable, crazy resale value, jeep lost me when they went away from the 4.0. He'll I would trust my 85 4runner with classic plates more than that jeep

  15. I'd have to go Taco. The Jeep is just too big for British Columbia trails. Lots of narrow and tight turns around trees. The Galditor would get hung up on mild trail entrances.

  16. Just picked up an older TRD taco it's a 2007 with a small lift and 33s, and honestly I liked the 98 Tacoma I had better. Feel like you could see better and just felt better on trails. I drive a four door long bed Cummins and a 7.3 f250 most out of all my trucks so that's become my normal and I forgot how small a Tacoma is. And I'm a small dude. Your feet are tight , if you have gloves on you hit the turn signals and wipers when you turn the wheel lol. But I still love it, just miss the old Toyota trucks. So simple.

  17. So I’m three minutes in and already calling BS.
    Please air the tires down, or go back to reviewing street cars. Off-road is obviously not your thing.

  18. I have owned a 4×4 Tacoma and hated the rear suspension; each time it rained the rear would would slide out on a bumpy turn. I owned a Jeep JKU Rubicon and driving it on long distances on the highway was not too fun; it drove like an old Army Jeep. I now own a ZR2 and love it; it drives great on the highway, can turn just fine on a bumpy turn during the rain. I can drive it anywhere the JKU or Tacoma would go off-road.

  19. Why would you start up an obstacle like that without locking both front and rear and disconnecting the sway bar? So irritating to watch.

  20. Excuses made by JEEP lovers says it all….. Excuses🤣
    Tacoma Rules 👍 did not even lock the diff
    Gladiator should be renamed because it simply ain’t one

  21. Toyota all day! I would take the Tacoma over the gladiator and I would take the 4Runner over the wrangler. I personally own a 4runner and it’s literally the perfect vehicle for me.

  22. Is dragging bumpers over rocks at 2 mph while your buddy watches from outside supposed to be exciting? Seems like the most boring way possible to spend time with these vehicles in this environment. It's also a very one-dimensional review for two trucks that are frequently marketed as "lifestyle" vehicles. Fucking come on guys, Edmunds can do better.

  23. When they showed up at the dealer I did a walk around on their display model and was liking it but when I looked underneath at the drive shaft configuration and the length of the wheelbase I walked out with the salesman chasing me all the way to my stock 2010 fj cruiser. He knew I was ready to pay cash for it and kept offering me a crazy amount to trade my fj. I told him before driving off that I did not want to trade as I had the cash to buy off the showroom floor, but did not like the design and configuration of the drive shaft. He told me that it was easy to upgrade to an aftermarket. LOL! Just for viewers FYI research Edmunds .com to find out who owns them. And who owns kellybluebook and what jdpowers is.

  24. Aren't these the same guys who said the Honda Ridgeline was the best mid-size truck? Due to the fact Ridgeline had the most USB ports. 🤦‍♂️

  25. Can anyone do an endurance test and reliability please? All these “journalists” review all the vehicles but nobody mentions fucking reliability. In this case, can Gladiator survive what Tacoma can?

  26. Gladiator Wheelbase = 137" vs the FJ Cruiser @ 106"
    Then add for the gladiator horrible departure angle
    Gladiator @ 218" Overall
    Gladiator = Little Penis

  27. Why do i feel like Tacoma was better, i even think these guy know that.. but for some reason they saying the jeep is better!! Who knows.

  28. "Before the Gladiator came out, the tacoma was BY FAR the best choice"….. huh? The Tacoma is BY FAR better than the zr2? Who in the world thinks that? Turned your dumb video off.

  29. One scrapes and struggles… its definitely the winner… huh?
    Its ugly, but has some cool jeep stuff, I'd take the taco.

  30. I have a 2005 4.0 V6 4×4 4Runner with 289,000 miles. I have yet to see a modern Jeep wrangler or grand Cherokee with that many miles with out a single issue. Maybe there is one out there somewhere.

    Anyways Tacoma all day.


  32. I have a 2018 TRD off-road Tacoma. It’s a great truck. Before that I had three consecutive Wranglers that I drove daily and wheeled all over. I’d love to add a Gladiator someday, but it would not replace the Tacoma. Gonna start building up my Tacoma on my YouTube channel this coming year

  33. At least the days of the original car review places basically beating down a vehicle for not being a car are gone. I do miss laughing at those though. This must be one awesome job! I'm jealous. Oh and I'm a Toyota guy, but how could you pick the current Tacoma over the Gladiator, I wouldn't. The thing is just too cool. The Tacoma is better looking though.

  34. The word is STAPLE… There's a reason why all midsize truck manufacturers TRY to compete & beat a particular brand & model. 😉

  35. I have had 5 Jeeps. Last on was a 03 rubi now it’s nothing but trd for me. There is no comparison really. Never had to fix any thing on any of my TRD,s

  36. ZR2!


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