2017 Volkswagen GTI Track Review at Lime Rock Park – The Long Haul Project MK7 Episode 1

2017 Volkswagen GTI Track Review at Lime Rock Park – The Long Haul Project MK7 Episode 1

this car is gonna change people’s minds
about front-wheel drive and about you know BMW or Porsches being the best
track cars because this car can keep up with those cars and be just as much fun
to drive hi everyone this is our 2017 mark 7 GTI performance pack we’re super
excited we’re going to be doing a series of episodes on this called the long haul
and we’re going to be seeing how fast we can make this car go around this track
with some simple upgrades so this this car is about 13,000 miles on it it’s
just on the used market it as a Performance Pack to the limits up so
we’re going to do a baseline lap we’re going to tell you what we liked about
the car what we didn’t like about the car so first the car is definitely a good
track our new this thing is fun to drive rotates well in the corners brake brakes
really really good power Chris throttle response good shifts power feels good
good steady of the 6000 rpm to drive Hunter shift
or we’re gonna down to the third here understeer in classic uphill hit the
hill strain it out I would say for cons on
the car right now you know it is a little roll
especially on the car the car does you know pitch a lot in the corners early
transition to design hands if I sit down with the rain started being spun out
into the law right now feels pretty good at these partners these basic you know
brake turn straight corners but this is a dynamic once is whether you really
feel the car not it could be a little more lively you
know there’s definitely a little dip in the bushings and the car takes a little
bit to take a set into the corners and certainly the brakes are good initially
but when they get warm the pedal goes away it needs something if you’re gonna
be doing a lot of track driving this car needs a little bit more on the brakes in
essence this car feels like a mark 1 golf again the GTI is back I don’t know
how to say that this is this is the essence that made the mark 1 GTI so
awesome this is probably one of the best out-of-the-box track cars under $25,000
in the European market right now the mission of this isn’t to turn this into
a full-blown racecar what we want is to bring out its best
qualities and then we’re going to do a series of upgrades on this car are using
our partners 0-3 for motorsport and Sachs Performance we’re gonna do some
oil changes with liqui moly and we’re gonna bring this thing back out here and
we’re gonna do another lap around this track and see how much we can improve
this car with some simple upgrades and the next time we come to Lime Rock
that’s what we’re gonna find out

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  1. Very exciting, I'll be keeping an eye out for new episodes. I love my 2017 mk7 gti performance pack as well.

  2. Can we please see some updates to this series?! I know it's called the Long Haul but it's been 5 months since the failed tune application and subsequent failed sub 1-minute lap. Have been following this series to try to duplicate your recipe but I was hoping to see your progress before I pull the trigger on a used MK7 GTI! I already have a 2017 Golf R but unwilling to sacrifice it to the track gods. Love the TCR series videos!!!

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