(2017) Traxxas RC Car Tires For Traxxas E REVO Brushless Here Is My Opinion

(2017) Traxxas RC Car Tires For Traxxas E REVO Brushless Here Is My Opinion

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  1. AWESOME RICKY !!!!!!!!!! I shouted you out in my latest video for the Sol Republic Shadow Wireless Rose Gold Unboxing man. Good stuff dude 😉🙏🙌🤘👍✊👊👏

  2. By the way that videos currently being uploaded lol. I gotta check out this Proline Shockwaves man!!!!!!!! 🤑🙋🚶🏃👌👍

  3. Loved my e revo, but the diffs made me switch to a Arrma nero, WAY better, no diff problems what so ever, and cheaper. Never went vack

  4. just watch out for trenchers they are drive shaft spittin diff shreddin bastards !!!no good for revo toooo big.not fitted my hot racein spure an pinnion yet that should sort the shit revo diff

  5. excuse me ricky, but could you please kindly inform your viewers of the size on the recommended proline shockwave wheels & tires. is it 2.2, 2.8, or 3.8? thank you.

  6. 3.8 Badlands are very nice to your drivetrain. lesser of a footprint than the stock talons. they handle awesome too!

  7. @2:30 i know the RTR tires are pretty bad,but if you need a set of burner tires,that one can probably be glued if you clean it a little, shout out to jay at ultimate RC for that tip when he shredded the RTR tires on his e revo,im starting to see a pattern with those tires,hmmm

  8. Ah wat do u think about the long travel rocker arms & push rods cause I keep blowing my diff & I don't have the long travel rocker arms on

  9. I own a e-revo brushless and here is what u need to know.

    1. Dont run with more then 3 cell lipo. (Even with the combined power off 11.1 charged to 12.6 volt what makes 25 volt of power (Motor can handle till 30 volt) the axel's can break very easy).

    2. Dont tighten the slipper clutch to much. Your e revo should not pop a wheelie till you hold the trottle up to 75%.
    It gives you the best acceleration without berserk reactions out of your car smashing it against something.

    3. Swaybars, get them install them, watch a youtubeclip and you will get them. The e-revo has a big problem staying on the road when u turn hard. With the swaybar, the suspension is combined. So when the car turns left. The rights suspension wants to come up. But with the bar pulling on the left side the rights side wants to lower also and so the right wheel will stick more to the ground. (you can also lower the car itsself (lowering weight)).

    4. TRX 5451R By the love of god, if you want to treat your car right. Replace your driveshafts with these Original upgrades perfect fit e-revo Driveshafts, revo/maxx (steel constant-velocity)(assembled w/inner & outer dust boots) (for models w/sealed pivot ball suspension & 3.8 wheels)(4). Never break it again. TRX5650R and this one is for the inner. Just to make sure nothing breaks. Believe me a friend of mine had a complete locked frontdrive. A screw got lose ad the front side smashing bits of plastic inside its inner shaft compartment. Thx traxxes, someone cant tighten a screw properly. So lets just replace that to make sure ok.

    Oh the switch on your car issent waterproof. It diddnt turn of when i flipped the switch so thats a nasty way of saying, there is a electrocution possibility when you are forced to unplug your lipo to turn it off. Because there are two lipo's plugged and the last one allways makes a spark, yea thats normal.

    And, the motor may not exceed 200 fahrenheit. Mine was ad 176 fahrenheit on one empty batteryrun. So wait for 10 min before u smoke it.

    And just to end it with pulling a dragrace. Put your TSM (Button on the controller) on nothing more then 30%. Tryt it for fun on 100% Your car will drive stable on full truttle but with 30% the result is the same. Its when you slow down or break, your car will shake like there is a earthquake. And on high speed 65mph it can go so wrong.

  10. SRC "TERRAIN CRUSHER" Really nice. Perfectly balanced with the right amount of slippery grip on any surface. Check it out $50 a pair

  11. I use the badlands for off-road and road rages for on road. Both are great. I had a lot of differential problems when I was running the trenchers. Now i have no issues at all unless I do backflips and land with a ton of wheel speed.

  12. Thanx Rick, shocks it must be, you saved me a lot of money, bro, Thanx, great vid, had fun of of you explaining the Joe's a bit too long, must be the disapoitment, I get that ! thanx again !

  13. Dose your e revo brake every time you drive it and thanks for the info grate content to keep up the great work

  14. When I saw the video for the 1st time, I was quiet cuz the tires were new. Today a year later I fully agree with you about the BIG JOE after all they are the only ones who can HOLD e-revo and get even better at jumps. Nice

  15. I have the Revo 3.3, I ripped the stock tires within a month. I then bought the Badlands. I don't know why, but they seem to make my Revo a lot happier. It doesn't feel as sluggish with the exact same tune. I always run mine a little rich to keep the temps down, and the trails I run it on are twisty and tight. Lots of hill climbs and rocks. I also have the summit which I am still running the stocks on at the moment. I have a set of 40 series wheels on their way and I'm on the waiting list for the RC4WD Rock Crushers. I have blown the bearing and differential in the Summit, but I'm not easy on the thing at all. As far as diffs in the Revo go, I haven't yet destroyed a diff, but I have a spool ready for when I do. I never run either of mine on the road as I would have bought a street car for that. I have a Mamba Monster 2 that I bought to put into the Summit, but after long thought I'm not sure I'm gonna put it in there. The brushed 775 does well, just the ESC will not accept Lipo batteries. I only, as you said, use the Summit for crawling and I wreck havok on the Revo. I have a large toolbox filled with tools and spare parts mostly for the Revo. Anywho, I like the Badlands and the Canyon AT's. The ready to runs didn't last long enough on the Revo, so I won't be running those again. The Canyons are doing ok for now, but looking forward to getting to run those Rock Crushers.

  16. I agree, Shockwaves are awesome, I run them on my Brushless E-Revo. I just ordered some Badlands, was going to get Trenchers, but they're too heavy. I did score a full set of Big Joes for a bottle of Vape fluid ($35) and yes the E-Revo looks mean with them on, but not for running.
    Love your vids too man.

  17. Oh, crap. I bought the Proline Big Joe II's for my E-Maxx. I did upgrade the diffs with helical cut, hardened ring & pinions though.

  18. What are the necessary upgrades to make on the e revo 2 so that I don't dent rods, keep tie rods on, etc.. I want to make my e revo 2 as rock solid as possible in every possible way. Thanks.

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