2017 Ford F150 on 37inch Tires! ECOBOOST! CHEAP LIFT!

2017 Ford F150 on 37inch Tires! ECOBOOST! CHEAP LIFT!

so two weeks ago I went out and bought a
2017 f-150 I really wanted to get a rafter but after looking at the prices
looking at what I could do with a stock basically XLT 2017 f150 it just wasn’t
worth it for me to go and spend $80,000 MSRP you know crazy markup on the
rafters right now so I basically bought 2017 f150 two-wheel drive with the 2.7
liter EcoBoost and I’m going to turn it into a raptor and I’m explain how I’m
gonna do it but I’m also gonna talk about in this video how I got my truck
on 237 s with 17-inch wheels and kind of talk about where it’s at right now I’ve
had it for two weeks I’ve got all the parts ordered but it’s kind of slowly
coming into parts and kind of break it down what’s going on with this build
right now so stay tuned so for the front suspension I’m running the 4.5 max track
spindle lift kit that’s all I’m running in the front and then I’m adding the
icon coil over so basically I’m think I’m sitting about 7 inches maybe 6
inches after the coil overs after the spindles in the front it only take about
2 hours to install also what we did it was he cut the front crash bars off and
I’m only running the stock upper control arms right now cuz I’m waiting for for
the upper control arms to be shipped and delivered soon so once I get those on
there I’ll get the upper control arms upgraded as well but right now I’m only
running the spindles and the coil over also you can see in the front I’ve got a
new bumper there I found this bumper on Amazon it was a totally this random
company it actually looks pretty good I paid about 400 bucks with an actual
light bar but I think I’m gonna run the light bar light bar just looks kind of
cheap I like the bumper it’s got a skid plate
on it it’s simple it’s easy it makes the truck like a lot more aggressive and
gives me a lot more ground clearance you can see kind of looking at the fender
wells I removed the inner fender well I
removed some of other parts I don’t think I really needed to do that but I’m
going to be upgrading to the McNeil Raptor fiberglass so I was gonna do it
anyway but I think you could get away with just leaving the stock fenders in
there and it’s kind of leaving like it is you can see I’m not having any
rubbing at all I can get full turn left right no rubbing driving bumps all that
stuff I drove it over 300 miles so far and I’m not having any issues with bumps
or any kind of rubbing with running a 37 s the truck drives fine
obviously a little bit slower than normal because it’s got 37th and I got
the stock gear stills but I need upgrade the gears I’m gonna be doing some tunes
to it’s like that but overall the truck handles are 37 fine it drives on the
road perfectly straight these are the Toyo 37-inch mud trains 13 fives with a
17 inch method wheel 17 by 8 5 wheel so you can see they fit they fit in there a
lot of people thought they wouldn’t fit but they fit I think with the stock
bumper it would have required some cutting also in the back I’m running 2
inch blocks and that’s all I added with the two-wheel drive there’s no blocks in
the back so I added the 2 inch blocks and then I added some icon 2.0 shocks in
the back as well for the 2 inch lifts and it fits it’s really tight I kind of
jumped up and down on the back tailgate we got about 3 or 4 guys they didn’t rub
and haven’t had any issues yet I’ve looked at the tires benders are real
round and you can fit the 37 in there no problem I think that probably got away
with stock if I really wanted to be really really tight there but two inches
works out I might add a one inch shackle in the back as well we’ll see what
happens but I kind of want to break down what I got going on right now with this
truck I replace the front grille I replace the rear taillights so far my
plan right now is to replace the front hood with the McNeil Raptor hood I’m
gonna replace the fenders and the front the front plastic pieces that are
underneath the headlights those headlights also will be replaced with
the black style LED headlights in the front there so that way the whole front
is kind of blacked out and looking a lot cleaner instead of having those stock
chrome headlights I’m also gonna be upgrading to the toe mirror so I think
this looks a little bit beefier a little bit a little bit different but overall I
really love the way this truck sits right now with these 37 s I would always
get thirty fives and I would be like man I really wish I had 37 so finally to get
37 on this truck I’m pretty excited about that after about two weeks having
on 37 s and kind of looking mean and I like it so right now I’m gonna be
waiting for the new fenders to come in and after that I’m working on getting a
wrap on it I kind of figured out some kind of cool colorway or something to do
hopefully you guys enjoy and stay tuned for more videos more updates on the
truck build so far it’s only been two weeks we’ll see what happens about two
months from now

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  1. Nice truck I am looking into getting one. Did you say that your truck is 2wd? I'm interested to see how it runs with those 37s after gears and did a tune?! 🖖

  2. How bad would you say the power was after putting on the 37's? I have a 2017 FX4 I'm looking to fit 37's under with but was wondering how long I'd be able to get away with the stock gears, or if I'd have to do it right away.

  3. Need the bumper name or a link. After seeing this I️ went out and put some tire/wheel combo under a Rouch Country 6” lift.

  4. I have 17×8.5 methods. Is 12.50 or 13.50 width any different? Does that 1 inch make a difference in fitting a 8.5 rim? Thanks

  5. Nice build, but by the time you're done it may have been cheaper to buy the Raptor.  You can get into a new crew cab for $55ish.

  6. Your problem is shooting to have it be a “Raptor”. I’m saving up for Baja Kit parts and making my 2017 F150 BETTER THAN a Raptor.

  7. As long as its 2wd, you should do long-travel suspension in the front instead. It would be more like an actual prerunner than the raptors!

  8. Nice truck man. I guarantee if you would’ve kept the stock number you would’ve been cutting a lot of plastic. I’m running 35s with -18 rims and I had to cut the crash bars. Going with a 7in ReadyLift so I can run 37s.

  9. Hello fellow ecoBEAST! Just got myself a Stang 2k18 Eco 310HP, 350Lbs torque.. gotta say, its a fucking sweet pleasure and feels like a whole different beast I had; the 2014 GT.. maybe change to a GT in the next 6-7 years or so. Did some tunes to the eco, including a C &L cold air intake… loving it. Fuck the haters, I smoke them regardless.

    Quarter mile drag time: 13.7 sec.

  10. Dude I love all your truck vids on this channel I subscribed to ya! I think it’s awesome that you bought a 150 and made it your own or a raptor (aesthetically at least) for half the cost.
    How do you like those method bronze wheels I’m getting them soon, are you using a spacer on them?

  11. Very nice set up but 2wd, I really like it… Follow me I can show you how to set up that engine good…

  12. The front bumper is really nice and clean. Searched Amazon and I can’t find it. Can you check your Amazon history please!

  13. Not going to knock your truck because it looks good and to each their own, I also had a 16 exactly like yours but I would have never lifted it or put those giant tires on it. now I have a 18 xlt 5.0 FX4 and I can't wait to do what you did so I can actually use it. So enjoy your truck it looks good. Just don't tell anybody it's a two-wheel drive anymore.

  14. I have a 2012 f150, anyone know how to get a cheap lift(pavement princess) so body lifts or anything, I’m looking for a 4-6in lift to fit 35s, any ideas would be great

  15. 2wd lifted with 37 inch mt's, wtf? Not a prerunner, no power in that weak ass engine, not a desert runner, etc. Why is this even youtube worthy? Im guessing for the laughs?

  16. Looks great..I would put the light in thebumper to fill the void..I like the color..wheels are cool..thanks for sharing

  17. I don't know why people get their panties all bunched up over 2wd or just crawling the mall..as long as your happy I'm happy for you..I think its cool.! We all truck people deep down  inside..

  18. Great looking rig. Does the 2.7 EB struggle to turn those monster 37's? So cool looking. I love it. Can we get a 2019 update?

  19. Im running a 6" trail master lift with 35's but really want to go 37's when I need new tires. I was gonna go with a bumper like yours to prevent rubbing but the 4 wheel shop is telling me the back will rub like hell. Did you rub at all with the stock fenders in the back running the 37's?

  20. Bout to do the same but with a supercab ! and 5.5 bed ! i am cutting the chassis and everything ! going all out!

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