2015-2019 Mustang EcoBoost Nxt Step Performance Axle-Back Exhaust Sound Clip & Install

2015-2019 Mustang EcoBoost Nxt Step Performance Axle-Back Exhaust Sound Clip & Install

Hey, guys. Adam here with americanmuscle.com. Today I’m giving you a quick review and install
breakdown of the Nxt Step Performance Axle-Back Exhaust, available for the 2015 and newer
EcoBoost Mustangs. Now if you’re the owner of an EcoBoost S550,
you might be looking for an affordable way to ditch the factory sound of the factory
cat-back or axle-back and pick up a very affordable, very high-quality system that gives you a
nice throaty, aggressive tone. Now as you heard from our sound clips, this
is going to get a soft three out of five on our loudness meter. It’s something that gives you a little bit
of drone inside the cabin but sounds really good outside and lets you know that it is
aftermarket. Now it’s pretty hard to find something like
this for the EcoBoost that sounds pretty good and in my opinion, the Nxt Step Performance
is one of the better sounding exhausts. It’s right around 300 bucks for the pair and
you get a full mandrel bent 304 stainless steel build. That’s the highest quality exhaust system
build you can find on the market. For just about 300 bucks, in my opinion, that’s
a steal. Now if you’re looking for something very simple,
not overbearing or overwhelming, as you heard from those sound clips, again, this does do
the job. This doesn’t sound too overwhelming in the
cab, although there is just a little bit of drone. But outside the car, you definitely hear a
throatier, deeper, aggressive muscle car tone coming out of that EcoBoost. Now as far as getting this installed, it’s
definitely going to be a little bit trickier than just a direct bolt-on, simply because
there is one single cut you have to make on both sides, so you will need a Sawzall or
a cutting tool of your choice on deck, whatever you feel most comfortable with. That cut’s going to come right here, right
behind the factory rear sway bar which we’ll show you in just a bit. Getting this installed, I’m giving it a soft
two out of three wrenches on our difficulty meter just because of that cut. Other than that, simple hand tools will do
the trick. A ratchet or a power tool, in my case, I used
an air tool. Extensions will definitely come in handy to
make sure you’re getting the brackets down safely, as well as an assortment of sockets. Now without further ado, let’s see how it’s
done. Before we can install our Nxt Step Performance
Axle-Back we do have to make one small cut to the factory axle-back to drop our mufflers. Now that cut is going to be made right here
behind the sway bar in the rear on both sides and then once that’s taken care of, we’ll
be able to release the bolts holding on our rear brackets underneath the tailpipe tips. So the first thing’s first, let’s make our
cut, drop the brackets, and pull our muffler system out. All right, with our factory axle-back and
muffler out of place, we can see this on the floor compared to our Nxt Step Performance
Axle-Back we’ll be installing today. Now there is a clear difference from the factory
muffler size versus our Nxt Step Performance bullet style muffler. Inside this muffler, you’ll get that throaty
tone that you heard in the beginning of the video in the sound clips. Now obviously, it is an EcoBoost so there’s
only so much you can do for the sound, but this bullet style muffler from Nxt Step Performance
definitely gives you a more aggressive note there which might be something that some of
you S550 owners out there are looking for. Now aside from the size of the muffler here,
which is the biggest difference, you can see the polished 304 stainless steel throughout,
decent welds, a nice hanger here, very strong, welded to the muffler itself. Now the final tip coming out the rear is going
to be a polished 4-inch 304 stainless steel. Very durable, very shiny, definitely going
to catch some heads coming out the rear end there. So without further ado, let’s get this thing
installed on our Mustang. Now before we can get our Nxt Step Performance
Axle-Back into place, we have to slide our hanger brackets over our hanger, slide it
through the isolator, and then we’re going to bolt it down to the body. Once we have this installed on our hanger,
we can slide the clamp through and bolt it down to our pipes. So first thing’s first, let’s slide this over
the hanger and get it bolted up to the body. We’ve got our passenger side taken care of
already with the axle-back from Nxt Step Performance. We don’t have our bolts here tightened down
all the way just yet. We want to leave room for adjustment. We’re going to take care of our driver’s side
here, do the same thing for this side, and at the end of it, we’ll come back and tighten
everything down. Now that both of our axle-backs are in place,
the tips are out the rear, you want to make sure you’re lining everything up before you
tighten it down. Once you get it in the position that you like,
it looks like it’s centered, you can go back, tighten down all the clamps, making sure there’s
no air leaks or possibilities for air leaks and it’ll also straighten everything out and
tighten down the mufflers to make sure they stay in their place. So let’s tackle that. All right, guys, that’s going to wrap up my
review and install of the Nxt Step Performance Axle-Back Exhaust. As you heard from those sound clips, again,
a nice aggressive tone over the factory option with an affordable price tag just over 300
bucks. 304 stainless steel, 4-inch polished stainless
steel tips, it’s definitely a good option for guys out there sticking to a budget but
looking to ditch that factory sound. If you want to check our the Nxt Step Performance
Axle-Back Exhaust, you can do so right here at americanmuscle.com.

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  2. Those sound good. But if you want that turbo whistle in the exhaust, go with the Pypes Pro Touring Axlebacks. Check out my YT Page for a good vid on it. Pypes are louder. But do not drone.

  3. Should install he clamps the same way. Looks weird with one pointing one way and one pointing the other.

  4. For the interior sound starting approx 31 seconds in, is that with the engine noise being pumped through the speakers (factory setting)? I have this disabled because I have a subwoofer and you couldn't even listen to the radio with this setting enabled. I wanted to know what it sounds like if this engine noise through the speakers is disabled. Thank you.

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