2015-2017 Mustang The Driveshaft Shop Halfshaft Axle Assembly – 800/1400 HP Review

2015-2017 Mustang The Driveshaft Shop Halfshaft Axle Assembly – 800/1400 HP Review

What’s up, guys? Stephanie with AmericanMuscle.com,
here with these upgraded Halfshaft Axle Assemblies from The Driveshaft Shop for 2015 and up Mustangs. The upgraded halfshafts are going to be a
good option for any S550 owner that’s worried about running into trouble with the factory
halfshafts. Have you been hitting the drag strip at all? Or even if you’ve just been
keeping an eye on what’s been going on, then you’re probably aware that the S550 stock
halfshafts are a weak point, and they need to be upgraded, even if you currently have
minimal mods. All it really takes is some time with a drag radial, and you’re out of
the lanes or off the streets until you’re fixed up. DSS gives you two options for the 8.8 IRS
Rear, depending on what you need in a halfshaft. The first upgrade over a stock is actually
going to be these halfshafts here that are rated up to 800 horsepower, so you have a
lot of room to grow into these if you plan on some more mods down the road. And let’s
face it, more mods is usually always an option. The other option from DSS are halfshafts that
are rated up to 1400 horsepower if 800 isn’t enough for you, and you’re building something
serious. There are some pretty cool things going on
with both of these options, though, since DSS pretty much upgraded every component of
the halfshaft. And I’m going to try not to geek out too much here, but I’ll start with
the material that’s used for the center bars. This is a 300M alloy steel, which is a modified
steel that has a high hardenability, strength, and toughness. Another cool thing here is
that the center bars are done with a C&C spline rolling process. DSS did this because rolling
the spline instead of using material cutaway is a way of compressing and forging the spline
making it stronger. Next is the whole CV area, from the billet
CV mounts to the joints themselves, to the billet chromoly cages and raises, and even
an upgraded grease and boot, high durometer neoprene boot to be exact. Now all of this
is a lot of technical talk, but basically, these are some seriously beefy halfshafts
that are made to handle abuse, and this isn’t coming from just me. There are some record
holding cars out there that are testing these products. These are a couple pounds heavier than the
factory halfshafts, so they do cause a small weight gain, but I think that the benefits
outweigh the weight gain here. Something like this is needed in order to be reliable on
the street, or at the dragstrip, or if there’s a lot of hard driving going on. So looking at price, the 800 horsepower rated
halfshafts are going to cost just under $600, and if you want to go a step up from that
and hit up the 1400 horsepower option, you’re looking at about $200 more. Ford racing is
the only other company out there right now that is competing with the DSS halfshafts,
and they do have a couple of different features, so feel free to check those out too, but they
are more expensive. The install can be considered difficult with
this one, and I’m going to call it a three out of three wrenches on the scale. I would
take this to a shop for the install if you don’t have any prior experience in this area
since it does involve a lot of work. But if you do decide to tackle this yourself, a lift
and a second set of hands can go a long way in helping you with this. You will need a
handful of different sockets, wrenches, and miscellaneous tools, as well as a torque wrench,
and you can plan on about an hour or two per side, depending on if you have some help,
and are working off of a lift or not. Wrapping things up, the DSS Halfshaft Axles
for the S550 Mustang are a beefy upgrade over the factory halfshafts when we look at both
materials and construction. They’re one of the only upgrades that are currently available,
and they’re rated at either 800 or 1400 horsepower. I’d suggest checking these out more online
and seeing what you think for yourself. I’m Stephanie, and for all things Mustang, keep
it right here at AmericanMuscle.com.

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  1. I love that people shit talked me on the forums before the IRS cars came out for saying the half shafts will be breaking all over. AKA the "Glass ass" Now…..Silence.

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