2015-2017 Mustang (GT) Borla ATAK 2.5″ Axle-back Exhaust Sound Clip & Install

2015-2017 Mustang (GT) Borla ATAK 2.5″ Axle-back Exhaust Sound Clip & Install

Hey, everybody. I’m Justin with AmericanMuscle.com
and this is my detailed review of the Borla ATAK Axle Back Exhaust System available for
your 2015 and up Fastback GT, with your choice of either a black or polished tip. Now right
off the bat guys, I can tell you that the ATAK from Borla is going to be for the S550
GT owners out there who are looking for an axle-back. It is going to deliver a lot of
volume even with that factory resonator still in place. Now the ATAK is Borla’s loudest
and most aggressive muffler they offer for the S550 GT here at AM and stands for acoustically
tuned applied kinetics, which is basically Borla’s way of saying, “This thing is going
to be loud, but it’s not going to get sloppy or distorted the louder it gets.” And as you guys just heard with the sound
clips, this thing is certainly going to deliver that aggressive tone, but my opinion it’s
a slightly higher pitch tone, especially when compared to the Borla S type muffler, which
is a slightly deeper tone. Overall, an easy four out of five of my one to five or one
to wake neighbor scale. Again, guys, this is with the factory resonator still in place.
Replace that resonator with an X or H pipe, add some long tubes into the equation, and
you have essentially pegged the loudness meter. So again guys, to summarize, if loudness is
one of the biggest deciding factors when choosing a muffler, the ATAK from Borla and the Corsa’s
sport muffler are going to be your two top choices here on the site. Now that Borla is
certainly going to cost you a lot less compared to the Corsa, and overall it’s going to come
in around the $700 range, which I think is going to be your average price point for a
lot of the big name aftermarket axle-backs, such as Borla, Magnaflow, Cooks, Ford Racing,
things like that. Now if all of those names I just listed, you
can expect pretty great quality, 304 grade stainless steel throughout here with the Borla,
the patented ATAK series mufflers, two and a half inch mandrel bent tubing, and finally
those large orange tips embossed with the Borla logo. Again, you can pick them up on
a black chrome finish or a polished finish like I have on the table. The ATAK, much like
any other aftermarket exhaust system here axle-back, is a cut and clamp design, meaning
it’s time to break out the fun tools. Now I myself prefer a Sawzall along with a fresh
metal blade, but whatever you have on hand to do some cutting should be just fine. Now,
it’s not a hard install, but because you do have to cut, I’ll call it two out of three
wrenches on my difficulty meter, about an hour or two in the garage or driveway before
you’re making some noise. All right, guys. To wrap this up here, if
you’re looking for something that’s going to be loud right out of the box and only get
louder with supporting mods, such as your mid pipes or long tube headers, then the ATAK
is certainly going to be the muffler for you. On the other hand, if you’re looking to keep
things quiet and stay under the radar, then you might want to consider something else.
Either way, learn more about the Borla’s stuff for your S550 GT here at AmericanMuscle.com.

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  1. I just ordered this exhaust system, and btw the sales rep was super awesome and very helpful, how do you think it'll sound with a Ford racing x-pipe? The whole system is stock besides the x-pipe

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