2014 Freightliner Evolution Truck Tour

2014 Freightliner Evolution Truck Tour

Hi I’m Eric Roeder and I’m with Driver Development
at Bison Transport. We’re here in our maintenance shop today looking at our new 2014 Freightliner
Evolution. Now, these tractors are significantly more aerodynamic. They have a lot more aerodynamic
skirting. There’s also an integrated CB antennae built right in to the roof to also cut down
on aerodynamic problems. These mirrors have been redesigned. No longer have the problem
of shooting snow and rain onto the side windows. We’ve got front fender mirrors on both sides
of these tractors and amazing new LED headlights. These new LED headlights are simply just amazing.
Our drivers are going to love them. They have a much wider beam pattern and enables the driver
to see a much greater distance at night. They also are very low maintenance and last significantly
longer than regular halogen lights. Just to give you an idea, regular halogen lights have
a lifespan of about 300 hours or so and these are rated for 30,000 hours. All right, so let’s have a look under the
hood of these fabulous new trucks. There are latches on both sides. They can be a little
bit tricky. You’ll want to pull down the lever and then reach in there and pull up the little
hook that latches underneath. There’s a handhold right here to open the hood. If a smaller
person has trouble pulling that hood, it can also be opened this way. So, we’ve got washer fluid fill location right
here. There are a couple of tow hooks mounted right here. This is a Detroit Diesel 15 engine
with well over 500 horsepower. It’s made it to the Detroit DT12 transmission which is
a 12-speed automated transmission, fantastic transmission. We’ll head over to the other
side of the engine and take a look at some of the other fluid fill locations. All right, so under the hood on this side
we’ve got our coolant fluid right here. Right next to that is the oil filler, the dipstick
of course is right over here. We’ve got our power steering fluid fill right here. Our
fuel filter and our air dryer right here. Then, actually, under the hood a little bit
around the corner here there’s a sensor to make sure that when the hood is open, the
engine doesn’t start by itself because these trucks are actually equipped with the optimum
idle system which means the engine of the truck will start and stop based on information
received from three different sensors. So, that sensor here is designed to make sure
the engine doesn’t start when a driver or someone is checking fluids or working on the
engine. There is also a beeper mounted under the hood here. That beeper just goes off a
couple of times right before the engine starts just in case there’s someone walking by. It
will let them know that the engine is about to start. Just on the side of the truck here you’ll
see this certified clean idle decal. Even though the engine starts and stops on its
own with the optimum idle system, it is certified clean idle for California as well as CARB
certified for all of North America which again, will present a significant fuel saving for
our fleet. Right here under the driver’s door is another
panel that is just held on with magnets. Our battery box is under here and our diesel exhaust
fluid filler is right here. Diesel exhaust fluid is something that’s injected into the
exhaust that greatly reduces emissions to the atmosphere. Those days of big black clouds
coming out of our smoke stacks are long gone. You can’t even smell diesel around these trucks. So, these new tractors are actually equipped
with the gladhands here of course to hook up to a trailer and additionally there are
some gladhands at the back of the tractor. There are valves right here to switch between the
two. It’s very important for a driver who’s going to be hooking up to a trailer to make
sure these are in the correct position which they are right now. So this would be to use
these gladhands to hook to a trailer and the alternate position, having them up like this,
switches them to the gladhands at the back of the tractor. Another thing that we have on these trucks
is low-rowing resistant tires and these wonderful wheel covers. They’re just attached with velcro.
They clip in here, fairly easy to get on and off if we need to access the wheels. They
present a significant reduction to fuel usage. So, another thing that’s different about these
trucks is we’ve got a fixed fifth wheel on them now. It’s air powered, so a driver comfort
feature drivers will be very happy about. So, all these trucks are also equipped with
a pintle hitch at the back of tractor and the additional gladhands and that gives us
the ability to pull converters around for our turnpike fleet. Here we are in the cab of our truck. We’re
going to have a look at some of the awesome new features of this truck. One of the things
that drivers really love is the integrated Bluetooth. You can hook your smartphone right
in to the system and use the hands-free. We We’ve also got in here, this is the column for
the automated transmission. You can shift up or down using it if you have it switched
to manual or you can leave it on automatic and it drives much like a car. We also have the buttons here right on the
steering wheel for the cruise control and the optimum idle system. Over here we have the valve for the air operated fifth wheel. There’s also an S-bar heater in this truck
for heating both the engine coolant and there’s an additional one for keeping the driver warm
in the bunk when it’s necessary. Okay, here we are in the bunk of our 2014
Freightliner Evolution. There’s an awful lot of storage room in these bunks, cupboards,
cabinets for hanging clothes and there are also some cubby holes here to install a television
or a microwave. We also equip all these trucks with inverters which converts the 12 volt
power of the trucks batteries to 115 volts so that drivers can plug in their TVs and
DVD players and that sort of thing. The bunk itself is equipped with a very comfortable
mattress and there are actually windows back here. Fairly easy to open and close these
if you need privacy, you’ve got it. If you want to see out the window you can. All in
all a very, very comfortable truck.

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