2013 Scion FRS Widebody on ESR Wheels

2013 Scion FRS Widebody on ESR Wheels

– Hey, what’s going on guys? Andrew with Fitment Inc. television back with another vehicle
spotlight for you guys. So we have this pretty
red scion behind us. It’s a 2013. We got 18 inch ESR wheels on it with a bunch of other goodies so check it out. (upbeat music) (music changes tempo) (engine sounds) All right, let’s check out the
wheel fitment on this thing So, right off the bat if you look above here
you can see this has a rocket bunny style over-fenders on this so of course wheel fitments
gonna be real wide on this one as opposed to just the standard fitment. So he has a ten and a half in the back and a nine and a half on the front. It’s got a 40 mm spacer in the back here we’ll get you a close up shot of that. It’s actually an adapter spacer so we went from five by
100 to five by 114.3. So he did the adapter so that he can run a little bit wider wheel on this because he needed of course the width to get this to sit flush with the over fender kit on here. This is the ESR SRO8 This is the bronze we have these on the website. You’ve seen these on a
couple other spotlights that we’ve done. Awesome wheel, you can get these in a few different colors and price points killer on them so you can’t go wrong with the ESRs. For tires, we’re looking at
Nan Kang NS20 noble sports. Once again, we’ve talked about these tires a million times in the spotlight videos. A lot of people run ’em. They’re inexpensive. It’s a good tire and
they’re really stretchy. So if you get up here and look we are looking at a 265/35
on this ten and a half wide. you can see he’s got a
little bit a stretch here kinda exposing the top of the lip. Fitment looks pretty awesome just about on point, lets
come up to the front here and take a look. So we got an 18 by nine
and a half up front here. He’s got a 255/35 on this one so still a little bit of stretch here not quite as aggressive. But as far as wheel gap and everything it looks absolutely amazing. If you look in the very back here he’s got a 20 mm, a 20 or 24. We’ll put it in the bottom here. 20 mm space spacer in the front and then it was 40 in the back. If you look this thing
sits just about flush. So it looks great, you can
see it in the front here. And then of course on the back, it’s just about spot on as well, too. So excellent fitment. And we have a ton of these
things in the gallery so if you guys are
looking to really dial in the wheel specs for your vehicle. Whether you have the
Subaru or the Scion version of course same vehicle. Jump on there, there’s like
eight pages of these things. We have a bunch of OEM fitment with after-market wheels and a bunch of em with this rocket-bunny style kit on it. Let’s check out the rest of the car. The kit on this is actually a rocket-bunny replica it’s by Icon Motor Sports. So he has the version one kit with the over-fenders. Then he has the version two bumper which he still has to get painted. Really aggressive looking kit looks pretty awesome. I’ve seen a lot of
these on these vehicles. He has the LED upgrades in the headlights we’ll get you some close-ups of those and he has the GReddy these are turn-signals
and then also serve as LED daytime running light. So those are pretty cool. Really aggressive when you
see it coming down the road. I’m sure he’ll end up filling that in with some mesh or something. You can see how this kit just
rivets all the way a crossed. I like how it exposes and kinda cuts in and in the back here you
can see the tire tread looks really aggressive. So after-market side skirts and of course he has the
Thule roof rail up here, cargo box, toss your stuff up there. Check out the interior. Everything is OEM in here nice and clean, except for he has a chandelier up top here. Something you don’t see everyday. We’ll get you a close up of that, pretty cool. All about doing that unique stuff. Let’s pop the hood, take a look at it. Now everything under the motor is essentially stock as well. He was really focused on doing the body and the wheels first. So if you see here just
after-market piping and after-market filter in here. Everything else is all OEM. While we got the hood popped, Raceland coilovers in here with the adjustable camera plates. So it looks like he is just about all the way maxed out on those. Looks like no adjustable banding We’ll put in the description here too, what series of coil-over
that is by Raceland. But, from what we looked at maybe about half-way down with plenty of thread to go. Just in case you guys if you’re trying to wonder as far as the wheel gap
and what that looks like. Aside from the crazy over-fender kit by the Rocket-bunny you’re gonna see this ginormous Battle Aero spoiler 74 inches on this thing. It’s a chassis-mount style. Really starting to see a lot of these on the vehicles. Super aggressive. I really like how it kinda ties in with the roof basket, the wide-body kit. And of course to finish it off on the rear-end here he has after-market little lips on the side. After-market rear fog here. And then this is the Invidia style exhaust it’s a two and a half inch. We’ll get you an exhaust clip of that, sounds nice. (engine revving) So I think that’s gonna
do it for this vehicle Appreciate you guys tuning in. If you have any questions just drop em in the comment box below. Don’t forget, if you’re looking to dial in this wheel fitment on your car and you have one of these. Jump out to our fitment gallery Fitmentinc.com click gallery click BRZ or FRS and you’ll see a ton of these things in here. Once again we’re looking
at 18 by nine and a half and then 18 by ten and a half. Appreciate you guys watching. Peace. (music playing)

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  1. i had these wheels on my turbo tc2! my honda buddy sold them brand new to me for $200 couldnt pass it up. theyre cast but pretty light i think they were like 15lbs for the 16×7's i had.

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