2013 Motorcycle Tires Buying Guide at RevZilla.com

2013 Motorcycle Tires Buying Guide at RevZilla.com

Hey, this Anthony with Revzilla TV, where
you can watch, decide and ride. Welcome to our 2013 Motorcycle Tire Buying
Guide at Revzilla.com. So in this video, we’re going to walk through
six tires. We’ve broken down the motorcycle road universe into six different
tires. We’re going to start with Sport, we’re going to go to V-Twin Cruiser,
and we’re going to finish out for Dual-Sport and Adventure. Really,
this breakdown should give you a great idea of a tire that should match up
with your bike and your riding style, if you’re really not sure in 2013.
And as you’re shopping for tires on Revzilla.com, be sure to use the Tire Finder
on the site to ensure proper fitment. Now, as part of our larger guides here at
Revzilla.com/guides, if you want to shop the entire collection right now, click
right here to visit Revzilla.com for our Tire Guide Breakdown
page. And keep in mind, there’s a detailed breakdown video on every tire I have
on the table here at Revzilla.com, where, soup to nuts, you can
really understand the detail of the tire fully. So first up in our Sports Stack, is the Michelin
Pilot Road 3. This tire almost needs no explanation. For two years,
it’s been a juggernaut. Multi- season, wet and dry riding, long distance,
dual-compound. Think FJR, R1200- R, touring and commuting, VFR, this is a phenomenal,
sport oriented, sport touring, multi-season tire, here from Michelin.
Moving down, we get a little bit more sporty. This is our Hardcore
Sport Pick, I have the PP3 from Michelin. This is a new entrant. It replaces
the Pilot Power Pure, but in all honesty, it uses a new technology called
2CT Plus, better longevity, better handling, Hardcore Sport bike riding.
Think most of the time of the road, 85 percent of your time on the road,
maybe stretch the track, it’s going to be a better option than the Pilot
Power Pure. And in our opinion, it offers tremendous bang for the buck and
performance, even over something that’s a perennial favorite, like the Michelin
Pilot Power 2CT. So moving on from Sport into Track Day, we
have the Dunlop Q2 Sport Max. This is a 50/50 tire, 50 percent road, 50
percent track, but again, good grip wet handling, bang for the buck factor.
It’ll still give you DOT handling. Remember, guys that are buying their
Track Day tires at the track are buying more of a race oriented tire. We
know you’re out there. This is really for a guy on a hyper sport bike that
spends half his time at the track, half his time on the street, and you’re
not having to invest in something like a Pirelli, which is a little
bit higher on the food chain on the race side of things, or even a Metzeler
Racetec, which is more of a race oriented tire. For those guys that spend a lot of time on
the track, and a lot of time on the street, if you’re willing to trade longevity,
you do have the Sport Max Q2 in the mix, which will do a rock solid
job. The staple for the Cruiser Harley Davidson V-Twin crowd for this year
is the MV888, triple eight tire from Metzeler. Tire is going to be the replacement
for the 880, which is ultra high-mileage, no compromise. New for
this year, new rubber compound on the tire, increased performance, increased
longevity, Metzeler’s claiming 15 percent, we’re going to have to
see them, and improved handling. Remember, heavy, heavy bikes, big carcasses,
great handling and feel on what would be a heavy touring bike in the
Harley V-Star Honda Shadow community. Remember also, if you want a little
bit better wet handling, we’d recommend the Michelin Commander 2 in
this category as well, but the 888 really seems to be the juggernaut for
this year. Moving up, moving into our Dual-Sport Adventure
Riding category, really, two tires here on the table. The first one’s
in the middle. This is the Metzeler Tourance Next tire, the first Dual-Sport
tire with a dual- compound. So longer distance, improved tread
pattern. We consider this a 90/10. So that means 90 percent road, multi-season
touring, ten percent Dual-Sporting, light off-roading. I’m not
even going to say light and duro. Really, when you take it onto that fire road,
when you’re loaded with luggage and potentially a Two-Up rider, this
is going to be a great tire for that option. You know, moving into our more Hardcore Adventure
Riding scenarios, this is the Heidenau K60 Scout. This is a perennial
favorite. This tire is a juggernaut, well loved by the adventure riding
community. Tested to the ends, endorsed by Rawhyde Adventures out on
the west coast. 50/50 tire, chevron pattern that won’t score off like
something like a TKC 80. Think big, Hardcore Touring and Adventure Touring
bikes. Notice that chevron pattern, great at ejecting soil, great at
ejecting rain, and would provide decent handling in the turns. And remember, there is a tire that bridges
both of these as well, and that’s the Heidenau K76, which is really an
80/20, little bit less aggressive than the K60 Scout, but falls in
between the Tourance Next, as well as this K60. So remember, full, detailed
tire breakdown on Revzilla.com. You can click right here, and
shop this entire collection as part of our 2013 guide series. At Revzilla,
we do helmets, we do jackets, we do boots, we do gloves. We’ve tried to
make it easy, if you’re just looking to kind of collect your thoughts and
make a great choice moving into this season. And as always, we ship for free, exchange
for free. No restock fees, even if you send it back to us. And you can always
call and give our Gear Geeks a shout at 877-792-9455 or [email protected],
where we can walk you through the ins and outs of any of the products we
have listed today. I’m Anthony, we’ll see you next time on Revzilla TV.

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  1. I've heard and read a lot of different opinions on the PP3.. 50/50, 85/15, etc.. I have them installed on my r6 however still not rideable in Canada yet. Would love to hear a definitive post-track review of this tire!

  2. The PP3 is definitely an 85/15 tire. If you are looking for something more 50/50, check out the Michelin Power Supersport tires instead. You can see this in the reduction of tread cuts in the Power Supersport. -CK

  3. the video does not make a clear cut between PR3 and PP3….I was so torn to choose between them that I used a coin….ended up with PR3 which is on the way….I want to use it for a tour in europe….

  4. Key word being 'tour' in my opinion. The PR3s should give you better life in the long run. The PP3 will hold up better to trackday abuse. -CK

  5. Awesome review! Just bought the Q2s from you, couldn't resist 37 percent off! Thanks for such great prices 🙂

  6. quick question, what type of tire does motoGP, AMA super bike/sportbike racers use when the conditions are wet?

  7. Those are specially made tires by Bridgestone that only the MotoGP riders get to use. There isn't anything quite like it on the consumer market. Some tracks will sell you speciality tires at the track for this kind of thing. -CK

  8. That depends on what type of riding you do and what weather conditions you will be riding in. Give our Gear Geeks a call and they can walk you through a recommendation for your specific riding preferences. -CK

  9. How do you think the Conti Trail Attack stacks up to the Metzeler Tourance Next? I have put about 3K miles on Conti Trail Attacks on my '09 Versys, mostly riding paved, but doing poorly-maintained backroads, dirt, gravel, water crossings, and they have worked very well. The dry grip is great, grip in loose transitional stuff is good, wet grip is good, although I haven't pushed them hard in rain.

  10. The Metzeler Tourance NEXT is the only true dual-sport tire with dual compound technology. This immediately stacks it overtop the Conti Trail Attack in my opinion. Good tires to compare with it would be the Pirelli Scorpion Trail, or the Michelin Anakee 3. -CK

  11. I recently got an 09 gixxer 1000 and im coming from a gixxer 600.i had pures on the 600 and they felt great.I'm thinking about pulling the trigger on some pilot power 3's just not sure about the difference with the 2ct .any tips would be highly appreciated.im no expert but have def been pushing it a bit more recently..lol…thxs in advanced…no track just road

  12. The Pilot Power 3's are a great option! They'll be useful at street temperatures and include the same 2CT technology. Michelin has been giving folks excellent tread life and wear — I've been running Pilot Road 3s on my VFR800 for about 7K so far. -CK

  13. good video. thank you. i need new tires for my honda cb750. i mostly just ride around town but am planning some road trips for this summer but i also wanted something i could take off the pavement should i feel inclined. im so lost lol

  14. Have you taken a look at the Michelin Anakee 3? This tire has a great contact patch for pavement, but the tread is cleverly designed to act like a knobbier tire in off-road conditions. -CK

  15. i had not but i will thanks. right now i have a set of shinko 705s in the basket on revzilla.com. i think the 80/20 thing is just about perfect and cant beat the price.

  16. I have a 09 Hayabusa fitted with BT-016 that have about 2K on them. I'd like feed-back on something with a harder center compound.

  17. How about the Michelin Pilot Power 3s or Pilot Road 3s? This should give you better mileage while still providing excellent stick on the street. -CK

  18. hi what would you say would be best for a 1998 gsxr 600 i will be doing long miles but also want to do some track days and twisty sunday knee down grippyness thank u in advance

  19. How about the Pirelli Angel GT tires? These guys are known for longevity, but stick when it matters and will withstand an occasional track day without eating through the tire. If you see more weather and rough road conditions, try the Michelin Pilot Road 3 Tires instead. -CK


  21. The Pirelli Diablo Strada is no longer available, unfortunately! Try the Pirelli Diablo Rosso II instead. This tire will have the dual compound that provides better edge grip and more tread life. -CK

  22. Ali recently installed the Tourance tires on her BMW GS1200A. She has had nothing but good things to say since she made the switch! -CK

  23. I found Bridgestone to be the best tyre for wet and dry conditions, it's the only tyre I feel confident banking the bike right over on

  24. We don't have a wide selection in scooter tires at the moment, but check out the Kenda K413. Its a good all-around if we have the size you need. -CK

  25. I have a good deal on Anakee 2 and Trailmax TR91 tires for my DL650 V-strom. My primary concern is cold grip and comfort since I mostly ride on short commutes over really bad roads with bad potholes, stripes, slippery asphalt etc. Which one should I go for?

  26. I've hear much better feedback from the Anakee 2 tires myself. They seem to be a perfect fit for the V-strom bikes. -CK

  27. Those tires come apart really quickly theyre really not practical at all for anything other than racing theyre incredibly soft

  28. Did you include Kenda in your tests?…The Batte axes on my 93 Kat are older than Time.
    …I like Pirelli….the Winter Carvers saved my carcass in my 'wagon….but I'm on a slimey wet island…-and was think pp3…then Dunlop Qualifier 2's….now Kenda….thx
    great vid btw!

  29. We don't carry a huge selection of Kenda tires and what we do have doesn't compete well with the other brands shown here. The Michelin Pilot Road 3 would be a great all-weather commuting tire. -CK

  30. I know in america, there aren't as many 125cc bikes as over here in the UK, but what are your suggestions for smaller sporty type bikes? 

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