2007 Airstream Basecamp 3000 lbs axle

2007 Airstream Basecamp 3000 lbs axle

This Video is for a 2007 Airstream Basecamp i just want to walk around the outside showing there is no major dings or dents its a very nice little unit upfront here it’s got a uh…
twenty-pound bottle underneath that cover outside there is a gas hook up for the unit so if you can have a gas grill it has the 20″ wheels this unit does have the roof tubes on top Maxx® Fan TV antenna just another look down this side of the unit as you can see it has no dings and no dents. Its just a nice unit all the way through it has a fire extinguisher back here it has a rear tailgate it has two drop down lounge chairs and the front it has the galley with cooktop unit does have an A/C does have the stereo with the uh… again it does have four speakers with the t_v_ amplifier three-stage converter come over here it does have a sink also ahead of the upgraded tanks its got a little bit of the Galley Gear® it has a little bit of the Galley gear® in the front
it also has some of the pole gear® it doe come with the unit both of these lounges turn into the bed they come
together that’s a create your bed flip the cushions over and then you make your bed there this also folds up out of the way pretty nice pretty easy to do when you do that you can carry motorcycles small
motorcycle different you know maybe canoe or
something like at rear tailgate lifts up nicely its easy. its a clamshell design no effort at all rear doors close Then you take off down the road it only take a second to put together this unit does have the 3000lbs axle a lot of two thousand sevens only had the
twenty five hundred pound axle been able to get that late year they went to
three thousand pounds the biggest reason why is they wanted to increase the payload capacity pounds inside the shoot as opposed to
five hundred so it really does increase the payload capacity if you have any question please contact mike simpkins three one zero seven seven four four
four Give us a call

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  1. Looks great on the outside but very poorly designed on the inside very unpractical. I expected more from Airstream. For that price you could buy a much bigger and better designed trailer. FAIL !!!!!!!

  2. These campers were originally $32k…..they stopped making them in 2008 and the market dropped for about a year down to the $16k range, Now they are back up to $20k range. Camper is built like a tank. You either get it or you dont. That seems to be the way for most people and there opinions for Airsteam. Whats really interesting is I get 2-3 calls a week for these. No one can seem to find them. That tells me the owners love them and are not willing to sell…..get it!!!

  3. I sold well over 20 of these units and so far the owners just luv them….funny thing is the used market for Basecamps has headed high than what they were 2 years ago

  4. Actually the original design was for Mountain climbers to have a place to change and crash for a nights sleep….hence the name Basecamp. Very quickly people started using them as Motorcycle trailers…so Airstream had to increase the axle weight.

  5. I dont disagree but they only made 500 or so in 3 years of production. Thats whats holding the price up. Mine sold some time ago. I leave the video for show

  6. I think Nissan and Airstream were more concerned about the look on this one. I don't disagree. They windows were also very costly.

  7. This sold some time ago but they are selling for the $20k range. They have gone up over the last 2 years.

  8. I wish that they still made this. I'm in the market for something like this. I don't like to buy used RVs but I'll look around.

  9. I think you're misunderstanding the intended audience. It's not "that kind" of trailer. It's for more mobile and active campers who would likely spend more time outside of the trailer on a typical trip.

  10. I personally sold more than 50 Basecamps and I can tell you that the owners love them. Funny thing is most of the owners were not rich nor had money to throw away. Like I said you either get it or you don't.

  11. This is a really neat little rig, but I had to laugh when the gentleman said it was designed to be lived in, by who a midget who eats only boxed food? I laughed even harder when he suggested it might be used as a toy hauler. You can put a small motorcycle inside, uh probably not after you threw in an ice chest, duffle bag, sleeping bag and chairs. Wait maybe a pocket rocket motorcycle. Any how this is a really cute rig.

  12. I sold one of these to a Snake charmer from Wis., Alaskan Oil worker, Professional Fly fisherman from PA, Indian Folk Art Welder from MI, Renaissance Reenactment players from KY, Mountain climbers from Idaho and dozens of families across the USA. I don't think one of them thought of it as CUTE. Not everyone wants to park next to a 40ft'r in a camp ground with 300 other people. Some people know how to live. Either you get it or you don't.

  13. Well I'm hoping more manufacturers will make these small trailers. Love the idea of the old Boler type of trailer or the new Trillium (beds there certainly look more comfortable that the one on this Airstream).

  14. If you buy from a dealer you will probably have recourse if something goes wrong. I addition to that if the dealer made a video this could also be used in your favor. I am no longer in the camping business but I can tell you most dealers really look out after customers and enjoy helping them in most cases. I have a great relationships with hundreds of previous customers and hope to for many years to come.When you buy an rv the price will be an issue for one day. Great service Can follow forever

  15. No they have no heat. Ive used a tent in -20 degree weather but not many people could stand that cold. I do think if you used a Heater Buddy it would work just fine. The area is small and the Heater Buddy's put out a lot of heat.

  16. No I deal with the pranks just fine. You can call me at anytime. See most salesman keep numbers and have a funny way of returning calls. Especially when you dont want them too.

  17. Very nice trailer, but you can;t do much with a one-burner cook top. especially if you are cooking to the 6 people it will seat…
    When I have the money, I'm going to call Mike and buy one of these great trailers!

  18. I disagree. You just need to open your mind a wee bit wider and consider the many uses for this. It was not designed to be something a family of 4 goes on a 3-week vacation in. Look at the name: Basecamp. You base from it and set your tents around it. This way to have a kitchen, a place to get out of the weather, a place to plan the next hike, horseback ride, etc.
    If I did a caravan with several Airstreams, this trailer would be towed by the support truck/van. Great trailer!!!

  19. booooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO your so son of the BITCHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

  20. I highly doubt you could ever buy a better designed trailer than an Airstream. Trust me rtiller1, you have obviously never owned an Airstream, this will easily outlive you. This is why this is called a Base Camp: it is an upscale teardrop that is not designed for living in, It is for the serious camping enthusiast who wants a strong shelter for sleeping that can go were no other can, and provide all the basic necessities & enjoyment for outdoor living on a permanent basis if desired…

  21. Thank you Michael, I am sure that is why all the negative comments. If I could not afford a new one, I would buy one 30 years old before I would buy a new plywood shed on wheels! A dream to tow, a dream to live in and you get your money back when you sell, long after the others are scrapped!

  22. It's just good horse sense to spend the money for the name! "Hey…look at my Airstream!" "Neat…I didn't know Airstream made horse trailers….snazzy!"

  23. I have owned several campers including a airstream, and the airstream is the most overpriced piece of junk ever put on the market…..just about as bad as harleys….you are buying a name……they are not only the most ugliest airplane looking coffins out there, they are not put together any better than any other camper….all you are buying is a name…..I will never own another one. They have all the same problems as any other campers, and the only difference is that when you take them into the service shop, you will pay three times more than you would with most any other units.

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