2006-2019 Silverado 1500 NITTO Ridge Grappler Tire (31-35″) Review

2006-2019 Silverado 1500 NITTO Ridge Grappler Tire (31-35″) Review

Choosing tires can get a bit tricky when you
take a look at all the options that you get between all-season, all-terrain, and even
mud-terrain tires. So, this Nitto Ridge Grappler All-Terrain
Tire fitting all 1999 to 2019 Silverados is for that truck owner looking for a great blend
of off and on-road performance. This tire will be offered in diameters between
31 and 35 inches fitting any 17, 18, and 20-inch wheel. So, Nitto has been in the game for quite some
time and when it comes to their tires, they do a really good job at blending a lot of
function and a lot of quality. Now, this Ridge Grappler is going to be one
of their more aggressive all-terrain tires offering you a number of different benefits
when it comes to performance. So, when looking at the tires all across the
board, you’re usually left with those three main categories and those are the ones that
I mentioned before. You’re gonna have that all-season that’s really
gonna stick to that on-road performance, you’re gonna have an all-terrain which is gonna do
a really good job at off and on-road performance, and then you’re going to have a mud-terrain
which is mainly going to be for off-road and they’re not gonna be as on-road-friendly. They’re really gonna do an amazing job off-road. So, this Ridge Grappler falls right in between
and it’s only going to look very aggressive mounted up to your Silverado, but it’s also
gonna bring a lot of performance to the table as well. Starting off with the very aggressive lugs,
that’s where you’re gonna get your max performance and all of that max traction that you’re looking
for out of the tire. So, they’re gonna be bigger than the traditional
all-season tire and they’re gonna be spaced farther away giving them the ability to wrap
around off-road terrain and have one of the most important characteristics that an off-road
tire can have and that’s the ability to self-clean. So, since the lugs are spaced out, this will
be able to fling out any dirt or mud that’s stuck within the lugs of the tires avoiding
it from becoming a slick which can make your truck underperform off-road. So, not to mention all of those cuts and siping
in each of those lugs is going to allow the lug to move and be flexible, push out all
that water and increase that traction. So, even on the side, you can see that the
lugs extend down which is perfect for extra traction once you let some air out of the
tires. So, with less air in the tire, the tire will
have the ability to wrap around obstacles making it just that much easier to get through
those obstacles. And then on top of that, Nitto does also offer
two different options between sidewall designs and that only has to be changed by just flipping
the tire. You’re gonna have two separate designs on
either side. While all of that is great for off-road performance,
Nitto will incorporate what they call variable pitch tread pattern and that’s where the on-road
performance comes into place. So, usually, when you get a more aggressive
tire, you’re going to notice an increase in sound because of it. So, because of the variable pitch tread and
the design of the tire, you’re not going to have a super loud ride or a hum on the highway
but a very comfortable and quiet ride which in my book is very important when it comes
to daily driving and even just driving your truck in general. Now, the lugs are spaced farther away than
an all-season but they’re still gonna be closer together than a mud-terrain tire. And that’s gonna keep the tread life or the
wear life on these very even. And it’s also going to contribute to that
comfortable ride in your truck that I just mentioned. So, as far as price goes, it will depend on
the tire size that you’re getting but these will have a baseline price of roughly $250
and they can range up to 350 depending on the tire size that you’re looking at. Now, this is gonna be a little bit pricier
than some more cost-effective choices. However, what I can tell you is that if you’re
looking to invest in a high-quality and high functional tire, then this is definitely a
great choice to take a look at. It’s gonna have a pretty aggressive tread
for an all-terrain tire which is usually going to bump that price up a little bit but it’s
also going to have the science behind it which is what you will be investing in. And again, in my personal opinion, I think
this is a great mix between on and off-road performance. So, that’s gonna wrap it up for my review
on the Nitto Ridge Grappler All-Terrain Tire. Make sure you like unsubscribe for more product
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  2. Ran 55,000 miles on two different vehicles '07 Yukon XL and '11 Silverado. Great tires. Keep them rotated. I do drive gravel and offroad everyday. Very highway friendly as well. Will buy more worth every penny.

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