2005-2018 Mustang Michelin Pilot Super Sport Tire (19-20″) Review

2005-2018 Mustang Michelin Pilot Super Sport Tire (19-20″) Review

If you are after one of the best performing
all-around tires in the max performance summer category, the Michelin Pilot Super Sport might
just be the tire for you. Now this option continues to impress not only
our customers here at AM but is also a perennial favorite amongst other automotive publications
in its class and continues to set the bar for what a premium all-encompassing tire should
possess. And that is ultimate performance in dry conditions
but without sacrificing a ton of grip in the wet, while at the same time being extremely
comfortable and quiet while on the road. Currently the Michelin is available in diameters
ranging from 17 to 20 inches and in section widths ranging from 205 to an absolutely monstrous
345 at its widest. As expected guys, the pricing will vary depending
on your tires. But expect the cheapest size to come in right
around 150 bucks, while the most expensive will land just north of 500 bucks per tire. So Michelin has built quite a reputation around
their outstanding Pilot lineup, which also happens to include the newer Sport 4S and
the incredible Sport Cup 2 tire. But the Pilot Super Sport here is one of the
OGs of the Pilot lineup, along with the original Sport. And even though the PSS is starting to show
its age amongst competitors and even within its own brand, it’s still a highly sought
after tire that can pretty much do it all with the exception of snow performance of
course because again this is a max performance summer tire, and therefore really shouldn’t
be driven in or around freezing temperatures. But let’s dissect the Pilot Super Sport or
PSS here for short, and let’s start with those UTQG numbers. And you’re gonna be looking at a 300 for tread
wear, which is pretty average in the category along with a double A protraction in a single
A for temperature, the highest available in its class. Now for reference sake here guys, the Sport
Cup 2 will feature a tread wear of about 160. So nearly half of the PSS here and therefore
is gonna be much softer. Think about it like this, the PSS or Pilots
Super Sport here is a street tire that you can drive on the track, where the Sport Cup
2 is a track tire that you can drive on the street. Now both are gonna be incredibly good but
the PSS here it’s gonna be a little bit more forgiving in regards to wear and also wet
weather performance. And in regards to wear, Michelin backs the
PSS here with a 30,000 mile treadwear warranty from the manufacturer of course, which is
relatively unheard of in the category and even more so for a summer tire which, let’s
be honest, they tend to wear a little bit faster than the all-season. The PSS is an asymmetrical tire meaning it
can be rotated in the traditional sense, which will only help the tire achieve the manufacturer’s
warranty or mileage claims. But enough about all of that, how does this
tire continue to kick so much butt in regards to performance? Well, Michelin is gonna tell you they spent
a lot of time developing this thing, doing their homework during the course of some endurance
racing and even Le Mans. Now the PSS actually features a bi-compound
tread, with that endurance racing or pedigree towards the outside here, that’s where they’ve
gained all of their experience of course. And then their latest generation wet compound
for the center. So, you’re getting kind of the best of both
worlds here with the Pilot Super Sport. Now you’re not gonna find a lot of tread void
here on the outer groove or outer shoulder area of the tire. And that was done to help improve your traction
when cornering hard as the tire or the car tends to roll over onto the outer portion
of the PSS. The center section on the other hand, is going
to include some notch set of ribs along with that wet compound we just talked about to
again help promote or improve performance in the rain. Now the tread pattern is also one that’s gonna
help promote a very quiet and comfortable ride while on the road, and that is something
that a lot of our customers have pointed out in the review section. As always, read up on that before pulling
the trigger. It’s a great way to get some real-world feedback
from guys out there putting the miles in on this tire. One more thing to keep in mind here, is that
you can pair up the Michelin Pilot Super Sport with a lot of your favorite wheels on the
site using our preassembled wheel and tire kits. Now if you guys aren’t familiar with this,
basically we’re gonna mount and balance these things on your favorite wheels. We’re gonna install those optional TPMS sensors
if selected. And then we’re gonna ship them to your door
absolutely free of charge. And the nice thing to point out with these
preassembled wheel and tire kits, is that they’re guaranteed to fit your ride without
rubbing even if your car is lowered a little bit. So wrapping this one up, the Michelin Pilot
Super Sport might be a tad pricey compared to some of your other options in the max performance
tire category. However the legendary performance and reputation
of the Michelin here more than make up the added cost. You can grab your set of Michelin Pilot Super
Sport tires right here at americanmuscle.com.

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  2. Wow so American Muscle is pushing the old left over tires? these have not been in production for over a year and have been ended. Don't fall for this and buy old tires, the new tire is the Pilot Sport 4s. Shame on AM

  3. I have these on my 13 GT with Brembo 19" wheels. at only the factory 255 width, I swear these make my car launch like AWD, 100% the best first mod for any stock Mustang.

  4. I have an important question, I have a 2011 Mustang v6 with 73,100 miles. My clutch won’t go into first if I try to downshift the car while driving but if I drive and slow down to a stop, first gear will enter perfectly but it won’t go in when driving, all other gears are like butter and feels nice, all of those began after changing my rotors to a powerstop slotted rotor, what could be going wrong?

  5. These bitches hook like a motherfucker. Thinking about getting some for my car for hard tire street tire class

  6. If you notice a wobble under acceleration and have MPSS try something else. I could not run them on my GT500.

  7. Does this tire wears more on the outside edge ? Im like at 38-42.000km i have like 5-6 mm all around at the edge its more 4-5mm

  8. Are they lasting more than Cup2 ?
    Are they Zero Pressure ?
    How about the Griping compared to the Cup2's ?
    I'm street user, not track.

    Please this is urgent questions, before i decide to buy.

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