20,000klm review and service on the MT/FZ-10. Subscibe to my channel

20,000klm review and service on the MT/FZ-10. Subscibe to my channel

Get out you tubers was here, okay, so up to the 20,000 K review on the MT 10 We’re taking it to team moto and Agra. I’ve got a great range of new and secondhand bikes accessories and everything you may need This is where we bought the bike from and the first service and now the second service Before we go any further Subscribe to my channel, please Go down to the subscribe button now click on the subscribe button hit the bell for notifications hit the like You’re help goes a long way in keeping artists like us here on YouTube For your notification for your subscription you’ll receive from me Writing videos of the mt-10 and other bikes and related to that You’ll receive Prusa rides So if you’re laid up in a hospital You lost your license you can’t ride you want to get back into it any of those things You can go to its Cruiser rides or sports cruiser rides and come for a ride with me I do reviews on the bikes that I’ve had including other people’s bikes today a team and Agra Team moto and Agra we’re going to be riding in Mt. O7 tracer So what has this bike happened to it hang on? I’m waiting I Can feel some of you subscribing and some of you are just holding back. I’ll just wait a bit longer Beauty thank you so much what’s going on with this bike at? 20,000 cases all I’ve done to this bike in previous view videos you’ll know Rad guards there are necessity. You know want stones hitting your radiator Okay, Auggie knobs Absolute lifesavers Auggie knives go for a slide go for a beam. It saves you by big time You can check back on a previous video to see just how good their? Akrapovic muffler I’ve kept my link pipe on okay. I’ve kept it all standard. I’ve just added a muffler. It’s all you need But everyone’s different more noise is better I’ve added for touring This little beauty The shade Pack it’s not very big bit of picking up little grab rail Bob’s your uncle and I’ve done a Woollett race tune and the wool each quit shipped up So today at 20,000 Kay’s We are just going to on probably hundred and fifty. Shy of that but 20,000 Kay’s it is All my videos in relation to this bike and other bikes are all serviced at the intervals they’re meant to be So in other words. I don’t dump oils and don’t do this don’t do that I keep it to the actual interval that you’re meant to do that way if you’re a little bit lazy Or you’re not mechanically minded or any of the above You know that the warranty and everything that they subscribe you can do on these bikes you can do all right? So 10,000 caged was the last one ten thousand case later. No changeable No, nothing. It still got plenty of oil and it still plenty of water in it. I’ve Mixed the riding up touring distance track days It’s been fun. So part of my youtube channel. Also is you get track days on this bike as well as her Harley? so Feel free check it out check out the different bikes that are there subscribe Alright, we’re gonna go into team moto now. We are going to drop this off Have a mag to them, and I’ll get back to you at the end of this video with her with what they’ve done and how the bike is Overall the MT. 10 is a wonderful bike On the racetrack you can see that You know dude super sports bikes are better, but as an overall package and Mt 10 is a wonderful bike well recommended. I believe most people look right and would agree There are a couple of super nakeds that are probably Just that bit better, but still it’s a little tight Bunch. They’re super nakeds They are wonderful bang for buck. You can’t go wrong. It’s time. They’re to drop this off and get the mt-07 Lerner tracer

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  1. Hi Wozza, i enjoy your vids mate! My Yamaha XJR has 10k services too but i change the oil every 5k & the dealer does the rest at 10k intervals. Major service coming up soon & have been quoted $ 750 ….how am i gonna explain that to the wife….LOL.

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