1UP USA Quik-Rack Platform Bike Rack

1UP USA Quik-Rack Platform Bike Rack

Hey Guys, it is Doug. I want to do a quick review of the One Up USA Quik Rack you’ve seen a lot of comments on the
forums and I just wanted to give you a video of this because I hadn’t found one before. First off it comes about like this
you can see right now there’s a two-inch adapter on our hitch mount I’m actually going to take it off with this allen wrench because i only have a one and a quarter inch receiver you want to keep track of this bolt because it does not stay in the adapter. Got the one and a quarter inch ready. Now I am going to flip the rack over and open it up you may be able to see these blue pivots right now it’s locked. I’m going to unlock
that pivot. So that I can open the rack. open the wreck I’m going to re-lock the pivot then do the same thing on the other side And now I am ready to go I’m ready to put it in the
receiver You want to push it in the way then use the handy tool they provide to lock it in You want to get it really tight it’s pretty firm in the receiver And now we are ready to open the arms To open it you have to pull up on this red lever So we’ll do that for both of them It is very smooth, very well built we’re ready to put a bike on I’ve got a standard 26″ hard tail but it will also accommodate a 29 inch any frame type as well as smaller bikes Go ahead and do the back one and the front one pressure fits on the tires pretty well centered as you can see it doesn’t touch the
frame it all pretty sturdy it is not going to go anywhere big bumps you actually kind of want this to wiggle a little bit so that your bike frame doesn’t take all the hit and that’s about it. Now I am going to show you a feature of how this bike rack can actually tilt backwards Normally, you’d probably want to take the bike off because he still didn’t get to the hatch
however just to show you that it does in fact do that. So now lets take the bike off. I’m going to lift up on the lever and pull the arm back lift up on this lever and we’re ready to go Put the arms down. Of course you don’t have to worry about losing the rack because you can’t get it out of the receive without the special tool This is the One Up USA Quik Rack retails for 299 shipping is included and so far so good. Thanks.

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  1. Thanks for doing the review. This is the best looking hitch rack I have seen. Up until I saw this rack, I thought I would be buying a Raxter rack which uses velcro to secure the wheels. My only concern with this rack is that I saw another Youtube video that showed some guy in a garage that had a bad cam lock on this Quik-Rack which would bad. I wrote to 1UP and they said that the guy damaged the cam lock in an accident and that the cam locks have never failed

  2. Thanks for doing the review. This is the best looking hitch rack I have seen. Up until I saw this rack, I thought I would be buying a Raxter rack which uses velcro to screw the wheels. My only concern with this rack is that I saw another Youtube video that showed some guy in a garage that had a bad cam lock (red lever) on this Quik-Rack which would bad. I wrote to 1UP and they said that the guy damaged the cam lock in an accident and that the cam locks have never failed

  3. @carbonunit57 I saw the same video – 'for warranty purposes' I haven't experienced a single issue with this rack. After using it consistently I would absolutely buy it again. Yes it is a lot of money for a single rack, but the quality and service are excellent.

  4. @discoeddie17 Your welcome, thanks for watching. I REALLY like this rack. It is extremely easy, fast, and light enough for almost anyone to use. It just works.

  5. If you don't already work for this company, they should consider giving you bonuses as your video is what sold my husband on the product. We are buying this and the add 1 also, therefore will be spending $500 with them.

  6. @organizersrus I don't work for 1UP USA, but I will pass your message onto them somehow! I believe you will be very pleased with the rack. I need to pick up the add-on as well.

  7. @ljr869 There is no need for a hitch pin because the Quik Rack Security Tool: 1upusa.com/1upusarackassembled.htm

  8. This video helped persuade me to purchase the 1UP for myself. It is pricey, but worth it. One of my biking buddies got one for himself after seeing mine. My car is a 2011 Toyota Prius. I had a 2" receiver welded on. Works great!

  9. @emessgeeable I'm glad you liked it. I will be posting a 6 month follow up review soon. It will also include one add-on rack so I can now carry two bikes.

  10. This looks really neat…I am researching for a bike rack for a 1.25 hitch honda sedan and I like how this seems really compact and easy to use. I wondered if it comes with any kind of security mechanism for the bikes, which would be really handy if u gotta make a pit stop. Or have you figured a way to secure bikes ? Great video by the way.

  11. @bfunkyfresh1 1UP does not include anything to lock your bikes to the rack. However, I picked up a Kryptonite Kryptoflex 1007 cable with a U Masterlock. The cable is 7 feet which is plenty to route around the bike's triangle, through the rack, and finally through the rear wheel. It works well for me.

  12. @dougMITCHELLus Probably a good thing, too. Any bike lock that comes with a rack can be easily defeated. They just lead the owner into a false sense of security.

    Best to use a fatty chain and fatty U-Lock and/or disc type lock like the hipsters use on their fixies. Those can be defeated too, but it takes heavier tools and more time.

  13. I've been researching this issue to death. I think I'm shaking all of the other racks out and settling on this one.

    I have a Thule T2 now, but it's stupid heavy and does not collapse down at all for storage. It won't fit in the trunk of my car unless I drop my rear seat. I had a Performance Bike XPort Flatbed I actually liked better, but sold it to get the T2. That was a mistake.

    Yeah, I think a 1Up is in my future. Gotta save my pennies.

  14. @pimpb0tt The weight of the Quik-Rack with one extension (for a total of 2 bikes) is about 45 pounds. I usually leave them attached and install the entire thing into the receiver. However, you certainly could mount them individually with the Allen key. Then you wouldn't have to carry the entire thing.

    For both pieces to fit in the trunk of car you would have to detach them and fold the arms in.

    You won't be disappointed. It is worth every penny!

  15. @dougMITCHELLus

    Wow… 45 pounds for two trays? One of the main reasons I dumped my Thule T2 was that it was 56 pounds for two trays. Yes, this is lighter, but not a whole lot lighter in that case. Well, at least I can take off one tray when it's not needed… and that is 26 pounds, IIRC.

    At least this folds up and fits in the trunk, unlike my T2.

  16. Have had this rack for a month now and it is absolutely great. You can mount any bike in under 10 seconds. It is so easy to use and holds the bikes very secure. If you have full suspension bikes, you will find this is the best rack you can buy.

    Another plus is that I just bought a tandem and it spreads wide enough to even carry the tandem.

  17. Very nice video. You have a clear speaking voice. I'd like to see an old person load up an e-bike which is what I have. Too bad there isn't a ramp, but I guess that wouldn't work because one of the arms would get in the way.

    Also, I noticed that a person has to be careful when folding down the last arm since it requires on hand on the red lever and another to fold the arm. No hands left if the bike start to fall!

  18. @TheEdge008 I don't quite know what you mean. When folding the arms down to secure the bike only one hand is needed, the other hand can balance the bike. Unloading the bike does require two hands, one on the arm and one on the release lever. However, it is very easy to open the front arm completely and only open the back arm a little bit. The bike won't fall because the rear tire won't allow it, but the rear arm is open enough to pull the bike out.
    It really hasn't been an issue.

  19. Great review. I am also in the market fo rthe 1up quick rack. I understand the locking mechanism is a special hex design. Any idea of this hex key can be duplicated? It seems the rack can be stolen if another person with the same hex key (or another 1up owner) can steal this rack. Aside from breaking it down each time to store in the trunk during a ride, is there any other way to "lock" the rack to the car/hitch?

  20. @kameraguy You are right about the hex key. I have spoken to a friend who works for a company that distributes hardware tools and construction material. He says he has not see a similar hex wrench. There is no hole in the shaft of the rack to put a hitch pin/lock through. My hitch receiver does have some loops to hook trailer chains on. I suppose some sort of locking chain could be looped through these holes as well as the body of the rack. That said, if someone really wants a rack…

  21. Thanks Doug. I decided to buy the rack and just received it. Looks good! I'll use a u-lock to go between the rack and the hitch loops.

  22. I'm glad you like it too! I just got back from an extended trip to Sylamore MTBing trails here in Arkansas. I still love the Quik-Rack. I actually did contact 1UP USA a while back, they gave me half off the One Bike Add-on (saved me $100). But perhaps I should do it again 🙂

  23. Is the "handy tool" a hex key? I don't see a hole in the hitch part of the rack so I guess you can't use a locking pin for some security measures?

  24. It is a large hex key with a hollow tip. You are right, there is no hole to put a locking pin through. However, one other user was using a short cable/chain and looping it through the chain hooks on their hitch receiver and then through the rack. It would be out of the way.

  25. Im sorry but you really shouldn't be proud of this system. Compared to Europe the USA is literally decades behind. I'm actually kind of shocked that this is considered as a decent bicycle carrier in the US.

  26. Had a Yakima Holdup for less than a season… just sold it to someone else for cheap and just ordered a 1up. But, because I have Yakima everything else… gonna have to order a Yakima cable lock (that would have came with the Stickup)

  27. Do you think this rack might work or my penny farthing bike, 52" front wheel & 16" rear wheel. I see the one arm virtually vertical contacting the front wheel and oth arm going over the small wheel to hold against the down tube (backbone )

  28. You would need to move the 'spindle' lower on the arm for the small wheel. There are pre-drilled holes. Then I believe it would be short enough to grip the tire, as long as the downtube isn't too wide for the rest of the arms extending above the spindle.
    For the large wheel though I don't think the arm would be vertical. I believe it would be angle outward by about 20 degrees. This could be secure enough.

    I imagine 1UP would customize and extender for one arm to go over the large wheel.

  29. Hi Doug, just pulled the trigger on the Quik-Rack with the Add-on tray. Thanks to this video I was able to see that the rack will work even with a low hitch. 1 UP needs to hire you, or give you schwag.

  30. How much does it rattle when the bikes aren't on it? My Saris rattles so much I think people think my car is falling apart whenever I pass.

  31. I have never heard it rattle at all with one rack or two. I sometimes drive around with it mounted for weeks forgetting it is there.

  32. No, the trays cannot fold in while it is mounted. They would hit the bumper of the car. However, you can pivot the rack completely up, normal, or down 45 degrees

  33. Man I wish I had this rack instead of my Thule platform rack. The Thule has some nice features, but it's a heavy mofo, and the foam protector on the hooks that go over the top tube has worn down (in less than 6 months) and have already damaged the finish on the top tubes of both my road bike and my wife's bike.

  34. Bike with tires 3.25" or less width will fit out of the box. However, if you have a fat tire DH bike or something they can custom make an an extender which increases the width.

    Search "1up Fat Tire Spacer Kit" that should get you going.

  35. It locks in the receiver with a unique wrench that is a deterrent to thieves because it is difficult to come by. If that isn't enough, you can loop a chain around it and through your receiver chain hooks.

  36. Thanks for posting the review. I have one concern. When the bike is mounted, it seems like the bike wiggles more than with the Thule T2 or the Yakima Hold up. Have you had any issues with the amount of play in the rack? Does it seem secure at highway speeds? Thanks.

  37. Hey David, I have not had any issues whatsoever with wiggle. I routinely drive 200+ miles on the interstate with the bike on the back and have not had any problems.

  38. Any other rack is just pure crap in comparison to 1up.  Had mine a full season now and it's awesome.  Beyond simple to use and it's never given me any reason to question whether the bike will stay mounted or not.   Money wise, you get what you pay for in a rack.   The 1up lacks theft prevention for the bike, but from the extensive research I have done, none of the other racks theft systems appear to work all that well.  It's best to get your own locking system no matter what rack you own.

  39. Thanks for posting….Great video, it answered a couple of my questions such as weight and how it fits into the receiver..

  40. If I heard correctly, with the bike installed and rack tilted back you still cannot access/open the hatch?  I wonder if this is just a Subaru issue or rack does not tilt back enough to access any hatches.  I have a '97 4Runner.  Debating between this rack and Kuat Transfer 2.0.  If one does and the other does not will be a huge consideration to take into account.

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