1999-2004 Mustang GT Handling Pack- Bolt-On Build-Ups

1999-2004 Mustang GT Handling Pack- Bolt-On Build-Ups

I’m Justin from AmericanMuscle.com, and
this is our handling bolt-on build-up for all ’99-‘04 Mustang GTs. The goal with
this build is pretty simple, we’re looking to take some basic suspension components,
install them on our 2000 GT here, in an effort to make it handle a lot better than it does
now in stock form. Now, individually, installed each of these parts will make a slight difference
in your car’s handling. However, when installed together, like we’re going to do today,
they should make a substantial difference in our cars’ handling and should make our
GT handle like it’s on rails. First up on the list to install is this black strut tower
brace that we have laid into place, just so we can see how it’s going to sit. Now this
is a very popular first step for making your car handle a little bit better, and it’s
going to be pretty easy on your wallet as well. Now basically, this is going to firm
up the front end and reduce chassis flex and body roll. I have to admit, that black powder
coated finish is going to look pretty cool under the hood as well. The next mod we’re
going to go with for our handling pack is a set of these QA1 Caster Camber Plates. These
are going to be very valuable for getting our GT’s alignment back in spec after we
lower the car. A properly set up alignment will not only help your cars handling, but
it’s also going to save your tires from premature wear. Speaking of lowering the car,
what suspension build would be complete without a set of lowering springs. We’re going to
install a set of these SR Performance lowering springs which will lower our GT roughly an
inch and a half or so on all four corners. Not only will this help our ride handle a
lot better thanks to that lower center of gravity, but it’s also going to help our
appearance as well by getting rid of that ugly wheel gap. Last and certainly not least
are these front and rear sway bars from Eibach, sway bars are one of the biggest factors to
reduce body roll and are a great tool for fine tuning your suspension. From the factory
most Mustangs have the tendency to plow or push through turns, this is referred to as
under steer. By installing a larger rear sway bar and tweaking the front, you’re actually
going to eliminate that under steer and introduce a little bit of over steer, which means the
rear of the car is going to come through the turns much quicker, and actually make the
car a little bit more fun to drive. So those are the parts we have in store for our GT
here today, now let’s get everything installed so I can get our GT out of the ‘shop and
onto the streets, and see the difference this handling pack makes. Alright so I just got
our 2000 GT out of the ‘shop and onto the street here, and it took me all of 5 seconds
the realize what a difference this handling pack makes to our ride. Gone is the kind of
floaty, disconnected feeling that our Mustang used to have, and it actually now feels like
a sports car, it feels like it should – much more firm, much more planted, even going straight,
obviously through the turns it’s a lot better as well. The car just feels like it wants
to respond to your actions a lot more, making it feel like you’re actually part of the
car, which is great, and you can just slide turn to turn, going straight here like I said,
the car just reacts well to whatever you want to do to it. We have a nice right hander coming
up, let’s see how the car reacts with our new mods installed. All right, so much better,
the car is just so firm and so planted going through those turns, that can definitely be
attributed to those sway bars working with that SR Performance strut tower brace to really
reduce our body roll and our chassis flex. I got a nice left hander coming up as well.
Oh yeah, you can totally come into a turn now with much more speed and much more confidence
going through the turns. The nice thing about the springs too, obviously they lower the
car making it look a lot better and handle a lot better, but it’s also better for acceleration
and our braking. The car doesn’t want to nose down now when you’re hard on the brakes
coming into a turn, making it feel a lot more solid. Those QA1 Caster Camber plates are
probably not going to make the biggest difference in your everyday drive however it was able
to get our car back into spec after we lowered it about an inch and a half, just so we didn’t
chew up our tires and made for a lot better handling. So there you have it, this handling
pack really made a world of difference on our GT and really made our car a lot more
fun to drive. Be sure to check out some of our other ’99-’04 bolt-on build ups where
we work on our appearance, help get our GT off the line, and give it some more power.

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  1. they should note that if you add lowering springs without changing shocks to shocks that match, it will ruin your ride and shocks, compromising the handling as well

  2. For this year you don't need the Caster Camber plates to align it with only a 1.5inch drop just did mine with eibach springs and it aligned just fine.

  3. If and when I win the lottery. I'll buy me a nice house, and next to it build the entire AM garage down to the spec. Bc this is one sexy looking working station they have.

  4. Stop goofing off with these older stangs show some more '11-13 stangs. And once again where the heck is Project Black out? If you guys stopped working in it. Then please take all the mods off and send them to me. I to own a 2012 GT 5.0 And it needs work ^_^ THANK YOU

  5. I did not change my shocks and struts when I lowered my car. H&R supersports, steeda bumpsteer, MM caster camber, upper and lower rear control arms. 6 months now with no problems. Handles way better than stock, no compromise in handling.

  6. Are the 99-04's supposed to understeer? o.0 Confused my 04 GT doesn't understeer it's pretty nuetral in corners if anything it oversteers a tad but it's got the factory shocks, struts, springs and to my knowledge the factory sway bars. Could have to do with the back tires being 10mm wider than the front? Only thing I know of that isn't the factory set up lol. Either way I plan on doing something like this except with coilovers instead of lowering springs.

  7. I drive a Mustang, a 3.8l. But my repsect for the cocky bastards who drive 4.6 GT's is there. In other words, I don't pretend, especially in a 6 cylinder, to be the bad ass of the road. I give that title to the GT owners. In a way, if you can afford a GT, heck, you have the right to brag. You were doing something right. Me? I own the Mustang for it's soul. What a beauty of a car. I'll be saving up for a GT sometime soon! btw, thanks AM, for educating me on the Pony name, and it's heritage.

  8. Haha, well, that part was simply just to tease ya guys. But I know parts are out there for 6 bangers, but I don't want to invest too much into this model.

  9. was the car lowered with rack bushings, bumpsteer kit and x2 balljoints? Mine has everything but the x2's and I have a 1.8" drop and my wheels have more gap than that.

  10. stock manifolds, off road x pipe and flowmasters. watch the performance build on this car. Shows all the stuff they done to it.

  11. I'm a GT owner and i respect the hell out of you and your v6. i helped add a full exhaust (headers back), Cold Air intake, Tune, and short throw shifter in my friends 2006 V6 pony package. sounded great and drove great. He always said, "you've got the power but i make 30mpg". nothing wrong with those numbers lol.

  12. My 04 GT has been on H&R SS's for a year now on the stock shocks. Not a single issue.

    While it may be ideal, I don't think it is crucial.

  13. God, right when I saw that, I scroll down, read this… and I nearly choke on my dr.pepper laughing.

    Good job.

  14. It allows more caster and camber adjustment than stock so you can compensate for the change in suspension geometry from lowering the car.

  15. I have all of these on my 2000 gt and might I say it feels like I am one with the car and i actually look foward to driving to school every morning in my gt lol

  16. I have a 2004 40th anniversery mustang, its sonic Blue i believe its called, anyways its Only a 3.9L, i love it but basically i want it to breath fire lmao but seriously what should i do to make it Own my streets?!? Pls reply or pm me!!!!

  17. My 2000 GT was tired. I rebuilt the motor to fly, have new clutch, now I need everything to make this baby hug the road, for those times I leave a tailgater in my dust….  I need a stabilizer bar, 4 shocks (right?), please tell me what else (everything I will need and part numbers, if possible)  I need to make my handling excel. I want to turn on a dime and get change back.  Thank you lots, fellas.  Also, I have a 67 Mustang GT, 390 T-Bird Special, 4 speed, 74K orig miles (it was grandpa's).  I need a new 390 block. Any suggestions?

  18. My friend has an 03 Mach 1 (its way lower than my car) and I have a 02 GT, his is lower than mine and after I replaced all 6 shocks (Rear, Quad, and Front) it felt like it handled just as good as his and mines stock height. Only thing is I don't have to worry about dips or bumps in the road like he does. This is more of a preference thing to be honest, or my after market shocks are extremely good.

  19. i got 2000 amazon green mustang v6 (5speed) as my first car a few weeks ago and im slowly fixing up the exterior! 1999-2004 is def my favorite generation of stangs!

  20. Do the SR performance springs in this video cause the car to bottom out on everything? I am looking to raise my since it's a DD that's been dropped 2 inches.

  21. can I do all these thing's to my 04 convertible :/ although this is gt 00 ? and has a variety of different part's

  22. i was thinking of installing this same Strut Tower Brace using threaded rivets or jacknuts. what do you guys think? would it hold up? or rip out? lol

  23. People say the 99-04 2v is slow that’s bs I’ve seen them hit 0-60 in well under 6 seconds which the 05-09 3v GT does

  24. This is a must for a Mustang if you live in the east coast where there are lots of corners. Without it, my Mustang handles like a truck.

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