1997-2018 F150 NITTO Ridge Grappler Tire (Available From 31″-35″ Diameters) Review

1997-2018 F150 NITTO Ridge Grappler Tire (Available From 31″-35″ Diameters) Review

The Ridge Grappler here is Nitto’s newest
edition to their very popular and very expansive all-terrain light truck category and is gonna
promise to offer a quiet and comfortable ride while on the road thanks to its new hybrid
tread pattern. The Ridge Grappler is gonna be offered in
diameters ranging from 31 to 37-inches tall and will fit 17, 18, 20, and 22-inch wheels. Pricing will obviously vary from tire to tire,
but expect a range from the mid to low 200s for the smaller stuff all the way up to the
mid 400s for some of the larger sizing. Now, if you guys weren’t aware, Nitto’s Grappler
line-up is pretty serious overall and includes eight or so completely different tread designs
ranging from their on-road focused Dura Grappler all the way down the line to their gnarliest
off-road tire, the Mud Grappler. Now, the Ridge Grappler that we’re talking
about here today is one of the company’s newest editions to that line-up, of course, and will
fall somewhere between the Trail Grappler and the very popular Tera Grappler in regards
to tread aggressiveness. Now, Nitto refers to the Ridge Grappler as
the next generation of the Grappler family and in doing so, used a combination of elements
from a few different designs to come up with something that can do a few things pretty
darn well. Now for instance, Nitto took some bits and
pieces of their mud and all-terrain tires but at the same time, incorporated what they
call this variable pitch tread pattern to help combat some of the noise that oftentimes
comes along with having a more aggressive tread pattern. Now, to do so, they actually got pretty scientific
and used some advance sound equipment to create and finalize a tread pattern that’s gonna
deliver a solid performance off-road but maintain a quiet and comfortable ride while on the
highway. But since we are on the topic of the treat
pattern, let’s focus in a little bit more on that. You’re gonna find a completely new pattern
here for Nitto in the Ridge Grappler. Now, to me, it kind of looks like they took
their extremely popular Tera Grappler and just pumped it up with some muscle and steroids
to give it a much tougher look overall. But at the same time, again going back to
what I just said, they wanted to maintain the road manners that made that Terra Grappler
so good and such a solid choice for the truck owners who spent, let’s be honest, most of
their time on the road but still wanted something that might be able to get you through some
tough scenarios if encountered. Now, sticking with the tread a little bit
longer here guys, you’re gonna take a look at the tread voids and you’re gonna find what
Nitto calls their alternating shoulder groove pattern. What does this mean? Well, by using alternating widths and lengths
with that groove pattern, it’s gonna allow the tire to clear or self-clean a little bit
easier when stuck in some deep mud and help maintain traction along with the included
stone ejectors here which are these little ridges within the void itself. Now, as we move a little bit closer to the
shoulder area here with the Ridge Grappler, you’re gonna find these staggered shoulder
lugs which Nitto claims will provide you with a little bit more traction in off-road situations,
but more so when you air this thing down a little bit and really start incorporating
these shoulder lugs. Now, at that point guys, that’s gonna help
you get through some of those tough or soft situations like deep muds, sand, snow and
things like that. Now, the next part I’m gonna point out isn’t
actually function-related, but it’s something I think is really cool here with this tire,
and that is the fact that Nitto incorporates two different sidewall designs with each Grappler
tire. So, for instance, you got a more traditional
riding [SP] here as you can see along with those shoulder lugs. But spin it around on this side, it’s a little
bit more modern, a little bit more angular, things like that. So not a huge difference between the two but
it is kind of the minor details that go into the Nitto tires that tends to separate them
from some of your other options in the category. So, in closing, if you’re looking for an all-terrain
tire that does a great job of balancing an aggressive look and performance but with a
very quiet on-road experience, you’ll wanna check out a set of Ridge Grapplers from Nitto
right here at americantrucks.com.

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  2. Another question. What tire is more quite on road & hwy? The Nitto Ridge Grappler OR the Toyo open country R/T OR the Mickey-Thompson Baja atz p3? I want the aggressive look without the road noise. I do mostly Concreat road driving and some hwy. thanks

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