1997-2018 F150 Mudclaw Extreme M/T Tire (31-35″) Review

So if you’re looking for the most amount of
off-road traction for the least amount of money then the Mudclaw Extreme M/T might just
be the tire for you. Now the Extreme M/T here will combine that
aggressive mud terrain tread design with a thick three-ply sidewall, giving the stinging
edge over the standard Mudclaw M/T along with other similar two-ply tires in the category. Now, this thing will be available in sizes
to fit a 17, 19 and 20-inch wheel with tire heights ranging from 31 to 35 inches overall. Now obviously guys your pricing will vary
depending on your size but expect to spend between 150 and 220 bucks per tire, again
making this option one of the most affordable within the category. So on the surface, the Mudclaw brand might
not be as recognizable as some of your other big names in the category but that doesn’t
mean this tire isn’t gonna be built well and without knowledge. In fact, Mudclaw is actually made by Cooper
Tires as an entry-level or affordable option in the realm of M/T tires which let’s be honest
here guys can get very pricey very quick with other big name brands in the category. Now on the site, Mudclaw is going to offer
two versions of their mud terrain tire: the standard M/T and then the Extreme which we
are talking about here today. And on the surface, both will appear practically
identical when it comes to general construction and trend design. However, the difference lies beneath the surface
as the Extreme here is gonna feature that thicker three-ply sidewall when compared to
the two-ply of your standard Mudclaw. So with that in mind, guys who do a bunch
of off-roading and might be worried about catching rock or obstacle on the trail might
wanna lean a little bit more towards the thicker sidewall as that’s where a majority of your
failures occur while off-road. Now on the other hand if you spend most of
your time on the road with the occasional off-road trip mixed in for good measure, you
might wanna save a few bucks and a couple of pounds by sticking with the standard M/T
from Mudclaw. Either way guys, again, both options are going
to be far more affordable when compared to some of your other bigger names on the site. Now, as far as tread design is concerned,
well let’s spin this big guy around here, we’ll show you guys what we’re talking about
and make no mistake about it, this is all mud tire, right? Huge tread void or space between the blocks
themselves, allowing this tire to self-clean when spinning in the dirt or mud, maintaining
that traction through the deep stuff. Now the large tread lugs do feature a decent
amount of siping helping with wet traction in addition to the heavy silica compound with
the tire itself, and those lags have also been staggered to help increase your traction
off-road overall especially when aired down a little bit. Now here on the site, we will state that the
Mudclaw Extreme M/T does offer a comfortable ride in addition to relatively low road noise. But come on guys, if you know mud tires then
you know you’re not buying something like this to deliver a quiet ride, you are buying
them for traction. And yes, even though Mudclaw does do a good
job of kind of keeping those center blocks a little closer together you can still expect
some road noise here when checking out this tire. It’s kind of a give and take when looking
for a tire that will deliver that kind of performance off-road. But either way, guys, wrapping this one up,
the Mudclaw Extreme M/T might just be one of your best values on the site when shopping
for an aggressive mud terrain tire like this. And as always you can grab yours right here
at americantrucks.com.

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