1997-2018 F150 Falken Wildpeak All Terrain Tire (29-35″) Review

1997-2018 F150 Falken Wildpeak All Terrain Tire (29-35″) Review

The Falken Wildpeak Tire will be one of your
most affordable options in the all-terrain category while still delivering a great balance
of on and off-road performance, ride quality and excellent snow traction along with a very
impressive 55,000-mile warranty. Now, your sizing will be available to fit
17, 18, and 20-inch wheels and with tire heights ranging from 29 to 35 inches tall. Pricing will vary depending on that sizing
of course, but look to spend between 100 and 300 bucks per tire here on the site. So, Falken recently updated their very popular
Wildpeak line-up including their mud terrain tire and also the all-terrain tire that we’re
talking about here today and have baked in a lot of cool features to help this thing
perform a little bit better for an all-terrain tire, but at the same time, maintain a very
quiet ride quality that a lot of owners crave out of an AT tire. And first thing’s first, what do you say we
start with the tread here and Falken actually claims that the Wildpeak AT will have some
of the deepest tread within the category which will not only aid in bad weather or off-road
traction but will also allow you to see some more mileage out of this tire when compared
to some other options in the category. Again, 55,000 miles according to Falken with
proper rotation. Now, that tread and the compound does feature
a very heavy silica blend which will allow the tire to grip very well in wet conditions
along with cold weather temperature as well which brings us to a great point. Now, this tire has been given the three peak
mountain snowflake symbol which does designate this tire worthy of severe snow duty. Now, this carries a lot more weight to it
when you compare it to the traditional mud and snow rating which tend to get handed out
pretty easily anymore. So, if you’re in a heavy snow area and would
prefer an affordable all-terrain tire, the Falken is certainly worth some serious consideration. Now, speaking a little bit more to that tread
pattern, guys. It’s typically what you’re gonna see here
in the all-terrain category. But if you look a little bit closer with those
lugs you’re gonna find a good amount of siping here which will help with your wet traction,
but in addition to also adding a little bit more handling stability with the tire itself. Now, deep within that tread void, you’re actually
gonna see some step down blocks here with the tread lugs which will help some stones
or help eject some stones from the tread void itself in addition to help cutting through
some of that deep stuff, whether it be mud, dirt, sand, gravel, snow, whatever. So, a little bit more tech going into the
actual tread design here with the Wildpeak when compared to previous generations. But moving away from the tread area, let’s
move down towards the sidewall because there’s some very unique features going on here with
the Wildpeak, more specifically this little thin portion nearest the bead area. Now, Falken actually did that in an effort
to reduce some of the temperature of the critical part of the tire here, especially when carrying
a big payload or towing something heavy. So, very cool. That’s not something you see with every tire
in the category. Now, moving a little bit closer to the shoulder,
you’re gonna find these off-set shoulder blocks and some nice shoulder detail with the Wildpeak
AT. And not only does that give you a little bit
more protection in this area which is very common for failures while on the trail, but
it’s also gonna give you a little bit more detail, provide you with a little bit more
traction when these puppies are aired down a little bit. Now, finally for you guys wondering what the
UTQG numbers are with this tire, well, it’s not something every manufacturer gives with
an all-terrain tire, but Falken does in this case. And you are gonna be looking at a 660 for
treadwear along with a single A and B for traction and temp grades respectively. So, in closing, if you’re looking for an all-terrain
tire that will really excel in off-road or snowy conditions, offer a relatively quiet
ride while on the road and be very affordable, well, then you should definitely check out
the Falken Wildpeak AT3 tire right here at americantrucks.com.

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  2. I have had these for almost 2 years, great tire and has performed an wore better than the nitto terra grapplers or the bfg ko2 I had prior on the truck!

  3. I just put them on my f150. Look great. Havent had a chance to try them out yet but im sure ill like them

  4. 17 Ram 1500 just swapped them on from the stock goodyear SRAs and WOW, no noticeable increase in road noise, rain traction is seriously improved, where the stockers (with 60% tread on them) the back end would spin and slide around on wet pavement almost dangerously. These grip great in loose dirt, rocks, mud and wet grass. Going through spots on the trail to the back 40 in similar conditions i would have needed 4×4 coming up out of the creek, with these 2wd just clawed up the loose dirt hill and didn't even lose traction. Color me impressed. Lets see how they hold up to mileage. The stock good years were disappointing in every area except fuel economy and quietness, and so far, these haven't affected that at all (in stock 275/60R20 sizing).

  5. I bought these for my 2010 GMC Sierra Z71..(265 70R17) and they are ok….they are not as off-road capable as the BFG AT KO2s in my opinion…on the up side they seem to be a tad quieter on the highway but negatively have less tread than a BFG AT KO2 new….I like them…but won't buy them again because of their off-road performance in light mud…I don't want to knock these tires because they do ride really good but my BFGs would go through mud in 2 wheel high where these won't..(I know these are not a "mud" tire..but all-terrain includes light mud)..I had to lock it in 4hi to keep from getting stuck…I got out ok…I just don't think anyone can touch the BFG AT KO2 when it comes to a true all-terrain tire…if you are a hunter or someone working and living in a muddier locations then BFG AT KO2 is the tire is worth the extra money…if your on the highway more and sand and trail is all you encounter save the money and get these falken wildpeak AT3s…just know you will lock it in to 4wheel drive way sooner with the Falkens encounter muddier terrain.

  6. I have these on my truck and perform very well in wet, mud, gravel and no road noise. Well worth 480 euros fitted and balanced.

  7. These tires are almost a no brainer! 20-60% less than a lot of the other popular brands while still performance very close to or better.

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