1997-2018 F150 BF Goodrich All-Terrain T/A KO2 Tire 29″ to 35″ Diameters Review

1997-2018 F150 BF Goodrich All-Terrain T/A KO2 Tire 29″ to 35″ Diameters Review

So the BFG KO2 should appeal to all truck
owners out there thanks to its wide variety of sizing, in addition to its legendary reputation
in the off-roading community. This thing is available in sizes ranging from
29 to 35-inches in diameter, fitting wheels ranging from 16 to 20-inches in diameter. Obviously, your pricing will vary on depending
on the size of your tire, and once mounted and balanced will get a simple one out of
three wrenches on the difficulty meter from me for the installation. So for those who don’t know, BFG practically
invented the first radial off-road or all-terrain tire over 40 years ago. And ever since, have been dominating the market
thanks to tires like the original KO and now the KO2, which we have here, helping the company
rack up dozens and dozens of wins at Baja and other off-roading venues. Now as you might imagine, the BFG T/A Trans
Am, a nod to their heritage, KO Key Off-Road 2 is the next generation or brother of the
original KO tire, which alone, was a rockstar in the category. BFG actually claims that the KO2 is their
toughest tire yet. And obviously, that’s very important not only
for off-roading, but also for stuff like worksite use, where you’re dodging obstacles like jagged
concrete, rebar, and things like that. So to make this tire tougher overall, BFG
just basically fortified some of the big weak spots, more specifically the sidewalls and
shoulder area, which is where over 80% of all-terrain tire failures occur. To do so, they beefed up that shoulder area
using what is called their CoreGuard technology, making this thing 15 to 20% stronger than
the original KO tire, helping to prevent punctures and things like that. Now to make this thing so tough, BFG took
some of the key ingredients out of their all-out race tire, their KR2, and put it towards the
new KO2 here. This does include thicker sidewall rubber,
thicker shoulder area, which we’ve already talked about a little bit, and just better
deflection overall, making this thing a little bit more durable both on and off-road. BFG actually changed up the tread compound
here with the KO2 as well, giving it a longer lifespan in conjunction or relation to the
original KO2 tire, in addition to helping to keep this thing a little bit more quiet
while on the road. Now they actually claim this will last double
the life of the original KO tire when used primarily in gravel, and about 15% longer
lifespan with the KO2 compared to the original KO when used primarily on the road, which
I’m sure most owners will be doing. Now sticking with that tread compound and
that quiet road noise that BFG was touting a little bit earlier, typically, yes, this
is an all-terrain tire. They are gonna be a little less aggressive
or a little less noisy on the road when compared to those mud tires, per se. However, I think there’s always some kind
of expected noise when dealing with a tire with an aggressive tread design like this. However, my experience driving a new Raptor
with the KO2 was the complete opposite. These things are very quiet while on the road. And that was my experience, of course, and
it’s certainly worth sharing with you guys. Now before I completely run away from the
tread here, I do wanna point out that the KO2 does incorporate that inner locking tread
design, much like the original KO did, simply because it provided better tread block stability,
and it just worked so damn well on the original tire. So BFG didn’t really tweak that too much. They did freshen up the design a little bit,
and the data there basically claims about 10% better traction in mud with the KO2, but
about 19% better traction in snow compared to the predecessor of the KO2. And yes, these numbers are impressive, of
course. And I’m sure this tire is no slouch in the
mud as I kinda witnessed with our Raptor review. You have to keep in mind though, however here
guys, that this is not a dedicated mud tire. And therefore, don’t expect it to perform
as one in that real deep stuff. That being said, it does incorporate some
stuff that you do tend to see on those mud-specific tires, mainly these raised areas here in the
shoulder portion, helping to kind of eject any compacted mud while the tire is spinning. And again, going back to our tread, there
are a few large areas within the tread blocks themselves, which will help clear debris,
rocks, things like that. That being said, again, it doesn’t have near
the amount of space between the blocks that you typically see with those mud tires, which
are gonna be a little bit better at clearing themselves when the tire is spinning. But I do wanna go back quickly here and just
kinda revisit the shoulder area because in my opinion, it is one of the most changed
areas from the KO to KO2. And it is one of the areas that I think BFG
is most proud of. We already talk about this thing being beefed
up in the shoulder area from a protection standpoint, but it’s also gonna be very important
from a traction standpoint as well, both off-road and in mud, sand, snow, things like that,
especially when you air these things down. BFG actually calls this their serrated shoulder
design, which is kinda like a knife when you think about it. Right? Because it’s gonna cut through some of that
bad stuff, help get you a little bit better traction, but also provide some steering stability
in rough conditions, including snow. And speaking of snow, if you look closely,
you will see that little mountain and snowflake design. That just simply means these tires met the
requirements for snow testing and performance. And it is a nice thing to point out. A friendly reminder here gang, this is about
the KO2 in general. We’re not talking about just one specific
size in this video, which happens to be a 34, by 12 1/2, by 18, by the way. Instead, we’re just kinda giving you a better
idea of what to expect when checking out the KO2 for your truck. Again, we have these things ranging from the
stock trucks out there, all the way down to the guys running bigger lifts with a 35-inch
tire and essentially, everything in between. Now the size of the tire will affect the price. That shouldn’t be anything new. Those bigger tires will cost you a little
bit more. But again, check out the different sizes on
the site and get a better idea of what you’re looking at. One little footnote before we do get into
the install here, gang, and that is TPMS sensors. Now, if you’re gonna put a KO2 on your factory
wheel, you can totally reuse your factory TPMS sensors without issue. On the other hand, if you’re gonna take off
those factory wheels and tires, sell them, or just leave them in the garage, then you
probably will need a new set of TPMS sensors for an aftermarket wheel, along with the KO2. You can grab them here on the site on the
product page from a drop-down menu. And if you don’t, just expect to see that
annoying light on the dash until you do get them installed. Now speaking of that installation here, this
one will be a little bit different because most of you guys probably won’t be doing the
physical install. Instead, that will be your local tire shop. So, once these things are mounted and balanced
onto your wheels, then at that point, you’re simply getting the truck in the air, grabbing
your impact gun, swapping these things out, and that’s it. So, one out of three wrenches on the difficulty
meter from me. And maybe a half hour to an hour depending
on how fast you work. Wrapping things up here, guys, if you’re looking
to go with a new and improved version of BFG’s legendary KO tire, you’ll wanna check out
the KO2 right here at americantrucks.com.

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  2. These ARE available down to 27" which fits the stock Subaru Forester and Outback. I had them on my forester and loved them. LT 215/65 R16.

  3. Not totally tuff, I have done over 100k on Coopers no punctures 30k on these and 1 total loss tyres no refund because this are crap tyres.

  4. Question , what is the biggest size I can put on a 2018 Silverado z71 4×4 without lifting the truck. I have lt2656518on it now but can I put a 275 70 18 on it

  5. Known a couple friends to run these ko2's and they didn't wear worth a shit. Odd tread wear and dipping. Deff didn't hold up like the originals

  6. I love the looks of these on my f150, however I wish they performed better in winter traction. I wasn’t impressed in the snow at all, not sure if it needs more siping or what but ymmv for winter traction. My .02

  7. Best tires ever!!!! Running a set of these bad boys now at 147,000 km they're a little slick on wet pavement at first but couldn't go wrong, my son also running thes… must rotate every 10,000 km,,, can't stress enough how important rotation is!!!!! These times will save your money…..

  8. What do u have to compete with Goodyear duratracs? Most guys up north run them,there unbeatable in deep snow but tread tends to wear faster than it should

  9. i run Rugged Terrain T/A Tire P275/55R20 111T, got them cheap at walmart have them on my 98 Tahoe LT 4 wheel drive with E-Lockers no lift kit stock 4 door i live at 5000 ft in ca pass out side of long barn and we got hit hard buy a snow 2/3 feet in 2 days in some spots and i love this tires we had a 10 car crash 1 mile from my home and me and the miss's had to go back roads/off road!! ca 108 was closed cops said 3 hours hell no we have some relay nasty ass back road's hear big deep mud/snow and our truck got over every thing i pushed it in in 4 hi in 2ed /3ed 10/15 mph got home in 35 mins … got home and 2 hours and 35 mins later thay open the road THE BEST DAM TIRE'S I HAVE EVER GOT IN 20+ years of drive'n in REAL SHIT' deep snow and i like ride'n 20's blacked out !!!!!

  10. Looking at All Terrain tires for my 2017 F150 for Minnesota all seasons. Tow a boat and snowmobile trailer. Driving is 50/50 between highway and city. Tires I’m looking at are Goodyear Duratracs and Falken Wildpeak AT3W’s along with other popular tire such as Ko2’s? Any thoughts or suggestions. Want something with good traction and mileage that rides nice and is not too heavy. Currently have Hankook ATM’s and I think they are garbage.

  11. Why do people who make videos like this, insist on putting loud ass rock music behind them talking. That’s stupid as shit.

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